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Plan II Rome Study Abroad Program - 2009




The Summer 2009 Plan II in Rome Students

Plan II wishes 'Buon Viaggio!' to the Rome 2009 study abroad program participants! This summer's group, led by Cailloux Centennial Professor of Classics and University Distinguished Teaching Professor Karl Galinsky, consists of 15 students with diverse backgrounds and interests, and Plan II wishes them an exciting and enlightening time as they explore the wonders of Rome.

Participants, from left to right, are: Royce Chang (Plan II/Engineering), Shyam Sivasankar (Plan II/Biochemistry), Harvey Powers (Plan II/Economics), Stephen Hoang (Plan II/Architecture), David Liu (Plan II/Business Honors), Ashley Haustein (Plan II/Economics), Meagan Hughes (Plan II/Business Honors), Alexandra Fu (Plan II/Pre-Med/Psychology), Christopher Smith (Plan II/Biology Honors), Adam Petri (Plan II/Mechanical Engineering), Daniel Lewis (Plan II/Business Honors), and Bhargav Srinivasan (Plan II/Business Honors).

Vicki Chang (Plan II/Chemistry Honors), Apoorva Murthy (Plan II/Sanskrit/Pre-Med), and Ishanee Parikh (Plan II/RTF) are not pictured.

Plan II Students Shyam Sivasankar (third from left above) and David Liu (sixth from left above)
blog while on the Plan II in Rome study abroad adventure, June 2009:

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