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Plan II Alumni: 1990s

Rodney Lacey, '90
Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Behavior in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern Univeristy.
You can write Rodney Lacey at

Francisco (Tito) Rodriguez, '90
After graduating from Stanford Law, I moved to Seattle and became a public defender. I am now in private practice focusing on criminal defense. For more information on my professional life, check out my website at . While at the public defender, I met Anne Kysar whom I married in 2003. She is now a social security disability lawyer with a private firm. Our daughter, Cordelia Zara Rodriguez was born on February 28, 2005.

Tito Rodriguez, Attorney at Law
Pioneer Building, 600 First Avenue, Suite 237
Seattle, WA 98104
tel 206.264.8866 fax 206.838.3251

Watson Fung, '91
After finishing my internship in Internal Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa, I am now currently engaged in an anesthesiology residency at the University of Pennsylvania. If you know of prospective Plan II students in the Delaware/ Southern New Jersey or SE Pennsylvania region, please do not hestitate to provide them with my phone number, so that I may answer any questions they may have regarding Plan II and/ or the University of Texas at Austin. On another note, my former college roommate, Mr. Dale West, also a 1991 graduate, whom Alice Fisher and Karen Bordelon will remember well, will be returning to Texas from his two year stint as the American Cultural Attache to Romania on August 16, 1996. He left Texas with a wife two years ago, and now he returns with a wife and two kids! Lastly, Kerry O'Brien, a 1992 Plan II graduate, is doing well and ready to begin her second year of law school at Georgetown in Wash, DC.

You can write Watson Fung at

Aaron DaMommio, '91
I stayed in Austin after graduating, getting a job in technical writing at Dell. Ten years later I'm back at Dell again, after working at progressively smaller companies with more responsibility. I've had a lot of fun working for high tech; one company I worked for built machines to make solid objects from 3D CAD designs, kind of like a 3D printer. I did a stint as an on-line columnist for on the topic of model railroading, and really enjoyed answering questions and getting direct feedback. I like writing in HTML.

I got married in '95 to a UT grad named Tanya, and we have two kids ages 3 and 5. Something about the demands of parenting helped galvanize some ambition, and I now have three quarters of a novel in illegible script in a tall pile of notebooks. Occasionally I submit short stories to magazines.

I continue to participate in the Madrigal Dinner at the Texas Union every year as a juggler, and am slowly turning juggling from a hobby to a professional sideline.

Contact me: Aaron DaMommio

Aparna Kulkarni, 91
I was so excited to find out about this page (thanks to a fellow Plan II buddy Jayshree Assar Class of 1992) but am somewhat disappointed by the very small number of entries from the Class of 1991. Where are you guys? Would love to see what everyone is up to.

I am still in Texas slowly working my way back to Austin (maybe , someday!) Currently finishing up my residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Want to send out a special "hello" to Dr.Elizabeth Butler Cullingford and to my fellow Class of 1991'ers!

You can contact Aparna Kulkarni at

Dale West, 91
Finished his assignment as a foreign service officer in Bucharest, Romania. He and his wife, daughter, and new baby boy are moving to California where Dale will attend the Stanford MBA program.

12/11/98 -- Dale West (Class of '91) is moving to London in January 1999 with wife Mendi and kids Emma (age 4) and Benjamin (age 2). Dale will be looking at East European stocks for Rowe Price-Fleming International; Mendi will be plastering our house with Laura Ashley and the kids will be picking up snotty accents. The Wests spent the post-MBA summer of '98 bumming around Texas and this fall have been in Baltimore, home of RPFI parent company T. Rowe Price (you know, the mutual fund guys with those heartwarming IRA rollover commercials). If you are in London, look them up. We're easiest to reach at

Steve Bagley, 92
Since leaving Austin, I have bounced around a bit. I have lived in Poitiers (France), Houston, Boulder, Beijing, Washington, DC, and now Dallas. I am married with three kids.

I got a Master’s Degree in International Trade and Investment Policy at George Washington University in DC and managed to do some international work in the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and China before little kids made long trips less appealing. I am now doing corporate work (i.e. pushing paper) for a small international oilfield service company with headquarters in downtown Dallas. The company also has offices in Russia, Azerbaijan, Dubai, and Canada, but I have not been yet.

E-mail me at .

José R. Benkí, 92
For the last year, I've been teaching at the University of Michigan in the Program in Linguistics, where I took a faculty position in the fall of 1997. I recently finished my Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Massachusetts by the not-recommended long-distance method. Email me at or visit my homepage.

Paul Brown, '92
I am currently in my first year as an MBA Candidate at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. In the process of looking for a summer internship, I decided to check back to see what Plan II Alumns were up to. Here is what I have beeen doing: After graduating in 1992 I joined my father and one other partner in forming a small pet food manufacturing business (developing Meaty Treats and Pup Corn Dog Snacks). After four years and some success we decided to merge with a large manufacturing company, where I stayed on for another two years as General Manager of their Dallas Manufacturing Facilities. Feeling the need for a change of pace, I dropped all that and decided to go to Duke for an MBA (and a career change).

