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Mary Neuburger, Chair BUR 452, 2505 University Avenue, Stop F3600, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3607

How to Apply for Project GO

All students are expected to have taken the equivalent of four semesters (12 credits) of the same critical language (Russian, Arabic or Turkish) to be eligible for the summer study abroad program

** Click Here to Apply for Project GO **

Instructions for UT students

ROTC students at UT-Austin can participate in the academic year program of Project GO by registering for the program at the beginning of the fall semester.

Registration requires the completion of the online application, and committing to the program guidelines for each language.

Academic Year Program

In order to prepare for summer abroad programs in Moscow and Ukraine, Morocco or Turkey:

  • Students must enroll in their chosen intensive language class:
    • Russian: RUS 601C in Fall and 611C in Spring;
    • Arabic:   ARA 601C in Fall and 611C in Spring; or
    • Turkish: TUR 601C in Fall and 611C in Spring
  • Students registered for the intensive language classes and enrolled in the Project GO program will be assigned a free language tutor to meet with once a week during the academic year. 

Instructions for Non-UT students

Non-UT students will need to have fulfilled the four semesters language requirement to be eliglble for summer study abroad with UT-Austin. Please apply through the application link above and submit the documents listed below.

After the Fall semester, all registered students will be required to submit the following materials by email by with subject line: "Project GO Application: YOUR NAME" to:

(Russian) Elliott Nowacky <>
(Arabic)  Christian Glakas <>; or
  (Turkish) Katie Aslan <>

  • Fall semester grades in your intensive language class (UT students should submit a pdf file of their online grade report; students at other institutions of higher education should send a pdf file of their unofficial transcript)
  • A letter of reference from your current Russian language instructor (signed, on letterhead, in pdf format)
  • A letter of reference from your ROTC Commander (signed, on letterhead, in pdf format)

*References can be sent directly from the language instructor and ROTC Commander to the associated contact for that language, as listed above.

For more information on Project GO contact:


Elliott Nowacky
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 512-471-3607
Office: BUR 452


Christian Glakas
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Phone: 512-471-3283 
Office: CAL 528F


Katie Aslan
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Phone: 512-471-5107
Office: CAL 512

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