University Offices - C

Cable TV Services (see ITS-Networking and Telecommunications)

Cactus Yearbook: HSM second level, E4100, 512-471-9190, fax 512-232-5793

  • Editor: HSM 2.120, 512-471-9190
  • Editorial Adviser: Peter Chen, HSM 2.120F, 512-232-2214

Cain Center for Nursing Research (see Nursing Research, Cain Center for)

Campus and Community Involvement (see Student Activities and Leadership Development)

Campus Club: ATT lower level, F1300, 512-471-8611, e-mail

Campus Computer Store: James Blazier, Manager, FAC 109, 512-475-6550, fax 512-232-9254

Campus Events + Entertainment (see University Unions)

Campus Mail (see Document Solutions)

Campus Planning and Facilities Management, Office of: (see Planning, Energy and Facilities Management

Campus Planning: David Rea, Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Project Management, UTA 6.400, 1616 Guadalupe, D8100, 512-471-4763

Campus Real Estate Office (see Real Estate Office, Campus)

Campus Safety and Security, Office of the Associate Vice President for: Gerald R. (Bob) Harkins, Associate Vice President, TRG, D3000, 512-471-5767, fax 512-471-5999, e-mail

Campus Services (see University Operations, Office of the Vice President for)

Career Design Center, College of Natural Sciences: Ruth Franks, Director, PAI 5.03, A2900, 512-471-6700, fax: 512-471-6701

Career Exploration Center (see Sanger Learning and Career Services)

Career Planning and Placement Offices:

  • Architecture Career Services: SUT 2.126, 512-471-1333
  • Sanger Learning and Career Services: JES A115, 512-471-1217
  • Ford Career Center (Red McCombs School of Business): CBA 2.116, 512-232-3796
  • Communication Career Services Office: BMC 2.302, 512-471-9421
  • Education Career Services: SZB 294, 512-471-1511
  • Engineering Career Assistance Center: ECJ 2.400, 512-471-1915
  • Fine Arts Career Services: DFA 1.103, 512-232-7333
  • Jackson School of Geosciences Career Center: EPS 1.144, 512-232-7673
  • Health Professions Office: PAI 5.03, 512-471-3172
  • School of Information Director of Career Services: UTA 5.202, 512-471-2623
  • Law School Career Services: TNH 3.130, 512-232-1150
  • Liberal Arts Career Services: FAC 18, 512-471-7900
  • Natural Sciences Career Design Center: PAI 5.03, 512-471-6700
  • Nursing Career Services: NUR 2.420, 512-471-5451
  • Pharmacy Placement: PHR 5.112C, 512-475-9752
  • Public Affairs Career Services Office: SRH 3.104F, 512-471-3290
  • DiNitto Center for Career Services (School of Social Work): SSW 2.220, 512-232-7362

Carillon, The Kniker: Thomas W. Anderson, Carilloneur, 512-471-1133

Cash Advances (see Accounting, Office of)

Cash Management, Office of Accounting: John Walker, Assistant Director, MAI 132, K5300, 512-232-2101, fax 512-232-1492

Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program:

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Institute for:

  • Director: Alan Lambowitz, MBB 1.220, A4800, 512-471-1156, fax 512-471-2149, e-mail
  • Facility Manager: Rob Newton, MBB 1.220A, A4800, 512-232-4315, fax 512-471-2149, e-mail
  • Executive Assistant: Loretta Cowen, MBB 1.220B, A4800, 512-232-3417, fax 512-471-2149, e-mail
  • Core Analytical Facilities:
    • DNA Analysis Facility: Z. Jeffrey Chen, Faculty Advisor, NMS 3.122, A4800, 512-475-9327, e-mail; Cecil Harkey, Manager, MBB 1.426L, A4800, 512-232-3932 or 512-475-7844, fax 512-471-2149, e-mail
    • Protein Microanalysis and Mass Spectroscopy Facility: Maria Person, Director and Faculty Advisor, MBB 1.420C, A4800, 512-475-9329 or 512-471-3659, fax 512-471-2149 or 512-471-5002, e-mail
    • Microscopy Facility: Dwight Romanovicz, Manager, MBB 1.426H, A4800, 512-475-8785, fax 512-471-2149, e-mail
    • Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility, Animal Resources Center: Steven Vokes, Faculty Advisor, MBB 1.318, A4800, 512-232-8359, e-mail; Deborah Surman, Manager, ARC 1.128A, A2500, 512-471-3918 or 512-475-7843, fax 512-471-4336, e-mail
    • Macromolecular Crystallography Facility: Jon Robertus, Faculty Advisor, WEL 5.266, A5300, 512-471-3175, e-mail
  • Arthur Monzingo, Manager, WEL 5.272, A5300, 512-471-6884, fax 512-471-8696, e-mail

