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Humanities Research Center Internship

Plan II offers an internship program at the Harry Ransom Center that is designed to provide advanced undergraduates with experience in the nature and operations of a major humanities research center. The experience gained by interns will benefit them in their own research projects, in possible graduate studies, and even as a career option in such fields as librarianship, museum studies, archival or curatorial work, as well as public affairs, marketing, public programming and event management. Once selected, interns will choose from a variety of opportunities within the center.  These vary from year to year, but will likely include:

  • processing collections
  • preserving collection materials
  • planning exhibitions
  • doing editorial and publicity work
  • working on website enhancement projects
  • marketing and public affairs

Harry Ransom Center


The internship will be for the entire academic year, fall and spring semesters.  Interns are asked to commit to a particular department for at least one full semester.  Most interns work in a single department the entire year, but some choose to change at semester break.  Internships for three months in the fall: September, October, and November, and three in the spring: February, March, and April.  Thus, the internship will end each semester before finals begin.

The position is not a benefits-eligible one, but there is a stipend of $1500 per semester, for which the intern is expected to put in 10-hours of work each week.  The student must be registered for a minimum of six hours of coursework and be able to work in the US without restrictions in order to be eligible for the stipend.  In addition, students may earn academic credit through the internship courses offered by Liberal Arts Career Services.

ApplyingAn applicant should provide the following:

  • a one-page resumé,
  • a letter from the student describing his/her interest and qualifications,
  • and a letter of recommendation from a UT faculty member or someone who knows the candidate's professional qualification pertinent to this internship

Both letters should be addressed to the attention of Danielle Sigler, Curator of Academic Affairs.  The letters should be attached to the resumé and submitted in hard copy format to the Plan II Office by the deadline.


Questions? Contact
Melissa Ossian


  • Rosalind Faires
  • Dylan Davidson


  • Gabrielle Inhofe
  • Brooks Naylor


  • Sara Saastamoinen
  • Rachel Quist
  • Edgar Waters


  • Kelsey McKinney
  • Io Montecillo
  • Rachel Platis


  • Sonia Desai
  • Bess Milner
  • Courtney Reed


  • Allison Deveraux

  • Elana Estrin

  • Keely Steenson


  • Stephanie Cantu

  • Samantha Gordon

  • Leigh Patterson


  • Josh Frieman

  • Anne Frugé

  • Joey Kolker

  • Sarah Flynn

  • Annalee Sweet

  • Anne Terrill


  • Whitney Brown

  • Delaney Hall

  • Jessica Rice


  • Morgan Jones

  • Tricia Monticello

  • Jesse Pitmann


  • Erin Baudo

  • Guatam Ganesham

  • Lindsey Peebles


  • Stephanie Hays

  • Justin Glasson

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