University Offices - E

East Asian Library Program: Meng-fen Su, East Asian Studies Librarian, PCL 4.114, S5431, 512-495-4325

Ecology and Management of Prairies: R. H. Richardson, BIO 114A, C0930, 512-471-4128, fax 512-232-9529, e-mail; Patricia Richardson, BIO 114B, C0930, e-mail

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Graduate Program (see Biological Sciences, School of)

Economic Geology, Bureau of: Scott W. Tinker, Director, BEG 1.216, E0610, 512-471-1534, fax 512-471-0140

  • Associate Director for Administration: Jay Kipper, BEG 1.204
  • Associate Director for Environmental Research: Michael Young, BEG 1.210
  • Associate Director for Fossil Energy: Eric Potter, BEG 1.212
  • E-mail:

Economics, Department of: Jason Abrevaya, Chair, BRB 1.116, C3100, 512-471-3211, fax 512-471-3510

  • Undergraduate Advising Center: BRB 1.114, 512-471-2973, fax 512-471-3510
  • Graduate Program and Admission: BRB 1.114F, 512-475-8510, fax 512-232-3573

EDGE Center (see Excellence in Distributed Global Environments, Center for [EDGE Center])

EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center (see Financial Trading and Technology Center, EDS)

Educational Accountability, National Center for: STL, L2000, 512-232-0770, fax 512-232-0777

  • Director: Michael Hudson, 512-232-0737
  • Research: Chrys Dougherty, 512-232-0714
  • Educational Initiatives: Jean Rutherford, 512-232-0715
  • Mailing address: 4030-2 W Braker Ln, Austin TX 78759-5319

Educational Administration, Department of: Randy Bomer, Chair, ad interim, SZB 348, D5400, 512-471-7551, fax 512-471-5975

Educational Psychology, Department of: Cindy Carlson, Chair, SZB 504, D5800, 512-471-0276, fax 512-471-1288, e-mail

  • Educational Psychology Main Office, SZB 504, 512-471-0500, fax 512-471-1288
  • Graduate Adviser: SZB 504, 512-232-4835
  • Counseling Psychology Training Program: SZB 262, 512-471-4409
  • School Psychology Training Program: SZB 254, 512-471-4407

Education Career Services and Field Experiences, College of Education: Sharon H. Evans, Director, SZB 294, D5200, 512-471-1511, fax 512-471-8808

  • Education Career Services: SZB 216, 512-471-1306
  • Field Experiences: SZB 294, 512-471-1511

Education, College of: Manuel J. Justiz, Dean, SZB 210, D5000, fax 512-471-0846

  • Undergraduate Student Division: SZB 216, D5001, 512-471-3223, fax 512-475-8159
  • Faculty Division: SZB 210, 512-471-7255, fax 512-471-0846
  • Senior Associate Dean: Marilyn C. Kameen, SZB 210, 512-471-7255
  • Associate Dean for Teacher Education, Student Affairs, and Administration: Beth Maloch, SZB 216, D5001, 512-471-3223
  • Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs: C.J. Keudell, SZB 294, 512-471-7905
  • Assistant Dean for Resource Development: Stacy Oliver, SZB 294, 512-471-8178
  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Richard Hogeda, SZB 216, D5001, 512-471-3223
  • Teacher Certification: Jazminne Bailey, SZB 216, D5001, 512-471-3223

Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies (see Australian and New Zealand Studies, Center for)

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of: Ahmed Tewfik, Chair, ENS 236, C0803, 512-471-6179, fax 512-471-3652, e-mail

Electrical Distribution, Utilities and Energy Management Department: Albert Schuman, Associate Director, PPE 5.306, H8000, 512-471-4467, fax 512-471-1904, e-mail

Electrochemistry, Center for: WEL 2.420, A5300, 512-475-9698 (office), 512-471-1323 (laboratory), fax 512-471-0088

Electromechanics, Center for:

Electronic Commerce, Center for Research in: Andrew B. Whinston, Director, CBA 6.426, 512-471-7962, fax 512-471-0587, e-mail

  • Mailing address: Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, CBA 5.202, B6500

Elevator Maintenance: Albert Schuman, Associate Director, PPE 5.306, H8000, 512-471-4467, fax 512-471-1904, e-mail

Emergency Numbers:

  • Austin Fire Department, Austin Police Department, EMS: dial 9 plus 911 from any campus phone
  • University Police: call 512-471-4441 or dial 911 from any campus phone
  • Environmental emergency 24-hour hotline: 512-471-3511
  • Facilities Services trouble calls: Please call the zone maintenance shop for your area. To determine which zone your building is in, please refer to
    • North Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 1): 512-471-7728
    • Central Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 2): 512-471-0043
    • East Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 3): 512-471-0244
    • South Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 4): 512-232-3980
    • Outside regular working hours: 512-471-2020
  • Student Emergency Services (Office of the Dean of Students): 512-471-5017
  • Telephone Counseling Service: 512-471-CALL (512-471-2255)
  • University Health Services: 512-471-4955
  • 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line: 512-475-NURS (512-475-6877)

Emergency Preparedness, Office of:

Employee and Campus Services, Office of the Vice President for(see University Operations, Office of the Vice President for)

Employee and Management Services (see Human Resource Services)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work/Life Services: NOA 4.200, A9200, 512-471-3366, fax 512-471-8464, e-mail

  • Administrative Assistant: Elise Baumgartner
  • Employee Assistance Program Manager: Susan Harnden, LCSW
  • EAP Counselor: Mary Bade, PhD
  • EAP Counselor: Jeff Stellmack, LCSW
  • EAP Counselor: Deporah Sharp, LCSW

Energy and Earth Resources: EPS 1.144, C9000, 512-471-9875, fax 512-471-5585

Energy and Environmental Resources, Center for: EME, R7100, 512-471-7792, fax 512-471-1720

  • Director: David T. Allen, EME 1.316A, 512-475-7842
  • Associate Director: Vincent M. Torres, EME 1.316B, 512-471-5803
  • Air Resources Engineering: David T. Allen, Program Head, EME 1.316A, 512-475-7842
  • Institute for the Indoor Environment: Richard Corsi, Director, EME 1.320C, 512-475-8617; Vincent M. Torres, Associate Director, EME 1.316B, 512-471-5803
  • Process Energetics: John Pearce, Program Head, EME 2.704A, 512-471-6964
  • Process Science and Technology Center: Bruce Eldridge, Program Head, EME 1.312D, 512-471-7067
  • Separations Research Program: Frank Seibert, Technical Manager, EME 1.312B, 512-471-7063

Energy Institute: Thomas F. Edgar, Director, FAC 428, C2400, 512-471-2993, fax 512-475-6099, e-mail; Claudia Martinez-Castañón, Executive Assistant, FAC 428, C2400, 512-475-8822, fax 512-475-6099, e-mail

Energy Management and Innovation Center (EMIC): Sheridan Titman, Director, CBA 6.266, B6600, 512-471-4368, e-mail

Energy Finance Education and Research, Center for: Sheridan Titman, Director, CBA 6.266, B6600, 512-471-4368, e-mail

Engineering Career Assistance Center: Michael Powell, Director, ECJ 2.400, C2102, 512-471-1915, fax 512-471-9083, e-mail

Engineering Circuit Design Master's Degree Program: CEE, Ste 2.206, A2800, 512-232-5169, fax 512-471-0831, e-mail

  • Faculty Director: Jacob Abraham, 512-471-8983
  • Senior Program Coordinator: Murray Altman-Kaough, 512-232-5169

Engineering, Cockrell School of: Sharon L. Wood, Dean, ECJ 10.310, C2100, 512-471-1166, fax 512-475-7072, e-mail

  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Gerald E. Speitel Jr., ECJ 10.326, C2100, 512-471-7995, fax 512-475-6743, e-mail
  • Associate Dean for Research: John G. Ekerdt, ECJ 10.338, C2100, 512-471-2125, fax 512-475-8663, e-mail
  • Associate Dean for School Relations: John C. Halton III, ECJ 10.314, C2100, 512-471-3395, fax 512-471-3955, e-mail
  • Assistant Dean for Business Affairs: Wes Queen, ECJ 2.508A, C2100, 512-471-4159, fax 512-475-8848, e-mail
  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Patricia A. Gore, Engineering Student Services building (ESS), C2108, 512-471-4321, e-mail
  • Senior Program Coordinator for International Engineering Education: Helena Wilkins-Versalovic, Engineering Student Services building (ESS) , C2100, 512-232-9675, e-mail
  • Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise: Bob Metcalfe, Director, ENS 535, C0803, 512-471-1441, e-mail