Center for American History (see American History, Dolph Briscoe Center for)

Center for the Core Curriculum (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Center for Education Policy (see Texas Center for Education Policy)

Center for Electrochemistry (see Electrochemistry, Center for)

Center for High Energy Density Science: Todd Ditmire, Director, RLM 12.202, C1510, 512-471-3296, fax 512-471-8865, e-mail

Center for Identity (see Identity, Center for)

Center for Molecular and Cellular Toxicology (see Molecular and Cellular Toxicology, Center for)

Center for Performance Excellence (see Performance Excellence, Center for, Continuing and Innovative Education)

Center for Strategic Advising (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) (see Teaching and Learning, Center for)

Central Business Office (CBO): 512-232-2726, 512-475-6699

  • Mailing address: 1616 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701
  • Campus mail code: D9600

Central Receiving and Delivery: Operations Manager, CRB 1.104B, D0400, 512-471-4581

Central Services (Event and Moving Services, Furniture Shop, Recycling and Solid Waste Services, and Surplus Property): Ben Reid, Manager, FC5 1.106, H7040, 512-471-6889

Central Stores, Department of Business and Financial Services: Marcus Grimes, Manager, FC3 1.214, H7005, 512-232-9540 email

  • Purchasing: 512-471-4895
  • Warehouse: 512-471-1221

CERC (see Computer Engineering Research Center)

Certificate Programs, Continuing and Innovative Education: Noncredit, 512-471-4633; credit, 512-471-2900

Certification, Enrollment (see Registrar, Office of the)

Charles A. Dana Center: P. Uri Treisman, Director, UTA 3.206, D9000, 512-471-6190, fax 512-232-1855

Charter School (see University of Texas Elementary School)

Chemical Engineering, McKetta Department of: Thomas M. Truskett, Chair, CPE 2.802E, C0400, 512-471-5238 or 512-475-7713, fax 512-471-7060

  • Undergraduate Office: CPE 2.706, 512-471-6443
  • Graduate Office: CPE 3.408, 512-471-6991
  • Procurement Office: CPE 1.450, 512-471-2023
  • Learning Resource Center: CPE 1.450B, 512-471-1354

Chemical Safety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Chemistry, Department of:

  • Chair's Office: WEL 2.310, A5300, 512-471-3949, fax 512-471-6835
  • Chair: Stephen F. Martin
  • Undergraduate Student Services: WEL 2.212, 512-471-1567
  • Undergraduate Advising Office: WEL 2.216, 512-471-3097
  • Graduate Office: WEL 2.218, 512-471-3890 or 512-471-4538, fax 512-475-8839
  • Fisher Research Storeroom: WEL 1.202, 512-471-7384, fax 512-475-8149
  • Glassblowing Shop: WEL 2.146, 512-471-7093
  • Instrument Design and Repair: WEL 3.210, 512-471-5354
  • Mass Spectrometry Laboratory: WEL 1.408, 512-471-7344
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory: WEL 1.412, 512-471-0311
  • Procurement: WEL 2.208, 512-471-1644, fax 512-471-8696
  • X-Ray Laboratory: WEL 3.152, 512-471-4042

Chemistry (Mallet) Library: David Flaxbart, Librarian, WEL 2.132, S5433, 512-495-4600, e-mail

Chief Financial Officer (see Financial Affairs [Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer])

Child and Family Laboratory, Priscilla Pond Flawn: SEA 1.440, A2700, 512-471-3974

