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Plan II Alumni: 2000s

Deke Baxter, '00
After graduation, I traveled in France with fellow PIIer John Ribo. We discussed the finer points of cubism over cups of java. That lasted for a week or two. Then I headed over to Belgium and pigged out! After that, I came home and got a job as a poet. And that's a full-time gig! I've been published (both poetry and fiction) in a number of magazines (which actually pay me for my work!), such as: Teen Magazine, West Coast Review, Barely 18, and Donkey Daze. How cool is that?!


Sarah Cary '02
"I'm living in London, working for one of Europe's largest property companies where I'm responsible for the sustainable development of all their design and construction activity. It's a role which requires a bit of the legendary Plan II diversity, as I have to bring together knowledge across engineering, climate change science, business, biology, sociology, architecture and urban studies to deliver green buildings in a commercial market ( ) I do a bit of speaking in the UK about designing 'sustainable' buildings - about embodied carbon and green roofs particularly.

I'm also doing a Ph.D. part time at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London - investigating the governance networks associated with delivering district energy (a type of low carbon urban energy distribution system) in various countries globally.

I can trace my passion for sustainable cities and buildings straight back to my freshman TC course 'Suburbia,' which got me started down this road, and to the flexibilty of the Plan II curricula which allowed me to crash all the urban sociology and town planning courses I could fit in! And probably a bit to Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza's stories of England to my interest in coming here for my 1st masters degree at the Development Planning Unit, University College, London."

Christopher Choate, '00
I am currently a 3L at Indiana University, and looking forward to graduation. I would like people to know that I am the current Operations Editor of the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies.

Marsha (Kaplun) Chenoweth, '00
After graduation, I got married to my longtime boyfriend Chris and we settled in Houston. I spent one year researching the epidemiology of bladder cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, then went on to medical school at UT Houston. I am getting my M.D. this weekend (May 28th, 2005 – WOOHOO!) and heading off to do my residency training at Brown University Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island. I will be training in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry, in what is called The Triple Board Program. I guess I can’t ever pick just one thing to focus on…I am specifically interested in studying family dynamics and their impact on mental and physical illness and outcome in children.

On March 11, 2004, Chris and I welcomed our first child, Lauren Olivia, into the world. She is our sunshine!

Michael Demkowicz, '00
After graduating I went directly to grad school at MIT on an NSF fellowship. I studied materials science with Ali Argon, one of the field's most renowned and respected authorities.

Man, what a rollercoaster! MIT is all they say it is and more: and extremeley stressful and challenging environment. It's sink or swim from the very beginning with the possibility of failure a very real alterative, but plowing through is a great way to earn your own respect. In the end I got some good papers out in Physical Review and graduated in March of 2005.

After 1.5 months' break, I headed to my first real job: a postdoc position at Los Alamos National Laboratory. My present dilemma du jour is the same as what it has been for as long as I can remember: What next? I currently live in Santa Fe and welcome word from all my old p2 buddies:

Christina Fu, '03
Christina Fu graduated Plan II Honors/Business Honors/Finance in May 2003. Currently, Christina works with the Financial Advisory Services (FAS) practice at Deloitte & Touche in Houston. She has participated in consulting engagements related to litigation matters, forensic investigations and Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance and has assisted a range of clients and counsel in the energy, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and chemical industries.

In 2002, Christina was named as one of Glamour magazine's Top Ten College Women. She currently serves as President of the Houston chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals and is on the Board of Directors for Deloitte's Asian Business Resource Group. or

Sara Galván, '01
I'm back from Oxford, my graduate school experience highlighted by visits from fellow PII-ers Atisha Patel, and Parisa and Pedram Fatehi. Fun! In August 2003, I started at Columbia Law School, and worked during the summer at Vinson & Elkins and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Year-round, I'm the Planning and Transportation Editor of The Next American City magazine. Anyone in New York City (or anyone interested in the NYC-area P2 Alumni Association) drop me a line at !

Gwendolyn Sheldon, '04
Gwendolyn is completing her MA at the University of Toronto's Centre for Medieval Studies. She received a Fulbright scholarship to Norway and will spend next year there doing research for her PhD dissertation. She was accepted to the PhD program at Toronto.

Alison Herlihy, '01

Upon graduation, I will be employed as a Prevention Education Specialist, giving presentations to K-12 about family and dating violence. My employer is Penelope House, the battered women's shelter in Mobile, AL. In August, I will begin attending the University of Alabama Law School with a half-tuition scholarship.

