Educational Philosophy

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Students and faculty will conduct in-depth research in basic sciences and medicine. They will test theories in the natural sciences, business management and social sciences in clinics and state-of-the-art laboratories. The Dell Medical School will create opportunities for synergy among UT’s existing schools of nursing, social work, pharmacy and engineering.  It will leverage research in areas as diverse as medical ethics and business systems to solve one of the most pressing issues facing America: how to create better health in the communities we serve.

From research bench to bedside, it will be a fertile, inspirational academic environment for the intellectually curious student and for faculty members dedicated to discovery.  This approach — interprofessional and transdisciplinary education — will train doctors who will pursue medicine with broad scientific and academic backgrounds, who love change and respect the contributions of all health care providers. The Curriculum Oversight Committee has approved a set of objectives and competencies that will be met by Dell Medical School graduates.



The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School is committed to improving human health through excellence in interprofessional and trans-disciplinary education, research, health care and community involvement.


The School will:

  • Transform current and future medicine and the health care delivery system through discovery, innovation, application, and translation.
  • Educate and inspire the next generation of physician leaders by providing the foundation for our students to become skillful, ethical, and compassionate physicians; inquisitive scientists who are committed to the scholarship of discovery; and dynamic and successful medical educators.
  • Prepare clinicians to provide person-centered, high-quality, safe and cost-effective care that leads to optimal outcomes for the communities we serve.
  • Advance boundaries of medicine by being a vanguard of research and by creating an environment of scholarship, intellectual curiosity and exchange.
  • Foster interprofessional team development to enhance patient safety and improve health care outcomes.

Core Values:

The school will accomplish its Mission and Vision by modeling:

  • Adaptability – maintain flexibility and resilience in order to respond to changing needs and expectations of individuals and the community
  • Collaboration – work together and align interprofessional teams to fulfill our mission regardless of organizational boundaries
  • Compassion - relate to others in a caring, empathic manner and strive to prevent and relieve suffering.
  • Discovery – motivate towards the cutting edge of what is unknown by empowering our faculty and students to remain intellectually curious and inquisitive
  • Diversity – create, foster, and maintain a culturally diverse learning community
  • Excellence -- achieve our highest goals and become the best we can be
  • Integrity – maintain the highest respect, trust and ethical standards in all our interactions and activities
  • Leadership – educate and train physicians, researchers, and other health care professionals to become leaders in their fields at a regional, state and national level        
  • Learning – develop strategies for life-long, self-directed learning, sharing of knowledge, and translating new concepts to practice
  • Responsibility - exhibit a strong sense of duty, stewardship and accountability to each other and to our varied constituencies.