I married in 1993 to my Amy's Ice Cream Friday night shift-mate (hello Amy!). We had a daughter in 1997 (Hannah Keilidh), and we are all enjoying North Carolina right now. Would love to find a way back to Austin (as many of you seem to have done), so send any crazy hair-brained business start-up concepts to me at I would love to hear from any of you.

David Djang, 92
After graduating on the five year track, I spent two hot, challenging and wonderful years as a teacher in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa. At the time I was fluent in Chichewa and could speak the basics of Chitimbuka, but those skills have become rusty. I taught (very) basic physics and chemistry and was the school's basketball coach. Malaria six times over. My village was about 60 km from the next nearest Westerner, and 120 km from the nearest city. Stuck in a week-long coup in the capital. Different.

I came home from Africa, and two weeks later started medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The transition home and into med school was harder than the one to the Third World. The automatic doors at the library startled me for six months.

After graduating med school in 1998, I moved up to Seattle for residency at the University of Washington. Beautiful city. Internship was really hard, but life has been much better since. My specialty is Nuclear Medicine. During residency I did some interesting neuroimaging research in Alzheimer's disease. Since completing residency, I have worked at the largest hospital in the state, and just last week was made director of the department.

In 2000, I cycled the 1600km length of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. I've been selected for "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in the World."

My wife, Eleanor, is a radiologist at the same hospital. We were married in 2001. We love to travel together. In February we experienced Carnival in Rio -- truly the biggest party in the world, and I highly recommend it, though Rio is a dangerous city. Eleanor works part time, and we are happily expecting our first child.

Feel free to contact me at:

Mark R. Evans, '92
Married Deena Peschel in the summer of '93, attended law school in Houston, and graduated summer '96.

Richard Scott Hanson, '92

I recently completed an M.A. in Religion at Columbia and then worked as a researcher in New York for the Pluralism Project at Harvard and wrote a history of New York for the Columbia Guide to New York. This fall, I will begin a Ph.D. in the History of Culture at the University of Chicago. My dissertation will be on the changing religious landscape of New York -- how the religions of relatively new immigrant communities have added to the pluralistic mosaic of the city.

You can write Richard Scott Hanson at

Benjamin Huang, '92
After taking some time to settle into work, here's my e-mail address Paul Kingston came in to speak at the Plan II Career Panel on Science and Medicine last week and crashed at my place. He's going to do his postdoc work at UC-San Diego and his wife Jessica received a residency in ob.gyn at UCSD. Congrats to the both of them. Since they're graduating from Yale and my sister happens to be graduating from Yale undergrad, I figure I'll see them in a few months and I just might try to track down some other Plan II Yale types (Aaron Frith and Steve Farr).Sharon Howard nee Page is expecting a child in three or four months. Jeral Poskey and his wife headed off to Portugal for a couple of weeks during Spring Break 97.

Mary McGlynn, '92
I finally graduated from Columbia with a PhD in English in the spring of 2000 and began a job that fall in the English Department at Baruch College, City University of New York. I got married the following year, living happily ever after in Queens, where we've hosted a few old friends passing through--Tara Kirkland, now in DC, ditto Kerry O'Brien, Jennie Germann-Molz, currently in Lancaster, UK, and Jeral Poskey, now a recent Stanford grad. Saw Ben Huang not long ago, too. I can be reached at

Michael P. Miller, '92
Michael Miller is an assistant editor at The Village Voice in New York.

You can write Michael P. Miller at

Kerry O'Brien, '92
I am an attorney in Washington D.C. at the Zacchaues Free Legal Clinic. I have a 2-year fellowship from the National Association of Public Interest Law to start the D.C. Workers' Rights Project, providing free legal services to low wage workers.

Web page:

Brooke Olson, '92
I have been named editorial assistant on the Journal of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago, where I am pursuing her Ph.D. in religious history.

Jeral Poskey, '92
On May 11, 1996, I married Sharon Chen who also went to UT. Although I am currently working for U. S. Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr., of North Carolina, I look forward to joining Sharon soon in Rochester, New York. She just graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and is about to start her pediatrics residency. As for me, I'm not sure what I will be doing up there, but I look forward to us living in the same city for a change.

Chris Roberson, '92
I'm an alum of Plan II, Class of 1992. My name is Chris Roberson, and after a few years spent in the Rio Grande Valley teaching middle school, and a couple in San Francisco being primarily drunk, I'm now back in Austin working at Dell Computer Corp. I'm still writing, and have come within spitting distance of having one of my novels published once or twice now. Presently, I'm working on a few screenplays, and will no doubt be rich and famous in no time. Not married yet, and have no kids that I know of, but do have a delightful girlfriend named Allison. I am now a full fledged tech geek, and actually have a presence on the web. Check me out at, or email me at

Other Alumni I keep in touch with include Matt Sturges (1992) also back in Austin after his time spent out west (he'll be a rock and roll star yet); Noelle Gracy (1992), now married to an Irishman and spending her time cutting up rat brains or some such on government grants (she's a doctor, don't you know); and Richard Terrell (1993?), now married and living a life of ease in Fort Worth.