Matthew Hibbs, '02
I'm now a graduate student in the Computer Graphics PhD program at Princeton University up here in New Jersey. I plan to do work on non-photorealistic rendering techniques, optical illusions, and artist usability. I'll hopefully get my PhD in 2007, so I'll be here for a while.

Email: Webpage:

Kimberly Hill, '02
In the eight years since my Plan II graduation, I have earned a Ph.D. at U.N.C. Chapel Hill, worked in South Africa, and moved back to home sweet Texas. North Carolina gave me an enduring love for bluegrass music, and South Africa gave me an enduring love for dancing. But some of my habits haven't changed. In the good old days, I used to show Black History Month films in the Honors Dorm. Now I introduce historical films every semester as a U.S. History professor at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. The influence of Plan II shows in my lesson plans whenever I combine the required readings with information drawn from art, math, and science. They get a taste of Plan II by learning to see historical education as a process that draws from and enriches other parts of life. I am also grateful for the good friends I met through this program; many of those friendships have blossomed into a nationwide netwok of "sisters and brothers." I'm looking forward to attending the anniversary event next year.

Kimberly Hill

Hala Imam ‘05
“Things in Virginia are great. I've just launched my company (Geossance, LLC – its an IT consulting company with a social responsibility program). I'm really excited that its finally taken off.

Aside from that, the kids are doing well, I'm thinking I might have to put them into montessori sometime soon; working from home with two adorable monsters is a lot of fun, but a bit exhausting as well!”
Katherine Kuang ‘08
“Hope you all are enjoying your summers! I just thought to share some exciting news. In April, my boss and I co-authored a piece about unemployment insurance extensions and the unemployment rate. Just recently, a blogger from the New York Times mentioned our study.

The writer took an interesting angle on the topic of joblessness, relating issues of psychological health and long-term unemployment–––mainly the varied social attitudes towards the unemployed.”

David James, '00 (Plan II / Elec. Eng)
After graduation, I worked for Trilogy (doing software consulting) in Austin and then ARM (supporting microprocessors). I decided a shift of direction was in order, based on a desire to give back to society and make a larger impact. I conjured up advice from so many great speakers at the Society of Plan II Engineering dinners and decided that study in public policy was the best next step. My transition began by volunteering at the Lance Armstrong Foundation and later working at the Texas Senate. I started the masters program at the LBJ School of Public Affairs in 2003. My focus is on environmental issues, looking at them from economic, community-building, and scientific approaches. I will graduate in May 2005.

Email: My web page is here: My blog is here:

Sarah Juul, '01
After graduating from PII, I completed a Masters degree in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I'm now at Stanford doing my MD degree, as well as doing as much research as possible abroad. When I someday graduate from med school, I plan to train as a psychiatrist and work in issues related to women, HIV/AIDS, and genocide in developing countries.

I'm getting married next May to my fiance, who currently works in New York, requiring us to spend a lot of time flying back and forth between coasts. I get to see a fellow PII grad, Alison Little, often, as she studies at Berkeley, and I caught up with some other PII people at Pei-Ling Chang's wedding last year. My email is - I would love to hear from any of you in the Bay Area (or elsewhere).

Mitul Kapadia, '01
After graduation, I started medical school in Galveston. After my second year, I took some time off to get a Masters in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics. This was followed by an internship with the World Health Organization in Geneva working on HIV/AIDS policy and health-care priority issues in developing countries - specifically India. I am now in the process of completing my medical school and will beginning residency in pediatrics. I plan to devote much of my career to global health and working to improve health policies and outcomes in developing countries particularly in regards to HIV/AIDS.

I can be contacted at

Robert Kimmel, '00
I just graduated (’03) from the University of Texas School of Law. I will be joining the Corporate Finance and Securities section of Vinson & Elkins, LLP in Houston this coming September. I am engaged to be married to Alicia Bennett (UT ’00 as well – but sadly (or maybe thankfully) not Plan II) in January ’04. I will miss Austin, but we all have to work at some point.

Jamie Lippman ‘08
“After I graduated in May 2008, I worked in India for a year and a half. An editor at McCombs came across my blog and decided to publish a piece. It's a decent overview of what I've been doing so I thought I'd share since I couldn't have done any of it without Plan II.”

I always always rave about the education I received.”