Child Development Center, University (see University Child Development Center)

Children's Research Laboratory: Department of Psychology, SEA 1.326, A8000, 512-471-6261, fax 512-475-9719

Children's Wellness Center: 5301 H Ross Road, Del Valle TX 78617, D0100, 512-386-3335, fax 512-389-2974

Chilling Stations: Michael Manoucheri, Associate Director, PPE 3.214, H8000, 512-471-8818, fax 512-475-7299, e-mail

  • Service Calls: 512-471-2262

Chimes, Tower (see Carillon, The Kniker)

Chinese (see Asian Studies, Department of)

Circuit Design Master's Degree Program (see Engineering Circuit Design Master's Degree Program)

Circulation Services Department, Perry-Castañeda Library: PCL 2.122, S5460, 512-495-4300

  • Head Librarian: Stephen Littrell, 512-495-4401
  • Circulation and Reserves Desk: PCL 2.122, S5460, 512-495-4300
  • Stacks Management: Tena Nash, Supervisor, PCL 3.348, S5460, 512-495-4308

Civic Life, Annette Strauss Institute for: CMA 7.146, R2000, 512-471-1959, fax 512-471-1927, e-mail

Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Department of: Richard L. Corsi, Chair, ECJ 4.200, C1700, 512-471-4921, fax 512-471-0592, e-mail

Classical Archaeology, Institute of: Joseph C. Carter, Director, WPR 1.406, R1500, 512-232-9321, fax 512-232-9324, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Institute of Classical Archaeology, 3925 W Braker Ln, Ste 1.406, Austin TX 78759-5321

Classics, Department of: Lesley Dean-Jones, Chair, WAG 123, C3400, 512-471-5742, fax 512-471-4111, email

Classics Library: Claudia Fuentes, Supervisor, WAG 1, S5434, 512-495-4690, email; Shiela Winchester, Bibliographer, 512-495-4254

Clean Energy Incubator (CEI) (see IC2 Institute)

CLEE (see Lifelong Engineering Education, Center for)

Clements Center for History, Strategy & Statecraft: William Inboden, Executive Director, FAC 248-O, G9900, 512-471-2601, email

Clinical Psychology Training Program: Martita Lopez, Director, SEA 3.132B, A8000, 512-232-4626

CNM (see Nano and Molecular Science and Technology, Center for)

Cockrell School of Engineering (see Engineering, Cockrell School of)

COERLL (see Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, Center for [COERLL])

Cognitive Science: David I. Beaver, CAL 501, B5100, 512-471-1701, e-mail

Collections Deposit Library: Jeff Newberry, Supervisor, CDL, S5461, 512-495-4694

College Credit Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2900

Commons Café, The: TCB, R7900, 512-471-5920, fax 512-475-6793

Commons Learning Center: TCB, R7900, 512-471-5898, fax 512-471-3679

Communication, Moody College of: Jay M. Bernhardt, Dean ad interim, BMC 5.312, A0900, 512-471-5775, fax 512-471-8500

