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Humanities Reserach Award Guidelines, 2013-2014

Humanities Research Awards provide funding for tenured and tenure-track faculty, with 100% appointments in the College of Liberal Arts, whose work falls within the disciplines of the humanities.  The awards support faculty in their effort to bring a research project already in progress to completion, and the expectation is that the recipient will produce one or more publications and make his or her work known to the academic community through conferences and other venues. The award is $5,000 for three consecutive years, for a total of $15,000, to be disbursed by the faculty member’s home department against documented research expenses. Ten awards will be granted in spring 2014. 

Funding may be used year-round for research-related expenses such as travel, archival costs, supplies, and materials. Funds may not be used to supplement faculty salaries, pay for long-term lodging, purchase computers, or provide student tuition, fellowships, scholarships, or stipends. Recipients are expected to maintain their regular teaching and service duties in the course of the award period, unless they are funded by an external grant during that time. Please review the Guidelines for Use of Humanities Research Award Funds before applying. Collaborative projects will not be considered. Recipients from previous years are not eligible to apply again.

How to Apply: Submit an email to by January 15, 2014. The email must include all four application documents attached in pdf format. Submit final documents only.

We will hold an open forum to review guidelines and respond to questions on December 3, 2013, from 2:30 to 4:00, in the GEB 4.214. Please submit questions about the award to by January 7, 2014. We will post questions and responses on a rolling basis to 


Applicants for the Humanities Reearch Award should: 

  • Be tenured and tenure-track faculty with 100% appointment in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • Propose a project is significantly underway.
  • Be the sole investigator for the proposed project; project should not be collaborative.
  • Propose a budget that reflects approved research expenses only.
  • Not have previously received a Humanities Research Award.

Points will be deducted for:

  • Projects that are not significantly underway.
  • Budgets that include inappropriate use of funds.

Disqualification will result from the following:

  • Faculty member is not tenured or tenure track.
  • Faculty member is not appointed 100% in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • Proposed project is collaborative.
  • Application is incomplete or late.
  • Faculty member has previously received an HRA.

Download a PDF of the Eligibility Guidelines here.

Application Checklist:

The nomination includes four documents:

  1. Application Cover Sheet
  2. A two-page project description, detailing the current state of the project and your future plans
  3. Two-page C.V., highlighting your research trajectory
  4. Detailed budget, including timeline, for the three years of the award (March 2014 – May 2017)

Applications will be prescreened for completeness and eligibility of applicants. Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.


Application Cover Sheet:  Fill in every field of the cover sheet.

Two-page project description: Description must demonstrate that the project is underway and that the researcher utilizes humanities methods, as opposed to methods from the natural and social sciences. Humanities research employs methods that are interpretive and analytical in nature. While humanities projects sometimes involve some amount of data analysis, projects that rely significantly on data analysis are unlikely to receive high scores for this award.

Two-page C.V.: The C.V. should emphasize your research trajectory through publications, presentations, and research support.

Detailed Budget: The committee will look closely at budgets to ascertain the feasibility of the research and to confirm that the applicant intends to use the HRA for approved costs (see document “Guidelines for the Use of Humanities Research Award Funds”). 

Some things to consider:

Long-term lodging: HRA funds may be used to cover lodging expenses associated with research travel. They may not be used for a semester in residence at another institution.

Student research assistants: We limit funds that can be used to pay a student research assistant to $1000 per award year.

Airfare: Effective May 20, 2013, all business-related air travel must be arranged through Anthony Travel or Corporate Travel Planners (two university travel contractors). Go to access current information about service fee rates, baggage rates, and information about booking with UT’s contracted travel agencies.

Lodging: For hotel costs, include the number of nights times the cost per night.

HRA funds may not be used to purchase electronic devices, including cameras, scanners, iPads, etc.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: A one-page report will be due by September 30 each year of the funding cycle. This report should include a brief description of accomplishments to date, a listing of papers submitted/published, relevant presentations, and grant proposals submitted or funded as a result of the Humanities Research Award.

REGULAR MEETINGS: Recipients will meet as a group to discuss their work.

Due to the nature of this award, we cannot give a competitive advantage to one applicant over another by answering questions individually. Please submit questions electronically to by January 7, 2014. We will post questions and responses on a rolling basis to

 The deadline for submitting applications is January 15, 2014. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.