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IHS Conference: "Global Commodity Flows" April 16-18 (Day 2)

Friday April 17, 2015⋅9:00 AM

CLA 1.302B

Yoruba Day

Thursday April 16, 2015⋅12:00 PM

GWB 2.206

Poetics for the 21st Century/Poéticas para el siglo XXI

Thursday April 16, 2015⋅3:30 PM

Prothro Theater, Harry Ransom Center

IHS Conference: "Global Commodity Flows" April 16-18 (Day 1)

Thursday April 16, 2015⋅5:30 PM

CLA 1.302B

Workshop: Breaking New Ground in the Science-Religion Dialogue

Friday April 10, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Welch Hall Auditorium

Performing Blackness Series: "Moon Medicin," An Artist Talk by Sanford Biggers

Thursday April 9, 2015⋅4:00 PM

Art Building 1.102

Sequels 2015: Global Intimacy & Networked Dissent

Thursday April 9, 2015

UT Austin Campus

Roundtable: "Appomattox and its Aftermath"

Thursday April 9, 2015⋅3:30 PM

GAR 4.100

Unjustly Detained: A Film Screening and Talk

Wednesday April 8, 2015⋅6:00 PM

BLS Multipurpose Room

2015 Nonprofit & Government Career Fair

Wednesday April 8, 2015⋅11:00 AM

Texas Union Ballroom

Book Talk: Slavery & Freedom in Savannah

Tuesday April 7, 2015⋅3:00 PM

GWB 2.206

Deadline Day

Monday April 6, 2015⋅8:00 AM


Social Media + the Dynamics of Dissent

Thursday April 2, 2015⋅6:00 PM

CLA 1.302B

¡A Viva Voz!: "Migraciones: An Evening of Latin@ Poetry and Spoken Word"

Thursday April 2, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Benson Latin American Collection

From Brazil to Ferguson: Using Video to Support Human Rights Advocacy

Wednesday April 1, 2015⋅6:00 PM

2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

Spring 2015 Career and Internship Fair

Wednesday April 1, 2015⋅11:00 AM

Texas Union Ballroom

Workshops: Making the Most of the Career Fair

Monday March 30, 2015⋅12:00 PM

FAC 18

Anna Karenina: A New Take on the Russian Classic

Thursday March 26, 2015⋅5:30 PM

Glickman Conference Center, CLA 1.302B

Spanish & Portuguese Speaker Series: Michel DeGraff

Wednesday March 25, 2015⋅2:00 PM

BEN 2.104

Feminist Geographies: Mapping Spaces, Nations and States of Being

Wednesday March 25, 2015⋅12:00 PM

Glickman Conference Center

Clay Spinuzzi: All Edge: Inside the New Workplace Networks

Sunday March 15, 2015⋅4:30 PM

Austin Convention Center (Ballroom G)

Joynes Reading Room Event: Joshua Ferris

Thursday March 12, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Joynes Reading Room

LLILAS Speaker Series: "Mexican Cities on the World Heritage List: A Current Overview"

Thursday March 12, 2015⋅5:00 PM

Dean's Conference Room, Goldsmith Hall (GOL) 2.302B

The Armenian Genocide and Modernity

Thursday March 12, 2015⋅5:00 PM

Eidman Courtroom (CCJ 2.306)

TEXTUAL TECHNOLOGIES: An Interactive Genius Workshop

Thursday March 12, 2015⋅3:30 PM


The Unbroken Treaty: Learning Language through Role-Play

Wednesday March 11, 2015⋅3:00 PM

Union Sinclair Suite, UNB 3.128

UTeach-Liberal Arts Hosts Exclusive "Roadtrip Nation" Screening

Wednesday March 11, 2015⋅4:00 PM

WCH 1.120

Islamic Studies Book Club: Islam in America

Wednesday March 11, 2015⋅12:00 PM

CAL 515 (MES Meeting Room)

Spring 2015 Communication Job & Internship Fair

Wednesday March 11, 2015

DKR Stadium 8th Floor The Club

Frame Semantics Beyond Events, Beyond English

Tuesday March 10, 2015⋅4:00 PM

BUR 337

Not Who We Are: Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon

Tuesday March 10, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Calhoun 100

Startup Job Fair

Tuesday March 10, 2015⋅9:00 AM

SAC Ballroom, SAC 2.210

MALS Campus Forum on Civility

Monday March 9, 2015⋅3:30 PM

BLS 2.206

Explore UT

Saturday March 7, 2015⋅11:00 AM


Symposium: Mapping the Afro-Imaginative

Friday March 6, 2015

BLS 2.206

Concert: Alash Tuvan Throat Singing Ensemble

Friday March 6, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Scottish Rite Theater (207 W 18th St)