Matthew Sturges, '92
I would have written sooner, but I remained until recently in the clutches of my potent schoolboy crush on Dr. Betty Sue Flowers and was afraid it would cloud my autobiographical sensibilites. Time, however, has mellowed my feelings and I am now prepared to divulge:

After graduation I spent a year or two playing in various bands around Austin (Those Who Dig and Michele Solberg most notably) and eking out a meager existence on a temp's wages. While attending my brother's wedding in San Francisco in 1995 I decided impulsively to move there. Two years (and two applications to Berkeley) later I realized that while my life there made for a passable Cameron Crowe film, it wasn't accomplishing much. I wrote an album's worth of songs in an attempt to bouy my floundering self-image and then struck southward to the City of Angels, where I spent a year in polluted, bumper-to-bumper ennui trying to succeed as a musician. I graduated from tempdom into the more lucrative field of computer networks, working for a snooty Los Angeles PR firm that confirmed my avid mistrust of corporate culture.

The one bright spot of my year in LA was my relationship with my now-fiancee Stacy Porter who, coincidentally, went to the same high school as I. We decided to move to Austin together in April of 1998 and were engaged on Labor day of that year (two weeks ago as of this writing).

Austin has treated its prodigal son very well; within 24 hours of moving here I had a great house and a great job as a database administrator/programmer (more interesting than it sounds), and am currently hard at work on my first novel. Other samples of my written work may be accessed through, which is the primary repository of my unbridled vanity and graphomania. The website is in a transitional phase, but remains content-heavy.

To my fellow Plan II alums, until we meet again in that great West Mall Building in the sky, I wish you peace.

I can be reached via e-mail at

M-A Williams, '92
I am completing my Internal Medicine residency in Denver, CO. All goes well here, though the hours can be long. Don't know where I'm going from here, certainly Austin still has its appeal (and Denver does NOT have good Mexican food), and always will.

New e-mail(?):

Kyle Woodson,'92
Good job with the Web page. It's good to see people taking advantage of the medium, and I would encourage you to keep it up. It looks great! As for me: After graduating from PII, my high school sweetie and I got married--hard to believe that was over 3 years ago. I received my M.A. in Anthropology, with a concentration in Archaeology, from UT Austin this past August. Currently, I'm living in Tempe, Arizona, where my wife is pursuing a Ph.D. in Theatre for Youth, and I'm working as a supervising archaeologist with a contract archaeology firm out of Tucson (yes, I actually have a real job!). I'll soon begin a long-term archaeological project supervising a field crew at Casa Grande National Monument, one of the most famous ruins of the prehistoric Hohokam culture. . . Sorry I can't make the PII Reunion, but I wish all the current students luck in their studies. Hang in there, because Plan II is well worth it.

You can write Kyle Woodson at

Rebecca (Becki) Yacono, '92
I am back in Austin after an 8-year stint in Boston earning my M.A. in teaching at Boston University, and yes, it's true, Austin's not the same. But, change is good, right? In real life, I teach humanities at St. Andrew's Episcopal School and edit textbooks for a consulting firm. Nevertheless, I would always much rather be playing, reading, cooking, and taking advantage of all the other good reasons to be back in Austin. (Did I mention it's changed here?)
I'd love to hear from anyone who is so inclined--I've been completely out of touch. St. Andrew's Episcopal School: 512-452-5779 ext. 256

Kevin Yamaga-Karns, '92
I am still with the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers, currently in the New York office, after almost 5 years in Tokyo and 1.5 in Los Angeles. I mostly deal with cross-border mergers and acquisitions, as well as entertainment and technology licensing. My wife, Maki, and I now have a son, Kentaro, born March 13, 2001, and spend most of our time trying to keep up with him. I can be reached at, or through the firm's web site (

Michael Todd Allen, C'93
I graduated from Baylor Law School this summer, and have married Cherie Beilue, a UT-Austin alum.

Holly D. Archer, '93
After graduating I worked for almost three years at Lilly & Co. Catering in Austin where I learned to cook fabulous meals and developed upper body strength, then I decided it was time to go to graduate school.

I looked into City and Regional Planning masters programs at UT and schools in the Northeast, but decided that urban planning involved too much built-in frustration and dealing with governmental red tape, so I decided on real estate/interior space planning instead; more control.  I am currently enrolled in a two-year Master's program in Facility Planning and Management at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. The winters are long and cold and I can't wait to get back to Austin for a visit.

You can reach Holly D. Archer at

Jennifer Berbas Boerner, '93

After graduating from UT in '93 I went to Chicago to pursue a career in Finance. I spent several years working my way up in the industry and ended up managing an options group for Kessler-Asher (now Knight Financial). The position with Kessler took me to Minnesota for several years. After a few years there I went into business with a partner, managing a proprietary account and shortly after that decided it was time to get back to Austin. So now I am here working from my home and enjoying the warm weather!

