University Offices - I

IC2 Institute: 2815 San Gabriel St, Austin TX 78705, 512-475-8900, fax 512-475-8901

Identity, Center for: POB 5.402, Mail Code C4300, 512-471-6139, 

Imaging and Documentation Services (IDS), Office of Accounting: Ian Cooper, Supervisor, MAI 132, K5300, 512-471-7406, fax 512-471-1651

Imaging Research Center: IRC, R9975, 512-232-4203, fax 512-232-4202

Inclusion and Equity, Office for: NOA 4.302, 101 East 27th St. Mail Stop A9400, Austin, TX 78712, phone 512-471-1849, fax 512-471-8180, email

  • Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Equity: Sherri L. Sanders
  • Assistant Vice President: Betty Jeanne Taylor
  • Director of Investigations and Policy, Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Brett Lohoefener
  • Director of Compliance: Ryan A. Miller
  • Associate Director for Inclusion and Equity: Corey Tanner
  • Administrative Associate: Keneshia Colwell

Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering IGERT: ECJ 9.102B, C1786, 512-471-4903, fax 512-471-5870

Industry Engagement, Office of: NOA 5.200, A9300, 512-471-3866, fax 512-471-7839

  • Director: Bill Catlett, NOA 5.210, A9300, 512-471-6279, fax 512-471-7839, email
  • Associate Director: Ty Helpinstill, NOA 5.208, A9300, 512-471-6234, email
  • Grants and Contracts Specialists: Rebecca Leamon, NOA 5.204, A9300, 512-232-3512 email; Ted Thomas, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-471-2668, email
  • Senior Contracts Specialist: JC Rodriguez, NOA 5.202, A9300, 512-471-5859, email
  • Senior Administrative Associates: Matt Howard, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-475-6709, email; Jennifer Miller, NOA 5.206, A9300, 512-475-6707, email

Informal Classes, Continuing and Innovative Education: TCC 1.108, PO Box 7879, 512-471-3121

Information and Referral Service (see General Information and Referral Service)

Information Assurance and Security, Center for: Dr. Brent Waters, Director, GDC 6.810, D9500, 512-232-7891, fax 512-471-8885

Information Management / Management Information Systems (see Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of)

Information Quest (IQ): Dana Cook, Director, MAI 318A, K5300, 512-232-8452, email 

Information, Risk, and Operations Management, Department of: Prabhudev Konana, Chair, CBA 5.218, B6500, 512-471-3322, fax 512-471-0587, email

Information, School of: Andrew Dillon, Dean, UTA 5.202, D8600, 512-471-2742, fax 512-471-3971, email

Information Security Office: FAC 205, G9805, 512-475-9242; email

  • Chief Information Security Officer: Cam Beasley, FAC 205, G9805, 512-475-9476
  • Incident Response and Network Security Problems: 512-475-9242, email
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act agent (copyright infringement): email

Information Technology, Office of the Chief Information Officer:

  • Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Brad Englert, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-232-9610, fax 512-232-9607, email
  • Director, Applications: Julienne VanDerZiel, FAC 326K, G9805, 512-471-3041
  • Director, Customer Support Services: Susan Roy, FAC 250, G9805, 512-471-4786
  • Director, Networking and Telecommunications: William Green, SER 321J, C3800, 512-475-9295
  • Director, Systems: Trice Humpert, FAC 326N, G9805, 512-471-6690
  • Director, University Data Center: Mike Cunningham, CRB, E7000, 512-471-2703
  • Director, UT System Office of Telecommunication Services: L. Wayne Wedemeyer, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2454
  • Senior Administrative Associate to the Chief Information Officer: Jo Sherman, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-232-9606
  • Administrative Associate: Kaitlin Piraro, FAC 248U, G9800, 512-471-2218

Institutional Accreditation and Program Assessment, Office of: BWY 201, E3000, 512-232-2646, fax 512-471-3509

Institutional Equity, Office of (see Inclusion and Equity, Office for)

Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems, Office Of: Tracy Brown, Director, MAI 302, G1100, 512-471-3833, fax 512-471-8950

Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division of: (see Teaching and Learning, Center for)

Integrative Biology, Department of: Claus O. Wilke, Chair, BIO 404, C0930, 512-471-5858, fax Biolabs 512-232-9592, fax Patlabs 512-471-3878, email

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE): Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, CMA 7.118, 512-471-1939

Intellectual Property (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women

Interlibrary Services, Perry-Castañeda Library: Catherine Hamer, Document Delivery Librarian, PCL 1.343, S5463, 512-495-4134, fax 512-495-4283

Internal Audits, Office of: Mike Vandervort, Director, UTA 2.302, D8200, 512-471-7117, fax 512-471-8099, email

International Business (see Marketing, Department of)

International Energy and Environmental Policy, Center for: Charles Groat, Director, Jackson School of Geosciences, 512-471-9875, email

International Office: Janet Ellzey, Vice Provost for International Programs

International Security and Law, The Robert S. Strauss Center for: Robert M. Chesney, Director, SRH 3.370, E2700, 512-471-6267, email

Inventory, Office of Accounting: Cecilia Jacobson, Inventory Supervisor, MAI 132, K5300, email

Investment Center, AIM: Juana A. Hardwick, Assistant Director, CBA 6.434, B6600, 512-471-6511, email

Islamic Studies (see Middle Eastern Studies, Department of)

ITS (Information Technology Services) Frequently Called Numbers:

ITS-Applications: FAC, G9805, fax 512-471-5746, email

ITS-Customer Support Services: FAC 200, G9805, 512-475-9400, fax 512-475-9277, email

ITS-Networking and Telecommunications: SER second and third floors, 512-471-5711, fax 512-232-2034, email

  • Director: William Green, SER 321J, C3800, 512-475-9295
  • Network Services: C2900, 512-471-NETS (512-471-6387), fax 512-471-2449, email
  • Telecommunications Services: C3800, email
    • Audiovisual and Multimedia Services: C3800, 512-471-9238, fax 512-471-7717, email
    • Campus Security Systems (BACS): C3800, 512-471-3426, fax 512-471-3696, email
    • Video Services: C3800, 512-471-6878, email
    • Telephone and Voice Mail Services: C3800, 512-471-5711 option 1, fax 512-471-8883, email
    • Voice Mail Services: 512-471-5711 option 1, fax 512-471-8883
  • Video Services: C3800, 512-471-9238, fax 512-471-7717, email
    • Cable TV: 512-471-9238
    • Videoconferencing: 512-471-9238
    • Webcasts and Streaming Media: 512-471-9238

ITS-Systems: COM 1, G2450, 512-475-9300, fax 512-475-9282, email

ITS-Telecommunication Services, UT System Office of: L. Wayne Wedemeyer, Director, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2454, fax 512-471-2449

ITS-University Data Center: 512-471-0007, Mail Code:E7000

  • Director: Mike Cunningham
  • Operations: 512-471-0007


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