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Robert Crosnoe, Chair CLA 3.306, Mailcode A1700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-6300

Esther Sullivan

M.A. Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin

Esther Sullivan


Esther Sullivan is an AAUW American Fellow, a University of Texas Powers Fellow, and a Hogg Foundation Moore Fellow. Her research interests include urban sociology, inequality, poverty, housing and legal regulation. Her work uses both ethnographic methods and geospatial (GIS) analysis. Her dissertation "Halfway Homeowners: Eviction and Forced Relocation in Manufactured Home Parks" is a mixed-method project that documents and analyzes the mass evictions that result when mobile home parks close. Living full time in closing mobile home parks across Texas and Florida, this dissertation examines the effects of forced relocation on individuals and communities. Her work has been published in Law & Social Inquiry, Urban Studies and Habitat International.

Esther received a B.A. in English from The University of Chicago.

More on her research is available on her website


urban sociology, inequality, poverty, housing, ethnography, geospatial (GIS) analysis

SOC 308G • Rich & Poor In Amer: Soc Persp

46105 • Fall 2014
Meets TTH 1230pm-200pm CMA 3.114
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Over the last three decades the gap between the very rich and everybody else has grown dramatically. In this class we will explore several broad topics concerning the nature and reproduction of class inequality in the U.S. These topics will include fundamentals of class structure, reproduction of social class over generations, and institutional and cultural systems that help to sustain class inequalities. Exploring these topics will provide a theoretical toolkit for critical thinking about the complexities of social class in the U.S. and help students understand their own experiences as a product of systems of stratification.


Readings will be posted on Blackboard


Two exams 30% each

One end of semester paper 30%

Class participation  105

SOC 308 • Intro To Urban Problems

46297 • Spring 2014
Meets TTH 1100am-1230pm UTC 1.144
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 This course provides an introduction to urban sociology with a focus on urban problems.  Discussions and class lectures will focus on urban spaces as built environments, cultural spaces, sources of community, and political economies.  Specific topics will include fundamentals of urban sociology, race, and residential segregation, suburbanization immigration, gentrification, crime and policing. The course will focus on U.S. cities.

Required Texts:

Gottdiener, Mark and Ray Hutchson,  The New Urban Sociology, Westview Press 4th edition, 2011.

Course packet

Grading Policy:

Four exams 25% each

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