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Welcome to Plan 2

Why Choose Plan II Honors?

The Plan II Honors Program is recognized as one of the most respected and selective honors programs in the country, offering a strenuous interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum and the flexibility to incorporate other majors and degrees.

The Plan II major is a carefully designed core curriculum comprised of specific multi-disciplinary course requirements, in literature, philosophy, social sciences and natural sciences, each with a strong emphasis on problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, and communication skills, both written and oral. Plan II celebrates students’ freedom to cross intellectual boundaries and to pursue understanding wherever it may be found. Our graduates have explored that which makes us human, from poetry and drama to the latest discoveries in physics or cosmology. Our goal at Plan II is to prepare students to be ideal citizens, by setting their minds on a track of lifelong learning.

During the first two years of a Plan II education, students immerse themselves in a year of world literature and a year of philosophy, reading great fundamental texts. Every student chooses three thematic seminars from a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics, designed especially for Plan II and taught by the University's most distinguished faculty.

The Plan II core also includes special courses in logic, math, biology, and physics. In the social sciences, unique courses focused on the individual in society reflect the Plan II emphasis on education for citizenship. The capstone thesis allows students to combine areas, topics, and fields in unique ways, providing each Plan II student the opportunity to investigate an intellectual inquiry that he or she finds personally compelling and academically meaningful. Theses may be based on research or they may be original creative work. Recent topics range from software design to African music, from a historical monograph to a showing of paintings, and from marketing to political philosophy. Although the Plan II program is interdisciplinary, students concentrate in the areas of their theses and are well prepared for graduate schools in their chose subjects.

Plan II students are selected from a large applicant pool for their brilliant minds and their love of active learning. They have every possible interest leading them into a wide variety of careers. Majoring simply in Plan II, many students graduate to professional schools in law, medicine, or business. Other combine Plan II with majors in specialized subjects in architecture, fine arts, business, science, or engineering. Plan II graduates are found in every profession; they are lawyers, public servants, doctors, CEOs, novelists, poets, technical writers, research scientists, and even rock musicians. It is truly an education without boundaries

Study Abroad Opportunities

Where you learn can be as important as what you learn. That's why the University of Texas at Austin extends learning opportunities around the globe. The University offers reciprocal exchange programs with foreign universities, affiliated studies through organizations and institutions,undergraduate study abroad research programs and faculty-led programs. Find information, including information about available funding resources, at the site of the University's Study Abroad Office.

Plan II strongly encourages studying abroad for all students. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways to study abroad, from programs closely affilited through UT (where students register as though attending UT classes on campus), to study abroad experiences offered through other US universities and both government and private companies to programs offered by a foreign institution. Some programs are quite general and student may earn elective credit or general credits, others are very specifically tailored to certain groups or fields of study (such as biology, engineering or business). Many are offered in English, more are offered in the country of study's language and others are for designed for language aquisition. Whatever best suits the individual planning to study abroad is the best program for that individual. There is no one size fits all when it comes to exploring the world.
Information on programs.

Plan II Study Abroad Program in Rome

ThePlan II Honors Program is thrilled to announce the return of the Rome Study Abroad Program during the summer of 2014! Led by Professor Karl Galinsky, an internationally known expert of Roman civilization, 15-18 students will have the incredible opportunity to live, study and experience life abroad in Rome, Italy.
Plan II students will receive credit for two courses, a TC 357 Junior Seminar and a HMN 350, upper division Humanities, both fulfill specific requirements of the Plan II Major. Visit the Rome Program courses page for detailed course descriptions.

Karl Galinsky, Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor & Distinguished Teaching Professor, Classics and Plan II Honors. Dr. Galinsky has directed numerous study abroad projects, including offering this program twice prior in Rome (2008 & 2009) teaching U.S. students in a foreign setting. At the adult level, he has offered several summer seminars at the American Academy in Rome and been director of educational tours in most Mediterranean countries, incl. North Africa and the Near East. Dr. Galinsky has spent some six years in Rome. He visited Rome four times in 2011, including for chairing an international conference on Roman cultural memory.

The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC) – The American Institute for Roman Culture offers extraordinary study abroad programs and projects for university students and scholars in a unique interdisciplinary learning environment. We live and work in the heart of Rome, as do our students, with a network of local scholars and ties to Italian superintendencies (including the Italian Ministry of Culture, MiBAC) and foreign institutes. AIRC’s mission is to promote and defend Rome’s cultural heritage through educational programs, projects, and public outreach in archaeology and Mediterranean culture, conservation, video, and social media.

Plan II Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica

The Plan II Honors Program offers this course, Land Use Issues in Rainforest Conservation, to students interested in understanding the complex issues surrounding rainforest conservation. Costa Rica is renowned for its ecological diversity and extensive reserves. However, the country faces serious economic and public policy issues in the conservation of its treasured rainforest. Students will be challenged to consider the many different factors affecting land use in Costa Rica during a Spring one hour seminar course, four weeks of field work in Costa Rica, and through independent research. The course provides hands-on experience as well as immersion into the context of the question. Students will interact with the local population and governmental agencies, as well as with visiting international students and researchers. The issue of sustainable conservation requires an understanding of biology, environmental science, business, political science, sociology, anthropology and economics, so this course is well-suited to students with interdisciplinary interests. For students wanting more, this course will lay the ground work for subsequent in-depth study abroad and for some of students? honors theses. See:

Plan II Students Succeed:

Russell Beaumont, Plan II/Architecture, Awarded a 2014 British Marshall Scholarship
Our Fall 2013 Plan II Honors/Forty Acres Scholars, Plan II Honors celebrates the fact that sixteen of the thirty-eight current Forty Acres Scholars are in the Plan II Honors Program.

Plan II Honors Student, Brette Machiorlette, Wins 2013 Heroes for Children Award
Plan II Honors/Biomedical Engineering (pre-med) student, Alexandra Arambula, is recognized as one of the 2013/2014 Texas Parents Outstanding Students.
See all the important Awards and Distinctions Earned by Plan II Honors Students, this year and in years past at

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