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Degree Plan for Middle Eastern Studies

Below are the degree requirements based on the most recent issue of the Undergraduate Catalog, 2012-2014. Students should speak with the undergraduate adviser to determine catalog eligibility. All degrees must be completed in residence.

Foreign Language Requirement

Middle Eastern studies majors must complete the College of Liberal Arts foreign language requirement in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish.

Middle Eastern Studies Major Requirements

24 hours of Middle Eastern studies coursework, including 18 in-residence credits:

Lower Division

  • MES 301K: Introduction to the Middle East: Religious, Cultural, and Historical Foundations
  • MES 301L: Introduction to the Middle East: Adjustment and Change in Modern Times

Upper Division

  • MES 341: Topics in the Middle East: Social Science
  • MES 342: Topics in the Middle East: Arts and Humanities
  • MES 343: Topics in the Middle East: History
  • 3 hours upper division MES
  • Six hours of upper division Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Turkish)

Middle Eastern Studies Minor Requirements

12 hours in one field of study, including 6 upper-division hours and 6 in-residence hours.

Note: If you have admissions questions, please visit the Be A Longhorn website.

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