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Rome Study Abroad Program - Summer 2014

The Plan II Honors Program is thrilled to announce the return of the Rome Study Abroad Program during the summer of 2014!  Led by Professor Karl Galinsky, an internationally known expert of Roman civilization, 15-18 students will have the incredible opportunity to live, study and experience life abroad in Rome, Italy. 

Program Goals, Details and Timeline

Goals: One of the priorities for both the Plan II Honors Program and the Liberal Arts Honors Program in the 21st century is an active commitment to Study Abroad: we see our students as “Citizens of the World” and feel it is of the utmost importance that they have the opportunity to study, travel, and experience cultures outside of the US.  Plan II and Liberal Arts Honors strive to provide study abroad opportunities for our students to travel and learn with the best UT faculty.  Through this program, students will experience high quality honors level courses, all the while earning credit for specific degree requirements needed to complete the Plan II Major, Humanities Major, or Liberal Arts Honors Program.  

Location: Rome, Italy

Program Dates: May 31 - June 28, 2014 (4 weeks)

Participants: 15-18 students

Eligibility: The 2014 Rome Program will be open to students from both the Plan II Honors Program and the Liberal Arts Honors Program (LAH)/Humanities Majors.

Course Credit: Plan II students will receive credit for two courses, a TC 357 Junior Seminar and a HMN 350, upper division Humanities, both fulfill specific requirements of the Plan II Major.  LAH students will receive credit for either two LAH 350 courses or one LAH 350 and one HMN 350, both courses fulfill requirements of the LAH Program and/or Humanities Major.  Visit the Rome Program courses page for detailed course descriptons.

UT Austin Study Abroad Program Code: 290057

Language: All courses and program activities will be conducted in English.  It is not necessary for a student to know Italian in order to participate in the Rome Program.  However, students familiar with Italian will get more out of the experience of living in Italy for four weeks and thus are encouraged to learn at least a little Italian before departure. 

Faculty Leader: Karl Galinsky, Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor & Distinguished Teaching Professor, Classics and Plan II Honors.  Dr. Galinsky has directed numerous study abroad projects, including offering this program twice prior in Rome (2008 & 2009) teaching U.S. students in a foreign setting.  At the adult level, he has offered several summer seminars at the American Academy in Rome and been director of educational tours in most Mediterranean countries, incl. North Africa and the Near East.  Dr. Galinsky has spent some six years in Rome.  He visited Rome four times in 2011, including for chairing an international conference on Roman cultural memory.

In-Country Host Institution: The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC) The American Institute for Roman Culture offers extraordinary study abroad programs and projects for university students and scholars in a unique interdisciplinary learning environment.  We live and work in the heart of Rome, as do our students, with a network of local scholars and ties to Italian superintendencies (including the Italian Ministry of Culture, MiBAC) and foreign institutes.  AIRC’s mission is to promote and defend Rome’s cultural heritage through educational programs, projects, and public outreach in archaeology and Mediterranean culture, conservation, video, and social media.  NOTE: This program is designed as a hybrid of a faculty lead/affiliated program as it is lead by a UT Austin faculty member, but the in-country program provider handles many of the logistics/course matters.  AIRC will generate transcripts for each student and send them to UT Austin.  AIRC Website:

Safety/Security: This program would not expose students to any safety or security risks beyond those standard of everyday life anywhere in the world; no alerts or special concerns are mentioned on the U.S. Department of State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and International SOS websites respectively for Rome or any of the day trip locations.  Staff from AIRC will all be on call 24/7 to handle any emergency situation that might arise with student participants.

History: The Plan II Study Abroad in Rome Program has successfully been offered twice in the past during the summer 2008 and summer 2009 semesters.  This program was deliberately put on hiatus until Dr. Galinsky was done with his research commitments in Europe due to the Max-Planck Prize.  With the exception of updated information (for both academic content and life in Rome), and the addition of possible LAH student participants, the program will remain the same because it proved very successful in the past. Visit the Rome Program testimonials page for first hand accounts from 2008 and 2009 student participants.

