College of Liberal Arts

Parents' League

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The College of Liberal Arts is the largest community on campus with more than 600 faculty members and more than 11,000 students. While our large size allows the college to offer a wide variety of programs and academic opportunities, it also creates the challenge of how best to communicate all the college has to offer to students and their families. To address this need, Dean Randy Diehl created the College of Liberal Arts Parents' League.

The purpose of the Parents' League is to engage parents in the life of the college, while communicating undergraduate opportunities available to their children and providing guidance for life after the Forty Acres. Members will also provide input on the college's communication efforts with parents, receive information on volunteer opportunities and attend special League events. If you have questions about Parents' League, please contact us.

Events and Deadlines

Jan. 18 MLK Day (university closed)
Jan. 19 Classes begin
Jan. 22 Last day for add/drop period
Feb. 3 Twelfth class day
Mar. 14 - 19 Spring Break
April 4 Deadline Day
April 16 Honors Day Program
April 18 - 29 Summer registration
May 9, 10, 15 No class days
May 11 - 14, 16 and 17 Final exams
May 18 Residence halls close
May 20 2016 Spring Commencement