  • Academic Affairs: Stephen D. Reese, Associate Dean, BMC 5.312, A0900, 512-475-9158, fax 512-471-8500
  • Office of Student Affairs: Mark E. Bernstein, Associate Dean; Darrell Rocha, Assistant Dean, BMC 2.600, A0900, 512-471-1553, fax 512-232-1827
  • Business and Technology Services: Janice M. Daman, Assistant Dean, BMC 5.318, A0900, 512-475-9159, fax 512-475-9711
  • Technology Services: Charles Soto, Director, BMC 5.104A, A0900, 512-475-6084, fax 512-475-9711
  • Development: Mike Wilson, Assistant Dean for External Relations, BMC 5.342, A0900, 512-475-9165, fax 512-475-9711
  • Career Services: Debbie Kubena, Director, BMC 2.302, A0901, 512-471-9421, fax 512-232-1722
  • Facilities Services: Jackie Meshell, Building Manager, BMC 5.320, A0900, 512-437-1451
  • KUT 90.5 FM/KUTX 98.9 FM Radio: BMC 1.108, A0704, 512-471-1631, fax 512-471-3700
  • Academic Units:
    • Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations: Patricia Stout, Director, BMC 4.338, A1200, 512-471-1101, fax 512-471-7018
    • Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders: James Booth, Chair, CMA 4.114, A1100, 512-471-4119, fax 512-471-2957
    • Department of Communication Studies: Barry Brummett, Chair, CMA 7.112, A1105, 512-471-5251, fax 512-471-3504
    • School of Journalism: R.B. Brenner, Director, BMC 3.338, A1000, 512-471-1845, fax 512-471-7979
    • Department of Radio-Television-Film: Paul Stekler, Chair, CMA 6.120, A0800, 512-471-4071, fax 512-471-4077
  • Research and Outreach:
    • Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life: CMA 7.146, R2000, 512-471-1959, fax 512-471-1927, e-mail
    • Gaming Academy, Denius-Sams: CMB 3.210, A0900, 512-475-6122, e-mail
    • Health Communication, Center for: CMB 3.120, A1150, 512-471-8100, fax 512-471-8066, e-mail
    • Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas: BMC 3.212, A1000, 512-471-1391, fax 512-232-7685, email
    • Speech and Hearing Center: CMA 2.200, A1100, 512-471-3841, fax 512-232-1804 e-mail
    • Stuttering Institute, Michael and Tami Lang: CMA 2.236, A1100, 512-232-1503, e-mail
    • Technology and Information Policy Institute: CMA 5.102, A0800, 512-471-5826, fax 512-471-4077
    • Texas Program in Sports and Media: BMC 5.204, A0900, 512-471-2431, fax 512-475-9711
    • University of Texas Film Institute: CMA 6.120, 512-471-6680, fax 512-471-4071

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Department of: James Booth, Chair, CMA 4.114, A1100, 512-471-4119, fax 512-471-2957

Communications, School of Law (see Law, School of)

Communication Studies, Department of: Barry Brummett, Chair, CMA 7.112, A1105, 512-471-5251, fax 512-471-3504

Communications, University (see University Communciations)

Communications, University of Texas Libraries: Doug Barnett, Chief of Staff, PCL 3.200, 512-495-4388; Travis Willmann, Public Affairs Specialist, PCL 3.200, S5400, 512-495-4644

Community and Regional Planning Graduate Program: Michael Oden, Director, SUT 2.214, B7500, 512-471-0121

Comparative Literature: Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, CAL 217, B5003, 512-471-1925, e-mail

  • Graduate Adviser: Cesar Salgado, 512-232-4517
  • Program Coordinator: Billy Fatzinger, 512-471-1925

Complex Quantum Systems, Center for: Linda Reichl, Director, RLM 7.222, C1609, 512-471-7253, fax 512-471-9621, e-mail

Compliance (see University Compliance Services)

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Center for: GDC-7N, C4500, 512-232-1947, fax 512-232-1413

Computational Engineering and Sciences, Institute for (ICES): POB 4.427, C0200, 512-471-3312

Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) Graduate Program:

Computational Visualization Center: Chandrajit Bajaj, Director, POB 2.324, C0200, 512-471-8870, fax 512-471-0982, e-mail or

  • Administrative Associate: Leah Adrian, POB 4.102, C0200, 512-471-7386, fax 512-471-8694, e-mail

Computer Engineering Research Center (CERC): POB 6.124, C8800, 512-471-8000, fax 512-471-8967

Computer Science, Department of: Bruce Porter, Chair, GDC 2.302, 512-471-7316, fax: 512-471-8885, D9500

Computer Writing and Research Lab (see Rhetoric and Writing, Department of)

Conference Housing, Dining, and Meeting Facilities (see Housing and Food Service, Division of)

Conference Planning, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-3121

Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office, Human Resource Services: Tracy Tarver, Dispute Resolution Officer, NOA 3.210, J5600, 512-471-6638, fax 512-471-2666, e-mail

Con Mi MADRE (Mothers and Daughters Raising Expectations): SSW 3.116A, D3500, 512-475-6309, fax 512-232-2165