Alison Little, '01
In the almost-five years since graduating from Plan II, I’ve lived in five different places, the most exciting of which have been Ecuador (three months volunteering, traveling, and learning Spanish) and the Bay Area, California (grad school: Master of Public Policy at UC Berkeley). While in California, I became a leader in the Marriage Equality movement. My wife Heidi (also a former longhorn) and I were one of the first same-sex couples to get married last year at San Francisco City Hall.

This summer I moved abruptly to Dallas due to family illness. While here, I have been doing some case management work for an organization called Advocacy Inc. (Texas’s protection & advocacy organization for people with physical disabilities and mental illness) with hurricane evacuees who have relocated to North Texas. I have also done some consulting policy analysis for the California Institute of Mental Health in Sacramento. I care deeply about policy in the areas of mental health and lgbt rights, and plan to spend my career pushing for positive change relating to those issues.

Folks can contact me at

Aurora Lora, '00
After graduation, I joined Teach For America and taught 4th grade in Houston, TX. I continued teaching after my two-year commitment and became a school administrator after my third year. I was just accepted into the Harvard Graduate School of Education where I will start work on my doctorate in Urban Superintendency this July.

Soham Mehta, '00
Over the past few years, I've been trying to juggle a day job in technology with a night "job" in theatre and film. After a short stint at i2 Technologies in Austin, I joined SnapStream Media as a developer and ultimately settled as their Director of Product Strategy. On the theatre and film side, I've been involved with numerous projects, but most importantly, founded Shunya, a Houston-based theatre troupe dedicated to providing a voice to the South Asian American experience ( After six years of juggling, I'm finally ready to give up the day job. To help make the transition, I'm heading back to UT this fall to seek an MFA in film direction.

Sarah Novak, '01
Recently earned my Ph.D. in health & social psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I basically study the effects of nagging on health behavior change. To summarize my research in 10 words or less: Does nagging work? Usually. Does it drive people nuts? Sometimes. I promise my dissertation was a lot more technical than that. I'm starting a postdoctoral research fellowship at Yale later this summer, and that will buy me a couple of years to get ready for the academic job market. I miss Austin like crazy!

Sarah Novak:

Sara Park (Peters), '03
After graduation, I was a Teach for America Corps member in Houston, TX. Teaching and education reform continue to be very important for me and I will start my 3rd year of teaching this fall. I will be teaching kindergarten in a charter school in Detroit, Michigan.

Personally, I wed a fellow UT grad this past spring at our alma mater.

Sara Parker Peters can be reached at

Niraj Patel, '02
Currently I'm a medical student at Baylor in Houston. My goal is to apply a mix of business practices, motivational techniques & entreprenurial perspective to medicine in order to improve patient quality of life. Right now I'm interested in diabetes, and so I'm learning how to do these things with a specialized diabetes clinic.

During college I was a biz dev intern for Enspire Learning (run by a P2er named Bjorn) and after college worked as an analyst for Accenture. I'm interested in playing racquetball (email me if you want to play), renaissance Italian history & the effects of the Black Plague, and learning how globalization is affecting India.

I can be contacted at

Anita Powell, '03
After a couple of years reporting for the Austin American Statesman, Anita reported to Stars & Stripes, the international military publication. Anita has dreamed for quite some time of covering the war. She's now in Germany, her home base for the next 13 months as she takes several extended trips to Iraq and Afghanistan where she'll embed with the troops.

Anita joined the Statesman staff in 2002. She covered Cedar Park, Leander and Fort Hood with the Statesman's metro desk in 2003.. While in Williamson County she did some great work digging up dysfunction in Cedar Park, environmental problems with the water supply and wacky politics in Leander.

Contact at

Kavita Vyass, '02
Kavita is currently doing graduate studies at London School of Economics - major on healthcare and global challenges. She will return in July 2003 and begin medical school at Southwest Medical Center at Dallas. Her e-mail address

Suzi Yee, '01
Well, in the four years since graduation, I have celebrated my 4th anniversary with Joe, we have started a small press called Expeditious Retreat Press for roleplaying (writing and publishing supplements for Dungeons and Dragons) and have picked up a few awards along the way. We have traveled back and forth from India 2 times with plans to go back after the summer convention season.

For interested parties, our website is which has information about our company, contact information, and some pictures and stories from India on our boards.  Sometimes it seems strange that I have been out of college as long as I was there. I haven’t gotten nearly as much accomplished, but I’m having more fun.

Suzi Yee

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