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Laboratory Safety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (see Wildflower Center, Lady Bird Johnson)

Landmarks Public Art Program: Andrée Bober, Director, PAC 3.204, D1400, 512-495-4315, fax 512-232-4978, e-mail

Landscape Architecture (see Architecture, School of)

Landscape Services, Department of Facilities Services: John Burns, Manager, FC8, H7070, 512-471-6888, fax 512-471-0859, e-mail

Language Technology Center, Texas (see Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, Center for [COERLL])

Laser Safety (see Environmental Health and Safety)

Latin American Collection (see Benson Latin American Collection)

Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of: Charles R. Hale, Director, SRH 1.314D, D0800, 512-232-2409, fax 512-471-3090, e-mail

Law Library: JON 2.200, D1804, 512-471-7726, fax 512-471-0243, e-mail

Law, School of: Ward Farnsworth, Dean, TNH 2.119B, D1800, 512-232-1120, fax 512-232-1124

LBJ Library (see Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum)

Leadership Training and Certificate, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-4633

Learning and Memory, Center for: Daniel Johnston, Director, NHB 2.504, C7000, 512-232-6564, fax 512-475-8000, e-mail; Kathleen Pantalion, Assistant Director

Learning Center (see Sanger Learning and Career Center)

Learning in Retirement, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-8862

Learning Sciences

Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center (see Swimming Center, Lee and Joe Jamail Texas)

  • Information: 512-471-7796, fax 512-471-8625

Liaison Officer for ROTC (see ROTC Liaison Officer)

Liberal Arts Career Services: Robert Vega, Director, FAC 18, G6200, 512-471-7900, fax 512-471-7903, e-mail

Liberal Arts, College of: Randy L. Diehl, Dean, GEB 3.216, G6000, 512-471-4141, fax 512-471-4518

  • Academic Affairs: Richard R. Flores, Senior Associate Dean, GEB 3.200, G6000, 512-471-4141, fax 512-471-4518
  • Business Affairs: Jamie Southerland, Assistant Dean, GEB 3.200, G6000, 512-471-4141, fax 512-471-4518
  • Public Affairs: Gary Susswein, GEB 4.304, G6000, 512-471-4945, fax 512-232-7360
  • Research and Instructional Support: Esther Raizen, Associate Dean, GEB 3.212, G6000, 512-471-4141, fax 512-471-4518
  • Resource Development: Kathleen M. Aronson, Assistant Dean, GEB 4.316, G6000, 512-475-9763, fax 512-232-7360
  • Scholarships and Study Abroad Programs: Priscilla Ebert, Executive Assistant, GEB 2.310, G6100, 512-475-7586, fax 512-471-5393
  • Student Division: Marc Musick, Associate Dean, GEB 2.200, G6100, 512-471-4271, fax 512-471-5393

Liberal Arts Council: Hank Dugie, President, UA9 2.18, G6000, 512-471-6563, e-mail

Liberal Arts Honors Programs: Larry Carver, Director, CLA 2.104, G6210, 512-471-3458, fax 512-232-2886

Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services: Joe TenBarge, Director, MEZ 2.302, B3500, 512-471-7095, fax 512-471-7718

  • Technology Classroom Help Desk: 512-471-9666

Libraries and the Cultural Record: David B. Gracy II, Editor, CDL 001D, D7000, 512-471-8291, fax 512-471-8285, e-mail

Library (see University of Texas Libraries; Law Library; American History, Dolph Briscoe Center for; Humanities Research Center, Harry Ransom)

Library Storage Facility, University of Texas Libraries: Benjamin Rodriguez, Supervisor, LSF, S5446, 512-495-4647

Lifelong Engineering Education, Center for: CEE, A2800, 512-471-3506, fax 512-471-0831

Life Science Library: Nancy Elder, Librarian, MAI 220, S5439, 512-495-4630, e-mail

Linguistics, Department of: Richard P. Meier, Chair, CLA 4.304, B5100, 512-471-1701, fax 512-471-4340, e-mail

Linguistics Research Center: Vacant, Interim Director, PCL 5.112, S5490, 512-471-4566, fax 512-495-4296, e-mail

Lock and Key Services, Department of Facilities Services: Lee Hart, Supervisor, SER 101, H7025, 512-471-8640, e-mail

Longhorn Aquatics: Ann Nellis, Director, TSC 1.102, D4050, 512-471-7703, fax 512-471-0598, e-mail; Doug Rusk, Head Coach, TSC 4.502, D4050, 512-471-7703, email

Longhorn Band: Robert M. Carnochan, Director, MBE 2.404, E3102, 512-471-4948, fax 512-471-6449

  • Associate Director: Scott S. Hanna, MBE 2.404, 512-471-4314, fax 512-471-6449

Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, SSB 4.400, A5700, 512-471-1205, fax 512-232-3963

  • Gateway Program
  • Longhorn Link Program
  • McNair Scholars Program
  • Preview Program

Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement: Dr. Suchitra Gururaj, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Civic Engagement, Executive Director for Academic Service Learning, SSB 4.400, A6300, 512-471-6161, fax 512-232-3963 email

  • Executive Director for Community Engagement Programs: Yvonne F Loya
  • Director for Community Resource Development: Cheryl Sawyer
  • Program Coordinator: Amory Baril

Lost and Found (see Police Department, University)

Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (see Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of)

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum: Mark K. Updegrove, Director, LBJ, D1200, 512-721-0158, fax 512-721-0170

  • Deputy Director: Tina Houston, D1200, 512-721-0206, fax 512-721-0170
  • Communications: 512-721-0216
  • Information: 512-721-0200
  • Library Tours: 512-721-0184
  • Library Facilities Manager: 512-721-0194
  • LBJ Foundation: 512-232-2266
  • Friends of the LBJ Library: 512-721-0176
  • Reading Room: 512-721-0212
  • UT Maintenance Supervisor: 512-471-1860
  • UT Maintenance: 512-471-3658

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (see Public Affairs, Lyndon B. Johnson School of)

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Library (see Public Affairs [Wasserman] Library)


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