Jennifer Berbas Boerner

Noel Monet Brucker, nee Lucky, '93
I was married in December 1994 to Eric Brucker (then UT chemistry Ph.D. candidate). We're now living in Houston, and I'm in my third year of medical school at Baylor. I'm planning pursue a residency in Pediatrics after graduation.

Kathryn Dutton McCullough, Class of 1993, writes:

I graduated from Plan II in May 1993 as Kathryn Dutton. I married Joe McCullough, UT Business School alum, in 1995 and got my great new name as well as a better husband than I probably deserve. After graduating, I realized that the job I most wanted to do was be a nurse. I went to Texas Woman's School of Nursing in Dallas and have been a Neonatal ICU nurse ever since. My accountant husband decided that the job he'd most like to have (surprisingly not accounting) was as a high school teacher and basketball coach. We now have two little boys--Mike and Charlie--who know more about basketball than I do. I get to stay home with them and work only one or two shifts a week. It's the best!

Christopher Dreiling, Class of 1993, writes:

I am currently in my third year at UT- Southwestern Medical School. I will graduate in 1997 and go on to a residency of some kind. Which one it will be, I really can't say right now.

You can write Christopher Dreiling at

Julia Guzman-Henderson, Class of 1993, writes:

I am fortunately back in Austin after graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in D.C. After I take the Bar, don't know what I'll be up to. I married my high school sweetheart, Jason Henderson, in 1994. As for other Plan IIers, I know Julie Brown just got married to a fellow Longhorn, and she is on her way to start a Masters at U. of Chicago. Jill Galvan is working on her Ph.D. in Los Angeles. Liron Caplan is at Baylor Medical School. Shamir Caplan is working toward becoming a rabbi. Tara Kirkland is working for a Dallas branch of Austin-based IAF.

Julia Guzman-Henderson, as of summer 1998, just bought a house in Austin. So I guess I'm sticking around a while. I've been married four and a half years now, and have been working at an education non-profit doing policy work for almost two. I'd love to hear from fellow Plan II folks. Please email me at or

Paul Kingston, Class of 1993, writes:

I spent my summer vacation in New Haven, CT, hammering away on my dissertation. It was an epic battle that ended with a successful thesis defense on Aug 31, and my reward is a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I've started a postdoctoral position at UC San Diego in Nick Spitzer's lab (http:// shadow/ sa/ newbrochure/ spitzer.html), where I'm investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the guidance of neuronal processes during development. My wife Jessica started her residency in Ob/Gyn at the UCSD Medical Center in June. San Diego reminds me of Austin, only -- dare I say it? -- better. The intellectual environment at UCSD is fantastic, and after work we have skating, snorkeling, surfing, and Mexico to look forward to. If any P2 students find themselves in San Diego, they should definitely contact us. From afar, send email to We're planning a week-long trip to Austin in June 99, and look forward to visiting the P2 office then.

David Lein, Class of 1993, writes:

I'm now in the second year of a joint degree program at Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government. I actually graduated from Plan II in December of '92, because I thought it would be a good idea to graduate early and take a few months off, away from school. I could not have been more wrong. Anyway, I worked for Ford Motor Company for a couple of years, and then for the Industrial Areas Foundation (along with Plan II alums Julie Brown and Tara Kirkland) for a couple of years, doing grassroots political stuff. Now, having seen what the real world looks like, I've committed to a degree program that will keep me in school until several months past my 30th birthday.

Plan II alum notes: Steven Farr got his law degree by mail last spring (from someplace in New Haven), and he's now clerking in Austin. Sean Petrie also managed to swing a law degree, and he's now doing personal injury work in California. (That's a joke. He's doing intellectual property. What does that mean? I'm really not sure. But he'll be clerking in Austin next year.) Tara Kirkland is in Austin, but no longer with the IAF. She has a new job, which I'm told she loves. Julie Brown is still married, best as I can tell, but the one time in the last several years that I went to Chicago, she strangely arranged to be in Texas. Maybe she was trying to tell me something.

I've taken up enough space. Write me sometime at See you when I come back to Austin in a couple of years.

Elizabeth J. Rho-Ng, Class of 1993, writes:

Elizabeth J. Rho-Ng practices in the areas of special education and student issues. Prior to joining Miller Brown & Dannis, she served as a Staff Attorney at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where she wrote numerous memoranda opinions and presented them to three-judge panels. As a law student, Elizabeth clerked at a law firm in Boston specializing in special education law and at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California, where she prosecuted criminal misdemeanor offenses. Prior to law school, she worked as a legal assistant in a small estate planning and general business law firm in San Francisco. Previously, she worked as a teacher at the English Language Services International Institute in Pusan, South Korea. She received her B.A. in the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin and her J.D. from Northeastern University in Boston. She can be contacted at

If anyone knows the email address for our classmate Christine Warren (nee Taylor), class of 1993, please let me know!

November 2001

Jonathan Schube, Class of 1993, writes:

I am working at the Bank of America in Hong Kong. Before that, I lived and worked for two years in Germany.

