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Financial Support Overview

Through a combination of departmental and university fellowships and graduate student employment, the Center for and Department of Middle Eastern Studies offer students many resources to finance their graduate education.

Approximately 90% of Department students (MELC) and 50% of Center students (MES) receive full funding in the 2014-15 year. Students who are not funded are sometimes able to secure financial assistance through external awards and academic employment in other departments across campus.

Students are automatically considered for fellowships and academic employment (TA/AI-ships) based on annual academic review conducted by the faculty. DMES prioritizes its PhD students for its employment positions, the majority of which serve language courses. CMES TA-ships are fewer in number and typically serve large lower-division MES/ISL courses.

Limits on Funding for PhD students in the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts enforces a limit of 6 years of funding in most students' cases. This has not been a problem for MELC students since degrees are typically completed within this time frame. The 6-year limit includes students who complete a master's degree along the way to the PhD. Please click here to read more about this policy.

Graduate Student Employment in C/DMES

C/DMES, COLA, and OGS Fellowships (including travel)

External Fellowships

GAANN Fellowships (DMES / MELC program)

FLAS Fellowships (inactive for 2014-2018)

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