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Plan II Alumni: 1980s

Robert Geraci, 89

Robert notes that the interdisciplinary approach that characterized his time at UT is apparent in his research now, where religious studies meets anthropology and science.  Geraci, author of “Apocalyptic AI,”  (Oxford University Press, Feb. 2010), sheds some light into the world of artificial intelligence and the making of his new book.

Lonnie F. Hollingsworth, Jr., '80
I have spent the last ten years as director of the legal and legislative departments of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. I just wrote an article on the new student discipline law in the Texas Lyceum Journal. I have a beautiful wife, Jeri Stone, twin sons, Rocky and Trey, and a baby girl Barri Jean.

William B. “Billy” Rodriguez '80
“Billy” Rodriguez, BA '80, MBA '00, of Dallas recently marked his 50th birthday by endowing a scholarship through the Ex-Students Association. Matched by the Long Challenge Grant, the scholarship is being awarded annually to a first–year Latino student entering the Plan II program. Billy is proud to report that the first two recipients have proven to be outstanding and "incredibly smart individuals" including the son of two OU faculty members who chose UT over that "little school north of the Red River."

Carole Craig Russell, '88
I decided not to go to med school after all, but went on to engineering grad school after Plan II, and ended up with a PhD in applied quantum physics, specializing in things like lasers and solar cells.  I married a UT engineering grad, worked as an engineer for 10 years or so, and had three children, Talia, Kyle, and Hart.  I moved back to Austin in 1997, and did semiconductor research at Motorola for a while, but I didn't feel that engineering was my true vocation, so I quit and since 2003 have been teaching science and math (including everything from physiology and physics to calculus) at the Austin Waldorf High School, and loving it.  My husband and I split up a few years ago, and in 2007 I married another UT engineering alum, Liz Goodson Russell.  We have a 6-acre place near Oak Hill with lots of kids, horses, cats, and dogs, and I still play a lot of music.  I'd love to hear from my Plan II friends, particularly Ben and Ann, so look me up...

Scott Cole Smith, '83

I graduated from Plan II in 1983 and went to Japan to teach English, figuring I'd stay a year or so, earn some money, and then keep moving all the way around the world... But instead I settled down, got married, learned Japanese and became a translator. I did that for years. I also started volunteering at a local English-language crisis intervention hotline, and really enjoyed it. At the ripe old age of 40, I returned to the U.S. and went to graduate school in clinical social work, of all things. I got my degree, got licensed in California - and now I'm back in Tokyo in private practice as a therapist. I love it - but if anyone had told me this was how I was going to end up, I would never have believed it. (I doubt my classmates would've believed it, either!)

Cathy Cramer Talley, '89
Hello Plan II-ers! How is everyone? WHERE is everyone? Whatever happened to John Hanke? Tito Rodriguez? Duane Labbe? Catherine Yoes? Kirsten Vliet? Paul and Kirk and Katie? Roderick and Becky? Vince Lozano? Will Woodruff? Does anyone else remember HARAMBE?!?!?! I did the predictable law school thing, and though it was three years of misery, it turned out okay. I am now a lawyer at the Court of Criminal Appeals, and I love it. Still living in Austin, which those of you who have left may not realize has gotten COMPLETELY out of control. You thought it was crowded when you were here? Ha! That's nothing! Oh yeah, I also got married and had a kid, so mostly I live the boring family life these days! Would love to hear from any of the above, or anyone else who I left out! (My memory's fading - - it took some time to remember all those names!)

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