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Richard P. Meier, Chair CLA 4.304, Mailcode B5100, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-1701

Conferences and Workshops

The Department of Linguistics hosts several regular conferences and workshops.

Texas Linguistics Society (Yearly Conference)

The Texas Linguistics Society conference is an entirely student-organized conference with a different theme each year. The three-day meeting is held annually in early November.

SALSA (Yearly conference)

The Symposium about Language and Society - Austin (SALSA) is entirely student-organized conference focusing on sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. It meets each year for three days in mid-April.

Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinoamérica / Conference on Indigenous languages of Latin America (Biennial conference)

The Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinoameréca / Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America is a three-day conference held in mid-October of every odd-numbered year, sponsored by the Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America.

Past Conferences and Workshops

Past Texas Linguistics Society Conferences

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