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Tuition Deadlines

  • There is no tuition deposit. The tuition bill is created only after the student begins registering for classes on Friday, Aug. 22nd. Tuition balances must be paid no later than Sept. 2rd, 5 PM, or else the classes you registered for will be dropped and you'll need to go through the late registration process (which is a headache best avoided!!) In addition to paying the bill, ensure that your "attendance is confirmed" on the bill. Something worth pointing out:  academic appointments (TA/AI) cannot be approved until the tuition bill is paid and "attendance confirmed" on the tuition bill.
  • Tuition rates for 2014-15 are published on this page. See the Liberal Arts column and 9 credit hours (3 courses), which is standard for single majors in our programs. It is $4,044/semester for TX residents and $8,016/semester for non-residents.
  • DUAL-DEGREE STUDENTS:  Rates for 2014-15 will also be published through the above link; here is a shortcut to the charts. Rates vary by dual-degree program, and at least 12 credit hours (4 courses) is customary.
  • International students must pay a $100/fee per semester as well as the cost of student insurance (unless covered by a TA/AI).
  • In the first semester, there is a one-time $10 charge to obtain your student ID (charged to What I Owe) and another one-time $10 charge for a General Property Deposit (charged to the tuition bill).
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