Engineering, Continuing Education and Executive Master's Degree Programs (see Lifelong Engineering Education, Center for)

Engineering Cooperative Education Program: Christina Peppas, Coordinator, ECJ 2.400, C2103, 512-471-5954, fax 512-471-9083, e-mail

Engineering Development Office, Cockrell School of Engineering (see Engineering Foundation)

Engineering Foundation, Cockrell School of Engineering: ECJ, C2104, 512-471-3395

Engineering Management Master's Degree Program: CEE, Ste 2.206, A2800, 512-232-5169, fax 512-471-0831, e-mail

  • Faculty Director: Dr. Steven Nichols, 512-471-6179
  • Senior Program Coordinator: Murray Altman-Kaough, 512-232-5169

Engineering (McKinney) Library: Susan B. Ardis, Librarian; Larayne Dallas, Assistant Librarian; ECJ 1.300, S5435, 512-495-4511, fax 512-495-4507

Engineering Research, Bureau of: Gregory L. Fenves, Director, ECJ 10.338, C2100, 512-471-2125, fax 512-475-8663

  • Associate Dean for Research, Cockrell School of Engineering: John G. Ekerdt, ECJ 10.338, C2100, 512-471-2125, fax 512-475-8663, e-mail
  • Research Relations:

English, Department of: Elizabeth Cullingford, Chair, CAL 226, B5000, 512-471-4991, fax 512-471-4909; Cecilia Smith-Morris, Executive Assistant, CAL 226, 512-471-4991

  • Graduate Office:
    • Graduate Adviser: Wayne Lesser, CAL 210, 512-471-5132
    • Graduate Program Coordinator II: Patricia Schaub, CAL 210, 512-475-6356
    • Graduate Coordinator for Admissions: Amy Douglas Stewart, CAL 208, 512-471-5132
  • Undergraduate Office: Brad Humphries, Academic Adviser; Douglas S. Bruster, Faculty Undergraduate Adviser, PAR 114, 512-471-5736

Enrollment Management, Office of: MAI 7, M5570, 512-475-7326, fax 512-232-4241

Enrollment and Veteran Certification (see Registrar, Office of the)

Environmental Health and Safety: SER 210C, C2600, 512-471-3511 (call the main number for immediate assistance)

  • Director: John Salsman, 512-471-3511
  • Associate Director: Chip Rogers, 512-471-3511
  • Radiation & Laser Issues: Scott Pennington, Assistant Director, 512-471-2042
  • Biological, Lab, and Food Issues: Dennis Nolan, Assistant Director, 512-232-4999
  • Environmental & Waste Issues: Nena Anderson, Assistant Director, 512-471-2044
  • Campus & Occupational Issues: Elena Capsuto, Assistant Director, 512-471-7242

Environmental Science Institute: Jay Banner, Director, GEO 5.210, C1100, 512-471-5016, fax 512-471-9425, e-mail

Equal Opportunity Services (see Institutional Equity, Office of)

Erwin Center (see Special Events Center, Frank C. Erwin Jr.)

Ethical Leadership, Center for: Howard Prince, Director, SRH 3.316, E2700, 512-471-4303, e-mail

Ethnic Studies (see African and African American Studies, John L. Warfield Center for; Asian American Studies, Center for; Mexican American Studies, Center for)

EUREKA (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

European Studies, Center for: Douglas Biow, Director, MEZ 3.126, A1800, 512-232-3470, e-mail

Event and Moving Services (Department of Facilities Services): Ben Reid, Manager, FC5 1.106, H7040, 512-471-6889, email

Executive Education, Red McCombs School of Business: Gaylen Paulson, Interim Associate Dean and Director of Executive Education, ATT L087, F2900, 512-471-5893, fax 512-471-0853

  • Executive Development Programs: Chantal Delys, Assistant Dean, ATT L085, F2900, 512-471-5893, fax 512-471-0853, e-mail

Executive Engineering Management Master's Degree Program (see Engineering Management Master's Degree Program)

Executive Software Engineering Master's Degree Program (see Software Engineering Master's Degree Program)

Extension Credit Courses, Continuing and Innovative Education: College credit courses online and on campus after 5:00 p.m., 512-471-2900


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