Erin Vogel: Nutrition, Energetics, and Health

Monday March 2, 2015⋅12:00 PM

SAC 5.118

Royal Ethics Conference: Day 2

Saturday February 28, 2015⋅9:15 AM

316 Waggenger Hall, MAI 202

CREEES Spring Festival

Friday February 27, 2015⋅3:00 PM

Honors Quad courtyard by Littlefield Cafe

Humanities Research Award Symposium

Friday February 27, 2015⋅11:00 AM

CLA 1.302B

Royal Ethics Conference: Day 1

Friday February 27, 2015⋅3:30 PM

316 Waggenger Hall

UTeach-Liberal Arts Information Session

Thursday February 26, 2015⋅12:00 PM

GEB 1.308

Professional Development Training Series: Intro to HTML Coding

Wednesday February 25, 2015⋅5:00 PM

FAC 18

CWGS Faculty Book Presentation: Queer Beirut

Wednesday February 25, 2015⋅3:30 PM

CLA 1.302E

"Riveted" Curators Talk & Exhibition Reception

Tuesday February 24, 2015⋅4:00 PM

Isese Gallery, Jester Center A230

Family Dynamics and Aging in Brazil

Monday February 23, 2015⋅12:00 PM

Hackett Room, SRH 1.313

Rebel Music: Police Brutality & the Sound of Protest

Monday February 23, 2015⋅3:00 PM

BLS 2.206

Performing Blackness: Acting Workshop with Eisa Davis

Saturday February 21, 2015⋅2:30 PM

BLS 2.206

Nuevas Disidencias: Youth Culture, Transnational Flows, and the Remaking of Politics in the Americas

Friday February 20, 2015

2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

38th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

Friday February 20, 2015⋅9:15 AM

Waggener, ACES

Writing Workshop with Eisa Davis

Thursday February 19, 2015⋅3:00 PM

BLS 2.116D

Nuevas Disidencias: Youth Culture, Transnational Flows, and the Remaking of Politics in the Americas

Thursday February 19, 2015

2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

Prequels: Digital Race and Sexuality

Wednesday February 18, 2015⋅3:30 PM

PAR 308

Beyond Liberal Arts: Professional Development Training Series – Dining Etiquette

Wednesday February 18, 2015⋅5:00 PM

Santa Rita Suit, Texas Union

Screening Blackness: Film, Television and Race – SANKOFA

Saturday February 14, 2015⋅2:00 PM

Boyd Vance Theater, George Washington Carver Museum And Cultural Center

Germany's Russia Policy: Commercial Realism and Geopolitics

Friday February 13, 2015⋅10:30 AM

BUR 231

Film Screening: “Losing the West” and GRG Colloquium with Alex Warren

Thursday February 12, 2015⋅7:00 PM

SAC 1.402

Religion and Foreign Policy in the United States and Europe

Thursday February 12, 2015⋅9:30 AM

CLA 1.302E

Symposium: Anthropology at the Edge (Day Two)

Friday February 6, 2015⋅9:00 AM

Room 1.302B, Glickman Conference Center, College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA), The University of Texas at Austin

IMPOSSIBLE POSTMODERNIZATION: South Korean Cinema Finding Success at the Age of Post-Cinema

Friday February 6, 2015⋅3:30 PM

Meyerson Conference Room

Symposium: Anthropology at the Edge (Day One)

Thursday February 5, 2015⋅5:30 PM

Room 1.302B, Glickman Conference Center, College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA), The University of Texas at Austin

NATO-Russia Relations: The Ukrainian Crisis and Beyond

Thursday February 5, 2015⋅12:00 PM

BUR 231

Free Speech Dialogues: Commercial Speech

Thursday February 5, 2015⋅5:30 AM

CLA 0.130

Performing Blackness: Lisa B. Thompson's Mother's Day

Friday January 30, 2015⋅8:00 PM

511 West 43rd Street Austin, TX 78751

Roundtable: Imagining Cuba in a Post-Embargo Era: Ideas from the Cuban Diaspora in Texas

Friday January 30, 2015⋅2:00 PM

2nd Floor Conference Room, Benson Latin American Collection, SRH Unit 1

UTeach-Liberal Arts Information Session

Tuesday January 27, 2015⋅11:00 AM

GEB 1.308

Climate Change, Forced Migration and Resettlement

Monday January 26, 2015⋅12:00 PM

Hackett Room, SRH 1.313

Diachronic Corpora and the Study of Language

Friday January 23, 2015⋅11:00 AM

BUR 337

Time Management for Researchers

Friday January 23, 2015⋅10:00 AM

PCL 1.124

Add/Drop Deadline

Friday January 23, 2015⋅8:00 AM


Poetry Reading with Jane Miller

Thursday January 22, 2015⋅7:00 PM

Poetry Center, PCL

Is Etymology Useful For Learning Chinese Characters?

Tuesday January 20, 2015⋅3:00 PM

Meyerson Conference Room

Spring Semester Begins

Tuesday January 20, 2015⋅8:00 AM