Maggie Tate (nee Roe), Class of 1993, writes:

I am now a stay at home mom and loving it! My daughter, Kayla Ellen was born March 8, 1997. My days are filled with playgroups, toddler outings, hugs and kisses and I have never felt more blessed or more fulfilled.

E-mail is available at

Class of 1994

Scott Davis, Class of 1994, writes:

I got a Masters in Community and Regional Planning in 1997 and moved to Houston to work for Kroger to handle site selection for new grocery stores. After a couple of years and half a dozen stores, I went to work for CB Richard Ellis in 1999 where I am a real estate broker specializing in retail land sales.

My wife, Anu, graduated from UTMB in 2001 and is a second year resident at Baylor COM. We live in Houston and you can write me at

Rami Friedman, Class of 1994, writes:

I was married in 1996, and my wife and I have three boys. For the last five years I've been working as a software developer, and two years ago my wife opened an optical retail establishment. In September I will be entering the New England College of Optometry so that I can contribute to our practice. I still love to play jazz and do so when the demands of parenting permit (ie rarely :) ).

I'd love to know what's going on with more people from the class of '94...
Contact info:

Eric E. Johnson, Class of 1994, writes:

Eric lives in Los Angeles, where he is up to many different things. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2000, got married to his incredible wife Kit in 2004, and is expecting a baby boy in April 2005. He performs stand-up comedy, and he will be teaching a law-school course in entertainment law as an adjunct professor this summer, among his many projects.

You can contact Eric through his website at

March 2005

Stephen Moore, Class of 1994, and Melanie Spurgeon Moore, Class of 1994, write:

We are married and living in Studio City, California. Stephen is a film agent. His home phone is (818) 752-1596, he has recently moved from San Francisco.

Colin Polsky, Class of 1994, writes:

Colin Polsky is at Penn State pursuing a doctorate in geography emphasizing trends in global climate change. He was married last October to Nancy Marmorstein, also a UT alum. Colin begins a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Harvard JFK School of Government in fall 2001, to study social vulnerabilities to climate and other environmental changes as part of a larger "Sustainability Science" research initiative.

Shalini Ramanathan, Class of 1994, writes:

I now live in Nairobi, Kenya and work for Energy for Sustainable Development Africa, a consulting firm. We develop renewable energy and rural electrification projects in East, Southern, and the Horn of Africa. Last year, in Bangalore, India, I was married to Chris Tomlinson (UT Humanities, Class of 1993). Chris is currently the Bureau Chief of East Africa for the Associated Press.

My email is

August, 2005

Benjamin Havemann, Class of 1994, writes:

After graduation, I spent the next five years in Houston at Baylor College of Medicine and the UTHSC School of Public Health. After obtaining my M.D. in 1999, I began my residency in Internal Medicine, again at Baylor. After completion of this academic year, I will spend an extra year as Chief Resident of the program. Following this, I have accepted a position in fellowship training in Baylor's Department of Gastroenterology. (April 2002)

Class of 1995

Julie Balovich, Class of 1995, writes:

Julie lived in San Francisco during the past year and completed an internship at the UCSF AIDS Health Project, an agency that specializes in test counseling and mental health issues for those infected with HIV. She will enter the UT Austin School of Law in fall, 1996.

Crisi Benford, Class of 1995, writes:

After graduation I lived and worked in London for about six months trying to save enough money to train around Europe for awhile. When I returned to Texas I took a position as an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Radio-TV-Film at UT. I'll enter Stanford's PhD program in English in Fall 1998 -- yippee! My new e-mail address is

Katrina G. Boyd, Class of 1995, writes:

I am an ABD student in Comparative Literature at Indiana University, Bloomington. I will begin work on my dissertation in Film Studies in the spring. I also work as an academic advisor for freshmen at IU.

You can write Katrina G. Boyd at

Jenny Millsap, Class of 1995, writes:

After graduation, I went to Princeton, NJ, where I got my Master's in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy at Westminster Choir College. In '98 I decided to brave it and moved to NYC without a job or an apartment. I found one of each, luckily, and stayed.

I sang some opera for a while and then switched over to operetta and musical theater. I'm in the union, and I'm working a lot, which is nice. I started dabbling in film this summer, and I will probably eventually find my way back to opera, too. I teach voice when I'm not on the road, and I plan to open a Kindermusik studio in New York in January.

I get back to Austin (and warmth and trees!) about three or four times a year. I contemplate moving back to Austin about three or four times a day. Especially in the winter. Or Saturdays in the fall. Or whenever I see burnt orange.

