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Step 1: Post-orientationConfirm that your questions are answered

We want to make sure that you have all of your important questions answered prior to starting classes.  As academic advisors, we can answer most questions about majors, GPA, transfer credit, policies, procedures, dates, deadlines, graduation, and more.  We can also refer you to other offices if we don’t know the answer!

Ask Libby:

If it is after business hours or on the weekend, you may find that Ask Libby is a good resource for basic advising questions.  During business hours, we highly recommend that you contact an academic advisor with any questions.

Academic Advising:

The University of Texas at Austin provides a large amount information on its various Web sites, but there are many times when you should talk with an advisor.  Please do not hesitate to contact an advisor if you have a question and you do not know where to find the answer. To recap the different types of advisors that you might encounter during your time at UT, see below:

Dean's Office Advisors

The Student Division of Liberal Arts is located in GEB (Gebauer) 2.200 and the phone number is 512-471-4271. Dean's Office advisors (aka Student Division advisors) see students who are

  • Undeclared and needing registration advising.
  • On dismissal.
  • Seeking an exception to general degree requirements.
  • Seeking an official degree check once they have reached 90 hours of credit.
  • Applying to graduate.
  • In an emergency situation.
  • In need of referrals to other student services.
  • Seeking the "permission of the dean."

Departmental Advisors

Students who have a major see departmental advisors. Departmental advisors see students who are

  • Declared in that particular advisor's major(s) and seeking registration advising.
  • Seeking an exception to major or minor requirements.
  • Interested in learning more about the courses offered by a particular department or center.
  • Interested in learning about potential career paths and graduate school options related to a major.
  • Exploring the possibility of declaring that department's major(s).

Advising information for College of Liberal Arts majors can be found on our Web site.

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