University Offices - B

B. Iden Payne Theatre (see Texas Performing Arts), during events call 512-471-5793

Baldrige Performance Excellence Awards, Performance Excellence, Center for, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-232-9530

Barker Texas History Collections (see Texas History Collections, Barker)

Bass Concert Hall (see Texas Performing Arts), during events call 512-471-0611

Bates Recital Hall (see Texas Performing Arts), during events call 512-475-7127

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Center for: David P. Crews, Director, PAT 30, C0930, e-mail

Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): Office of the Dean of Students, 512-232-5050

Belize Archaeology Project, Programme for: Fred Valdez, Director, TAR, R7500, 512-232-7049, fax 512-232-7050

Benson Latin American Collection (see also LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections

  • DIrector: Julianne Gilland, SRH 1.204, 512-495-4587, e-mail
  • Head Bibliographer: Melissa Guy, SRH 1.110, 512-495-4591, e-mail 
  • Head of Public Services: A.J. Johnson, SRH 1.111, 512-495-4586, e-mail
  • Communications Coordinator: Susanna Sharpe, SRH 1.308, 512-232-2403, e-mail 

Bevo Bucks: 512-471-6318

Big XII Faculty Fellowship Program (see Faculty Fellowship Program, Big XII)

Bilingual Education, Office of: Randy Bomer, Co-Director, 512-471-5942 and Mark O'Reilly, Co-Director, 512-471-4161, SZB 440, D6200, fax 512-471-5550

Biology Instructional Office: Janice A. Fischer, Director, NHB 2.606, A6500, 512-471-4882, fax 512-232-3699

  • Main Office: NHB 2.606, A6500, 512-471-4882, fax 512-232-3699
  • Biological Sciences Advising Center: NHB 2.606, G2530, 512-471-4920, fax 512-471-5217
  • Graduate Programs:
    • Biochemistry: NHB 2.632, A6500, 512-471-4181, fax 512-232-3699
    • Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior: NHB 2.634, A6500, 512-471-8490, fax 512-232-3699
    • Microbiology: NHB 2.632, A6500, 512-471-4181, fax 512-232-3699
    • Plant Biology: NHB 2.636, A6500, 512-471-8490, fax 512-232-3699

Biomedical Engineering, Department of: Nicholas Peppas, Chair, BME 3.110A, C0800, 512-471-3604, fax 512-471-0616, e-mail

  • Graduate Office: BME 3.308, C0800, 512-475-8500, fax 512-471-0616
  • Undergraduate Advising Office: BME 3.308, C0800, 512-471-4254, fax 512-471-0616

Biosafety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Blanton Museum of Art (see Art, Blanton Museum of)

Blind, Texas Commission for the (see Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Department of [DARS], Division of Blind Services)

Board of Regents (see Regents, Board of)

Box Office, Texas Performing Arts: PAC, E3300, 512-471-1444, fax 512-471-3636

Brackenridge Field Laboratory: L. E. Gilbert, Director, PAT 443, C0900, 512-471-4705, fax 512-471-3878, e-mail

Briscoe Center for American History (see American History, Dolph Briscoe Center for)

British Studies: W. Roger Louis, Director, HRC 3.202, F1900, 512-475-7228

Brogan Reading Room (see Reading Room, Albert P. Brogan)

Budget Office: Elvia Rosales, Director, MAI 110, G0600, 512-471-3727, fax 512-471-7742, e-mail

Bursar (Cashier's Office), Office of Accounting: Allen Moreno, Manager, MAI 8, K5303, 512-475-7777, fax 512-471-0212

Business Foundations Certificate - College Credit, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2900, e-mail

Business, Government and Society, Department of: Robert Prentice, Interim Chair, CBA 5.256, B6500, 512-471-5267, fax 512-471-0587, e-mail

Business, Red McCombs School of:

Business Research, Bureau of: Robert A. Peterson, Director, IC2, A0300, 512-471-9438, fax 512-475-8901

Business and Financial Services: Jeff Hoskins, Director, FC1 3.104B, H7000, 512-471-6229, fax 512-475-6345

  • Billing and Project Accounts: Adriana Rojas, Assistant Director, PPE 4.314, H8000, 512-471-1636, fax 512-471-3311, email
    • Billing: Vianey Borrego, Senior Financial Analyst, 512-471-4646, email
    • Project Accounts: Andrea Ault, Manager, 512-475-6892, email
    • Training Services: Darlene Taylor, Manager,  512-471-3524, email 
  • Finance and Operating Accounts: Dana Williams, Assistant Director, FC1 3.210F, H7000, 512-471-6229, fax 512-475-6345, email
  • Procurement and Warehousing: Marcus Grimes, Assistant Director, FC3 1.214, H7005, 512-232-9540, email
    • UEM Contracts Manager and Purchasing Supervisor: Kenneth Bonin, Manager, 512-232-6296, email
    • Purchasing: 512-471-4895
    • Warehouse: 512-471-1221 

Business Technology and Law, Center for: Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Director, CBA 5.202, B6500, 512-232-6112, e-mail


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