You can write Jenny Millsap at Website:

October 2003

Nick Montfort, Class of 1995, writes:

I'm now doing a PhD in computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania, after doing masters degress at the MIT Media Lab (in media arts and sciences) and Boston University (in creative writing, poetry). I had three books come out this year: 2002: A Palindrome Story,which I wrote with William Gillespie and which is a 2002-word palindrome, was published by Spineless Books; The New Media Reader, a book and CD-ROM anthology I edited with Noah Wardrip-Fruin, was published by MIT Press; and MIT Press also just published my book Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction. email: and Website:

December 2003

Brian Schmitz, Class of 1995, writes:

Hi, I am a Plan II alumni. I graduated last May, and I am now a Master's student at Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I am pursuing concentrations in Public Finance and Policy Analysis. Also, if anyone there is considering graduate school in Public Administration/Public Policy, I am willing to answer any questions about my program and my hunt for an appropriate school.

Hook 'Em!

You can write Brian Schmitz at

Ted Warren, Class of 1995, writes:

Ted and Kirsten Christensen were married last January. The couple has been living in Bonn, Germany, where Kirsten completed her Fulbright research grant at the University of Cologne. This summer, Ted returned to Austin while Kirsten continued her studies in Belgium.

Class of 1996

Jennifer (Williams) Caplan, Class of 1996, writes:

I'm currently in my final year of residency in pediatrics at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. My husband, Michael Caplan '96, is finishing up his post-doc in Cell Biology at Duke University. He'll be starting a position as assistant professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Arizona State University in Phoenix in January 2003. I'll be following him there once I finish my program in June 2003. We still have our big fat cat Arthur!

You can contact me at

Anjali Ghate, Class of 1996, writes:

I graduated from Plan II in 1996 and am currently working as a summer associate in a Boston law firm, after having completed my second year of law school at Georgetown. I will be finishing up my final year at Georgetown University before moving to Boston permanently next summer. I would like to be on the Plan II mailing list as I am interested in keeping up with the program. I had a wonderful experience with the Plan II program and would be happy to talk to anyone interested in going to law school, the benefits of Plan II, etc. My D.C. address (and the address where I'd like to get Plan II updates is):

Anjali Ghate
4230 1/2 River Road, NW Apt. B
Washington, D.C. 20016

In case you publish any part of this, I'm happy to share the news that I will be getting married this December in India.

Aaron Navarro, Class of 1996, writes:

Aaron Navarro, '96, took the PhD in History from Harvard University in November 2004. Currently Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Texas, he teaches courses on Latin America and is revising his dissertation "Political Intelligence: Opposition, Parties and the Military in Mexico, 1938-1954" for publication. He lives with his wife Laura in Dallas.

June 2005

Tina Shah, Class of 1996, writes:

Since my chaotic and carefree days at UT, I received my MBA at UNC, got married to a Canadian, moved to Atlanta, GA to avoid shoveling snow, and had a child who is now 2 yrs old. Professionally, I have left my 100% travel operations consulting position with Deloitte Consulting to focus on a smaller venture. I am now a Business Development Lead with a small company that focuses entirely on providing services within the federal and statewide child and family welfare/human services marketspace.

I miss UT, Plan II, and the great people I met while in the program. Life has definitely changed since those carefree days, but I still focus on changing lives (including my own!) everyday thanks to the Plan II foundation and teachings. Anyone interested in doing work within child welfare/human services, consulting, management/organizational training in challenging environments throughout the US, please contact me- I would love to try to partner with some Plan II alums.

My contact information is:
Tina Shah, LEE International, Inc. office: (770) 242-2721

May 2004

Class of 1997

James Lehmann, Class of 1998, writes:

James is finishing his residency in ophthalmology at UT Southwestern in Dallas and will be working in International Ophthalmology and Preventative Medicine with ORBIS, a not-for-profit organization in NYC. ORBIS owns a DC-10 plane that has a surgery bay and classroom on board, and it flies to various countries educating ophthalmologists, nurses, technicians, and anesthesiologists in all areas of eye care. After that, James and his wife Lenka will move to Spain where he will pursue a fellowship in Cornea and External Diseases at the VISSUM Eye Institue in Alicante.

May 2005

Class of 1998

Karolina Augustynowicz, Class of 1998, writes:

I joined the ranks of Teach for America after graduation and was placed in Baltimore, where I moved in the summer of '98. I taught math to 6th graders in the largest middle school in the city for two years. After that immensely difficult yet rewarding dose of reality, I moved a few miles down I-95 to Washington, D.C., where the folks at The Chronicle of Higher Education were nice enough to offer me a job doing production for The Chronicle's web site. I married my husband, Ben, in October of 1998 and in June of 2004 we relocated to Dallas, where I work for the McDermott Scholars Program at UTD.

You can write to Karolina at

March 2005

Robert E. Bacchus, Class of 1998, writes:

Following my graduation from UT in '98, I moved to Houston to work for an HR consulting firm. Although the natural beauty of Houston was appealing, I moved back to Austin within a year to take a job at Dell. I stayed with Dell for 6 years but am now working for a company called Convio that does software, services and consulting for non-profits across the country.

During this time, I've gotten married to an A&M alum (but she got her master's at UT!), had a child (who is now 2) and completed my Master of Non-Profit Administration at Notre Dame's Graduate School of Business.

In between, I've managed to travel to some cool places, play some soccer and generally enjoy life.