Housing/Accommodations: Housing will be in private apartments, most probably in Trastevere (across the Tiber, about 20-30 min. walk from Piazza Venezia, and well connected to ground transportation). While not luxurious, they are comfortable and in the midst of an atmospheric neighborhood with easy access to shopping and restaurants. Usual apartment occupancy is two, with shared bedroom and bathroom.  Bathrooms would be shared by a maximum of four occupants.  There are also larger apartment suites with an occupancy of six, with two shared bathrooms.  All apartments will have basic furnishing, linens, and kitchenware.  No washers or dryers, and AC is unlikely. Each student will have his/her own keys and autonomy in the apartments, but like anywhere one must respect one’s roommates and neighbors.  Basic maintenance and house cleaning is provided. Housing costs (including utilities) are included in AIRC program fees.

Program Costs: (per student estimate)

  • $6650 Program Fee (paid to AIRC - includes tuition for two courses, student housing, site visits, local transportation, organized airport transportation, special meals (2), cell phone, course packet)
  • $1500 Air Travel
  • $900 Meals
  • $100 Overseas Medical Insurance
  • $90 textbooks
  • $300 Personal Items/Fun Money
  • $500 Emergency Funds
  • $135 Passport Fee (if applicable)
  • $50 UT study abroad office portal access fee (paid to UT Austin)
  • $400 UT study abroad office affiliated program fee (paid to UT Austin)


Passport: For US Citizens a valid US Passport is required for entry into Italy. All students interested in the Rome Program should apply for a passport now, do not wait until you are notified of admission to the program as passport application processing times can be long and you will need a valid passport in order to apply for a Visa to study in Italy (see below). For further information on obtaining a US Passport, visit the US Department of State website The fee for obtaining a new passport is $135.  If you already have a passport be sure to check the expiration date; your passport should be valid for at least 3 months after the conclusion of your trip.

Medical Insurance: All students participating in the Rome Program will be required to purchase Overseas Insurance.  The cost is approximately $100 for the length of the Rome Program.

Air Travel: Students will be responsible for making their own air travel arrangements at an estimated cost of $1,500.  Additional details on recommended travel dates for the 2014 program are TBA; the program will run the entire month of June 2014.

Textbooks: Students will need to purchase some books in the US before departure and bring them to Rome. There’ll also be a course packet and other materials; their cost is included in AIRC program fees.

Local Transportation: Participants will be issued a one-month pass for June for public transportation, incl. busses, metro and rail line to Ostia. The cost is included in AIRC program fees.

Cultural Outings (like museum and site visits):
AIRC will arrange these outings as a major part of your classes; costs are included in AIRC program fees.

Meals: Special group meals (2) are included in program fees. However, for most meals food shopping and cooking is up to each program participant. Most people share the shopping and cooking with their roommates. Participants should plan to budget approximately $900 for meals. Some restaurants give discounts to AIRC members; restaurants are plentiful in Rome in every price range.

Cell Phone: A rental phone will be provided by AIRC when you arrive in Rome. The cost of the phone and activation is included in AIRC program fees, but students will have to cover usages charges (variable cost).

Making Payments to AIRC: Payments may be made online via PayPal or via check.
To make a payment via PayPal, visit the contribute page on the AIRC website, click on the orange PayPal "Donate" button and you will be connected to PayPal.  Note, the payment (which is not tax-deductible) should be designated in the note area when filling out the PayPal form, mention this payment is for the "Plan II/LAH Rome Program" and include your name.

To make a payment via check, make the check out to the "American Institute for Roman Culture," note in the memo section that this payment is for the "Plan II/LAH Rome Program" and include your name.  Checks can be mailed to: The American Institute for Roman Culture, 3800 N. Lamar Blvd., Suite 730-174, Austin, TX  78756.

 Program Timeline:
    * Application Deadline - November 8, 2013
    * Notification Deadline – November 22, 2013
    * First Pre-Departure Meeting for Accepted Students - Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 12:00pm-1:00pm, CLA 1.302D
    * UT Study Abroad Portal Access Fee ($50) Due - February 1, 2014
    * AIRC Program Deposit ($1000) Due - February 15, 2014
    * Pre-Departure Meeting - March 5
    * AIRC Balance ($5650) Due - April 10, 2014
    * Pre-Departure Meeting - Wednesday, April 23 6-7:30pm, CLA 2.606
    * Pre-Departure Meeting - Monday, May 5, 7:00pm, farewell dinner
    * UT Study Abroad Affiliated Program Fee ($400) Due - May 15, 2014
    * UT Overseas Medical Insurance Fee ($100) Due - May 30, 2014
    * Rome Study Abroad Program - May 31-June 28, 2014

Information or questions: Melissa Ossian

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