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Christine L. Williams, Chair CLA 3.306, Mailcode A1700, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-6300

The Other Side of Austin Project

The city of Austin has a longstanding reputation as a hub for the "creative class" - musicians, artists, designers, and computer programmers, among others. City governments here and around the United States now actively recruit individuals and businesses associated with the creative class in an attempt to spur economic growth and improve the quality of urban life. What are the unintended social and spatial consequences of Austin's rise as a creative city? How have recent changes in the city's urban landscape affected the lives of Austin's less visible residents? What new forms of social suffering are emerging in this context and and how are people making sense of these experiences?

The Other Side of Austin (OSA) Project is a collaborative research endeavor which was formed to critically examine these and other related questions. Members of the OSA project include both graduate students and faculty, each of whom are conducting a series of in-depth interviews with different Austin residents. The OSA group meets regularly in order to share progress and ideas, as well as to discuss theoretical and methodological issues.
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