You can write to Rob at

April 2006

Brooke Brunner, Class of 1998, writes:

I have finally escaped law school. I am now learning how to be a normal person again in lovely San Juan, Puerto Rico (I have a 2 year clerkship with a federal district court judge).

Other exciting news: 1) I am getting my first cat this weekend. 2) Sally Nash (plan II 1998) is visiting me here in a couple of weeks! 3) I am addicted to cinnamon pop tarts. Send me an e-mail and tell me what is new!

E-mail address: Phone: (787) 409-6283.

Tania Krebs, Class of 1998, writes:

After surviving five years of freezing cold post-college (working in advertising in Chicago and attending Yale Law School out east), I have finally escaped the snow and black ice and am now happily ensconced in a beach apartment in Santa Monica. I'm a civil litigator at a firm here in LA, Quinn Emanuel, and I've already gotten some great, only-in-LA-type work (for example, defending the Enquirer for reporting the story of Ben Affleck's romp with Vancouver strippers). There's quite a Texas contingent in Southern California, which means I can watch the football games in a burnt-orange filled bar--almost like home.

For updates on the latest celebrity sightings and so forth, feel free to email me at

March 2004

Jason Leiker, Class of 1998, writes:

Following my last summer vacation ever, I took a job with NASA in Houston for two years. It was fun work, but I needed to escape from the swamp so I moved to New Mexico. Now I do contract work for the Air Force and SNL (I know what you're thinking, but it's Sandia National Labs, not Saturday Night Live...). New Mexico is the way Colorado used to be, so I'm really liking it here. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor activity, and you have to see these sunsets to believe it. If anyone wants to say 'hi,' my email is:


Mark Levy, Class of 1998, writes:

Having dexterously managed to remain in Austin after graduation without becoming destitute, I graduated from UT-Law in May '01 and am now working for the Attorney General. Fortunately, I'm in the Bankrupcty and Collections Division which allows me to wear the "white hat" on behalf of the state. Oh yeah, I recently married Tara (Pellenberg) Levy, a '97 grad. Fortunately, Plan 2 didn't make her smart enough to avoid me.

Mark A. Levy, Assistant Attorney General
Bankruptcy & Collections Division
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, Texas 78711-2548
Tel: 512/463-2173 Fax: 512/482-8341

Jen Prince, Class of 1998, writes:

Jen Prince, Plan II BA '98, BFA ’98 produced Eve of Understanding, written and directed by Alyson Shelton, the first digital feature film produced by Open Plan Films, co-founded together with Gordon Prince, BFA ’98 and Cody Shelton, BS ’98. Associate Producers are Will Underwood, BA ’98 and Mark Reeb, BFA ’98, who also plays the role of Glenn. Jen comes to the project after earning her MFA in Film Production at USC '02 and working in television and independent film. This is the first project to reunite these friends who first met at UT’s Department of Theatre and Dance in the College of Fine Arts and is currently in post-production, slated to enter the festival circuit this fall. is an online journal of their process.


August, 2005

Christopher Curtis Sparrer, Class of 1998, writes:

SAN FRANCISCO—Wow. I’m now producing the 9PM news in the country’s 6th largest media market. After working the graveyard shift in Houston, and doing nearly every shift in Toledo, Ohio, I’m now a prime time producer with an Emmy nomination.

AND... I won an Emmy!
I produce the 9PM show in San Francisco and as of Saturday, the local board of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded me and my team an Emmy for: “Outstanding Achievement: Evening Newscast – Large Market.” See:

I’ve also been writing steadily for and am about to embark upon restaurant reviews. Two book projects are also gaining steam; the only obstacle to their completion is my soaring, if not bizarre social life.

My only complaint is that I’m not a celebrity. The aforementioned social life would be great content for the tabloids.

If you’d like the details, and are willing to sign various non-disclosure forms, I welcome emails. You can reach me

April, 2005

Class of 1999

Jason Bryant , Class of 1999, writes:

After graduation, I headed to Dallas where I was a high school Spanish teacher. I loved the job and felt that I had definitely made some sort of difference in the lives of many students. Of course, part of that difference was convincing them that UT was the place to go study when they graduated!

After four years of teaching, I returned to school to get my MBA in International Management from Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management in Arizona. (I also shortened my name to Jay at this time) Upon my graduation, one of my professors asked me to come and work with him in marketing a new program that was to be starting and I accepted the job. Two years - and a few promotions - later, I have found myself as the Senior Director of Global Recruitment for the whole school. My job consists of incoming student advising and traveling around the world to attend fairs, visit schools, and interview incoming students. I worked on 5 different continents last year alone!

I reside in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and love it out here. I miss Austin and tell everyone how great it was to live there. I hope that everyone is doing great wherever they have wound up! If you're in Arizona, I hope to see you!

