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Larry D. Carver, Director CLA 2.104, Mailcode G6210, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3458
LAH Success

Campaign LAH

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I am happy to announce that we have successfully completed the Campaign for LAH. We have met our goal of raising $1.5 million--and substantially surpassed it, the total to date being $1,912,305!

None of this would have been possible without the vision and dedication, the passion and good will, of the committee that guided this effort:
Alex and Layne de Alvarez Martin W. Dies III Andre Kovensky
Judy Perkins Juan R. Salem Doug Schmidt
Ruth L. Suzman J. Garland and Laurie Watson Bryan and Allison Wagner

Special thanks goes to Martin Dies, who chaired the committee with a clear vision, steadfast dedication, and never failing good humor. Martin’s spirited advocacy, his belief that a liberal arts education is more important today than ever, has inspired and energized our community. And remember: our goal was to raise money to enable gifted students without means to attend U.T. Austin and to enable LAH students to study abroad, pursue research, and participate in internships. It was also to build a community that would support LAH, the College of Liberal Arts, and U.T. Austin for generations to come. That community has come together and is growing, over six hundred now in communication through LinkedIn and Facebook.


The Campaign has been a success, but it is just the beginning. If we are to realize our dream of providing scholarships and funding so that all LAH students can have the life changing experiences of study abroad, research, and internships, we will need more funding. And I am delighted to say, we are on our way to realizing that dream, a bequest $75,000 just coming in to set up an endowment, smaller but vitally important gifts arriving each week.


All of us who have the privilege of working with the Liberal Arts Honors Program are particularly grateful to those listed below. You—parents, alumni, and friends-- have built a foundation that will enable LAH students for years to come to fashion an education that leads to a meaningful life.

Kathleen M. Aronson, Ph.D. Betty D. Awbrey Huseyin Husnu Babaturk
Peggy & Bob Beckham Barry & Pamela Berdanier Gil & Tricia Besing
William D. & Barbara Binder Andrew J. Bowman Lauren Kristina Bowman
Patricia L. Brand Kenneth Michael Brashear Melissa & Joseph Brunner
Allison Nichole Bullock Jeff Call & Jan Fink Call Guy N. Cameron, Ph.D.
Cindy M. Carter Larry D. Carver, Ph.D. James L. Chenoweth
Ali and Angela Chopite Nancy Corcoran Cynthia A. Crane
Elizabeth C. Curtiss Aparna Datta Richard & Ina Davis
Alex and Layne de Alvarez Robert & Maureen Decherd Martin W. Dies III
Danforth S. Dougherty Robert & Rachael Dubois Jack Dunn
Crawford & Mary Jane Edwards Jeffrey S. & Pamela C. Ellerman Mary A. Endres
Patrick & Mary Alice Feeney Merrick Benjamin Garb Kathy L. Garber
Lisa and Neil Goldberg Marshall Gorges Kumar Gutta, M.D.
Kelsey Handler Jason M. Idell Steven L. Isenberg
Alexander J. Karjeker Steven James Karson Valerie and Stephen Kaye
Marsha Kelman Larisa S. Keltner Lisa & Neil Goldberg
Marshall Gorges Kumar Gutta, M.D. Kelsey Handler
Kathryn Kennedy Judy & Jeff Kogutt Andrew and Dana Kull
William Harris Matthews David & Jeanmarie Mayfield Roger H. Mendelson, M.D.
Jeffery S. Meyer Ardon & Iris Moore Foundation Karen & Faisal Nazir
Scarlet Jane Neath Nick Nikolaides Vanessa Olmo
Rebecca C. Pederson Judith W. Perkins Judy and Dick Perkins
Deborah Pitts Beth Elaine Ray Charles C. Reeder
Arnold Rochvarg Ross Carole Sue Saltzman Yoko Sells
Mark C. Steen Joan M. Steinman Gary L. Stevens
Ruth L. Suzman Charles M. Taylor III, D.D.S. Emily C. Tharpe
Coleman A. Tharpe Peter Y. Tsan Susan C. Turell, Ph.D.
Linda and Richard Vigness Pia Walsh Jeffrey J. & Elizabeth W. Walter
Laurie and Garland Watson Pamela A. Cook-Ward & Chris Ward Laura E. Welch
David B. West Karen Tucker White Samuel P. Wolfson
Robin and John Wombwell Kylee Kaye Yeatman Christian A. Yoss

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