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Associate Professor Madeline Hsu interviewed for "Border Views" video series

Hsu talks about the roots of contemporary immigration restrictions and enforcement practices, which began with the Chinese Exclusion Laws (1882-1943).

Posted: August 5, 2010
Dr. Madeline Hsu

Dr. Madeline Hsu

“These laws started the present-day practice of setting limits on the basis of race and national origins,” Hsu says. “It also pioneered the use of deportation and documents verifying legal entry.”

 For example, an earlier version of the “green card” were called “Certificates of Residence”, which Chinese — and only Chinese — were required to carry as proof of legal entry or face deportation.

 Every week through the upcoming Nov. elections, The University of Texas at Austin is showcasing various faculty experts on the border debate.

 Watch the interviews with Hsu, director of the Center for Asian American Studies.

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