  • Program Director: Sonia Briseño-Castellanos, SSW 3.116A, D3500, 512-475-7537, fax 512-232-2165, e-mail
  • Assistant Program Director: Priscilla Macias, SSW 3.116A, D3500, 512-475-6308, fax 512-232-2165, e-mail
  • Administrative Associate: Cindy Maciel-Reyes, SSW 3.116A, D3500, 512-475-6309, e-mail
  • Middle School Program Coordinator: SSW 3.116A, D3500, 512-475-8164, fax 512-232-2165

Construction Industry Institute: Wayne A. Crew, Director, WPR, 512-232-3000, fax 499-8101

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Construction Industry Institute, 3925 W Braker Ln, Austin TX 78759-5316
  • Campus mail code: R4500

Construction Services (see Project Management and Construction Services)

Continuing and Innovative Education:

  • Deputy Director for Business Development: Stephen Walls, G3850, 512-471-2778, e-mail
  • Principal, UT High School: Beth Cooper, Q5100, 512-471-1838, email 
  • Director, Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX): Zahid Yoosufani, R8100, 512-471-5940, e-mail
  • Director, Professional Development Center: Liliya Spinazzola, E2000, 512-232-2230, e-mail
  • Director, Thompson Conference Center: Patrick Watson, TCC 1.102A, 512-471-2930, e-mail
  • Director, University Extension: Jo Anne Shea, DEV 2.220, E4305, 512-232-7076, e-mail
  • Finance Manager: Jake Wyatt, G3850, 512-475-7826, e-mail
  • HR Manager: Cindy Story, G9600, 512-475-7879, e-mail
  • Programs and Services (for detailed information on the K-16 Education Center; Petroleum Extension Service; Professional Development Center; Thompson Conference Center; University of Texas-University Charter School; and University Extension):

Continuing Education, Engineering (see Lifelong Engineering Education, Center for)

Cooperative Engineering Education Program (see Engineering Cooperative Education Program)

Copier Services, Perry-Castañeda Library: Kyle Ayers, Supervisor, PCL 1.102B, S5470, 512-495-4239, fax 512-495-4296

Copy Services (see Document Solutions)

Core Texts and Ideas, Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of: Thomas Pangle, Codirector, MEZ 3.154, A1800, 512-232-1529, e-mail; Lorraine Pangle, Codirector, MEZ 3.134, 512-232-1447, e-mail

Corporate Relations, Cockrell School of Engineering: Mary Beth Maddox, Director, ECJ 10.334, C2104, 512-232-3460, fax 512-471-3955, e-mail; Heath Hignight, Assistant Director, ECJ 10.316, C2104, 512-471-4049, fax 512-471-3955, e-mail

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Counseling and Mental Health Center: Chris Brownson, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Director, SSB 5th floor, A3500, 512-471-3515, fax 512-471-8875, e-mail

Counseling Psychology Training Program: Christopher J. McCarthy, Director, SZB 262, D5800, 512-471-4409, fax 512-475-7641, e-mail

Course Schedule Production (see Registrar, Office of the)

Criminal Defense Clinic, School of Law: CCJ 4.302, D1800, 512-232-1300, fax 512-471-3489

Criminology and Criminal Justice Research, Center for: BUR 528, A1700, 512-471-1122, fax 512-471-1748

CTE (Center for Teaching Effectiveness) (see Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division of)

Cultural Studies, Américo Paredes Center for: John Hartigan, Director, SAC 4.102, C3200, 512-471-4206, fax 512-471-6535; Rolee Rios, Graduate Coordinator, SAC 4.102, 512-232-2180

Culture Collection of Algae: Jerry J. Brand, Director, BIO 321, A6700, 512-471-1589, fax 512-471-3402, e-mail

Curriculum and Instruction, Department of: Randy Bomer, Chair, SZB 406, D5700, 512-471-5942, fax 512-471-8460

Custodial Services, Department of Facilities Services: Sally Moore, Associate Director, FC1 3.208, H7030, 512-471-5072, fax 512-471-2726

Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions, Center for: CBA 6.432B, B6000, 512-232-1717

Czech (see Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Department of)


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