Jay Bryant
Senior Director of Global Recruitment
The Garvin School of International Management
MSN chat:

August, 2006

Jon Camfield, Class of 1999, writes:

Jon completed his Peace Corps service as an IT Volunteer in Kingston, Jamaica last Fall with the Ministry of Education, where he built a customized bootable Linux, trained teachers on Internet usage, and drank some really excellent home-grown coffee. This coming Fall (2005) he begins a Master of Arts degree in International Science and Technology Policy at GWU in DC.

He's currently living in Austin again, working at the Office of Technology Commercialization at UT.

Email:; Web site:

May 2005

Jeremy Liam O'Brien-Heuschen, Class of 1999, writes:

Job search frustration and a desire to evolve from Japanese-major to Japanese-speaker led me to the JET Program, under which I worked--in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo--"teaching" elementary and middle school students the finer points of locution and syntax...While the kids were fantastic, two years in that neck of the woods were more than enough, and I enrolled in a 15-month crash-course, Japan-focused MBA taught jointly through the Japan-America Institute for Management Science (JAIMS -- a Fujitsu affiliate) and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, both on the island of Oahu. It hasn't been easy for a crit/cult theory guy like myself, but soon I'll be off on the 3-month internship component in Tokyo, where I'll likely remain after graduation trying to hawk my fascination with innovative marketing.

Happy to report departure from P2 (and - eegad - enrollment in business school) hasn't put a stop to learning, academic and otherwise...:Would love to hear from others:

May 2002

Robert Geraci, Class of 1999, writes:

In April of 2003, I married the world's most wonderful woman. Jovi and I now have two children. The first, Zion, was born March 17, 2004 and the second, Liel (pronounced lee-ell), was born November 7, 2005. I love my kids dearly and couldn't be happier to have them with me. In 2005 I earned my Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I'm currently assistant professor at Manhattan College in New York City, focusing my teaching and research in the area of religion and science. I can be reached at

December 2005

Ticily (Bradford) Medley, Class of 1999, writes:

After graduation I began working as an Admissions Counselor for UT at their new Dallas Admissions Center, where I helped bring other bright students to The University. I also received a Master of Arts degree in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Now I'm married and working on a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Texas Woman's University in Denton. Looks like there won't be any children for a while.... I would love to hear from other Plan II'ers who entered Fall '96. I can be reached at

Mariela Olivares, Class of 1999, writes:

Like just about everybody else, I went to graduate school- law school, in my case. I braved 3 winters in Ann Arbor, MI. and finished up there in 2002. I moved happily back to Austin to clerk for the year. Rumor has it that I did a little work last year in Austin but, for the most part, I recreated my college years and spent much time and money on wonderful food and cold beers. I actually clerked with Julie Balovich, class of '95, (whose update is woefully out of date). I spent two years at a large DC law firm (Wiley Rein & Fielding, LLP) working and bought a little house in the suburbs (yikes). I plan to stay in DC for a while but dream about heading back to Austin just about every day...

In May 2005, I began working at Ayuda, a D.C. non-profit serving the immigrant community, primarily Latinos. I'll be an attorney in their family law/domestic violence section. I'm excited about the opportunity to serve the community and to be a bona fide litigator-- it's about time somebody lets me do some arguing in court!

Please contact me at my personal email addresses: or

May 2005

Catherine Rauschuber, Class of 1999, writes:

I am currently completing a Master of Public Policy degree at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. I will graduate in June 2003 and hope to return to San Francisco, where I lived prior to my graduate studies.

Permancent address remains the same: 6611 River Lodge Drive, Spring, Texas 77379
phone: 281/376-6208

April 2003

Amy Erica Smith, Class of 1999, writes:

Life's going well and I'm enjoying lots of summer here in Pittsburgh. After a grueling year teaching high school Spanish (though the word teaching might be an overstatement), I decided not to return to a classroom with students in that age group. At the end of August I'll be entering a PhD program in Political Science focused on Latin America at the University of Pittsburgh. This is something that I'd been thinking about seriously since my undergraduate days at the University of Texas, but it took this experience with high school kids to motivate me to do it. I'm excited about the program--I have a fellowship to study Portuguese, and I hope to examine local political movements in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Long term, I'd love to teach people 18 and up--I may not always have fantastic students, but they're unlikely to throw things at me.

Over the summer of 2005, I'm occupying myself as a bilingual customer service representative for PNC Bank. It's been a good job for learning about personal finance--in both English and Spanish. Outside of work, I'm trying to spend lots of time...well, outside. I'm playing ultimate Frisbee with a local summer league, learning slowly and enjoying myself completely. At the end of the summer, I hope to visit Romania with my boyfriend Tibi, who's from Bucharest.


July 2005

Kate Vieira, Class of 1999, writes:

What a great page! Well, ten days after graduation, I took off to Latvia with the Peace Corps where I taught English at a local high school and college and did a lot of mushroom-picking, sauna-ing, and shivering. I also met my husband (Ricardo) there, who is not Latvian, but Brazilian. Our Russian professor introduced us, and well, what an auspicious match! We're now in Dallas, where I am teaching sixth grade. If I can make it through the GRE subject test, I'm hoping to attend graduate school in literature next year.


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