College of Liberal Arts

2008 Web Feature Stories

Each year, the Office of Public Affairs highlights Liberal Arts faculty, research and programs in feature stories on the university homepage.  Below are the stories from the College of Liberal Arts that have appeared on the homepage in 2008.   

Image: Crime on the Rise

Crime on the Rise?

Public perception of crime remains out of sync with reality, criminologist contends

Image: Phantoms of the Deep

Phantoms of the Deep

Archaeologists unearth a graveyard of ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea

Image: A Red and Blue Nation

A Red and Blue Nation?

Political scientist debunks three common myths about American voters

Image: Unnatural Disaster

Unnatural Disaster

Recovering remains elusive for Hurricane Katrina survivors, researchers say

Image: Free Minds

Free Minds

Adults break through financial and social barriers to pursue intellectual life in Humanities Institute program

Image: Politics in the Pews

Politics in the Pews

Researchers explore the role of religion in mobilizing African American and Latino voters

Image: Pop Goes Philosophy

Pop Goes Philosophy

Professor draws upon popular culture to illustrate today's moral issues

Photo: Defusing Explosive Situations

Defusing Explosive Situations

Hoping to save lives, researchers seek new methods to stop bombs before they explode

Image: Till Death Do Us Part

'Til Death Do Us Part?

Researchers diagnose health consequences of marriage, divorce

Image: Primary Education

Primary Education

From their views on the White House to the playground, children need mentors' help to reject stereotypes

Image: Assignment Abroad

Assignment Abroad

From China to Tanzania, students explore cultures around the world in quest for global citizenship