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President Barack Obama appointed UT Austin economics professor Sandra E. Black to the three-member White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) following a July 23 announcement. 

Black has done extensive research on education, intergenerational mobility and early childhood development. In her latest research, she looks at the wealth correlation between parents and their children.

“Dr. Black is an ideal choice for the CEA,” says Jason Abrevaya, chair of the Economics Department at UT Austin. “She is one of the world’s leading experts in the areas of labor economics and the economics of education, and her expertise will be invaluable in her role advising the president. Her outstanding academic research has consistently been characterized by its attention to detail, its objectivity and an overriding desire to use data carefully to answer important policy questions.”

In her new appointment, which began in early August, Black helps advise the president and his staff on the economics behind different issues. The CEA is charged with offering the president expert economic advice on the formulation of both domestic and international economic policy. 

“Sandy brings a wealth of expertise on labor market dynamics and social mobility, two of the most important economic issues facing our country today,” says CEA chairman Jason Furman.

Black is the Audre and Bernard Rapoport Centennial Chair in Economics and Public Affairs and a professor of economics at UT Austin, positions she has held since 2010.

“I think this is a really exciting time to be joining the president’s team,” Black says. “There have been some really great achievements recently, and I am looking forward to continuing to make progress on some pressing and important economic issues.”

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