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Business and Community Programming

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  • You will soon send a trade mission to Ecuador, but know little about the country or culture.
  • You are a reporter with a new assignment to cover Russia and the Post-Soviet republics.
  • You are a church group sponsoring refugees from the Middle East.
  • You are a high school teacher planning a new unit on the political climate in South Asia.

Hemispheres can arrange training for doing business abroad, offer background resources for journalists covering international issues and events, and help design or improve the world studies components of school curricula.

Among the consulting services Hemispheres provides, we can: coordinate seminars on international business issues; organize staff training; compile background information on important world news stories; conduct intercultural communications workshops; assist in designing and revising course content; evaluate existing textbooks, curriculum and support materials; provide background resources and ready-made lesson plans; coordinate in-service or pre-service teacher training focused on our regions and resources; and more.

Consulting services are personalized to your needs, so let us help you implement or improve a meaningful approach to teaching and learning about our world regions.

If what you're looking for isn't described on this website, get in touch with us and we can try to accommodate your specific request.

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