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Find a Volunteer Opportunity

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Volunteering is a great way to discover new interests, meet friends, develop professional skills and strengthen your community. Individuals and student organizations may visit to find the latest volunteer opportunities posted by community organizations.

The Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement also supports volunteers and local non-profits by hosting the UT Volunteer Fair at the beginning of each semester; providing risk management training modules for UT students and UT registered student organizations; and offering year round service consultation for student organizations.

Join a Student Service Organization

There are currently more than 300 active UT registered student organizations that have a service focus.  The Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement houses the Longhorn Service Council, which serves as an umbrella organization for UT service organizations.

Student Activities (SA) in the Office of the Dean of Students offers a number of ways for students to get involved with student service organizations. Students and community members who are interested in locating a specific type of organization can search the Student Organization Database or contact SALD in the Student Services Building (SSB 4.400).

Find a Community-engaged Internship

An internship is a work-related learning opportunity for students to gain experience in a professional field. Unlike a volunteer experience, it focuses on professional development.

A community-engaged internship meets a need in a traditionally underserved community, typically for a nonprofit organization. These internships provide you with an opportunity to explore your interests, network, build professional experience, develop career options and positively affect the community.

To find an internship that will make a difference, search, visit one of the university's many career search Web sites, find an internship course in the registrar's course listings or speak with an academic adviser in your college or school.

Sign Up for an Academic Service Learning Course

Academic Service Learning courses provide an opportunity to relate your academic studies to life experiences. There are more than 80 Academic Service Learning courses in a variety of academic departments at the university. These courses allow students to apply their knowledge and be better prepared for life after college.