University Offices - P

Paisano Project: Michael Adams, Director, FDH, G0400, 512-471-8528, fax 512-471-7620, e-mail

Paredes Center for Cultural Studies, Américo (see Cultural Studies, Américo Paredes Center for)

Parking and Transportation Services:

Particles and Fields, Center for: Jack Ritchie, Director, RLM 10.202, C1600, 512-471-4488, fax 512-471-9637

Passport and ID Services (see International Office)

Payroll Services: MAI 134, G0200, 512-471-5271, fax 512-471-1299, e-mail

  • Director: Leslie Saucedo
  • Assistant Director: Krista Hadavi
  • Assistant Director: Jimmy Harper
  • Assistant Director, IT Support: Raul Villa

Peace Corps, On-Campus Recruiter (see International Office)

Perceptual Systems, Center for: SEA 4.328, A8000, 512-471-5380, fax 512-471-7356, e-mail

  • Director: Wilson S. Geisler
  • Administrative Associate: Christine Fry

Performance Excellence, Center for, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-232-9532

Performing Arts Center (see Texas Performing Arts)

Perry-Castañeda Library (see University of Texas Libraries)

Persian (see Middle Eastern Studies, Department of)

Personal Enrichment, Continuing and Innovative Education (see Odyssey [noncredit, personal enrichment], Continuing and Innovative Education)

Pest Control Services, Department of Facilities Services: Janet McCreless, Assistant Manager, FC8, H7070, 512-471-6888

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Center for: Kishore K. Mohanty, Director, CPE 2.502, C0304, 512-471-3077, fax 512-471-9605, e-mail

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Department of: Jon Olson, Chair, CPE 2.502, C0300, 512-471-3161, fax 512-471-9605, e-mail

Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX), Texas Extended Campus: 512-471-5940, fax 512-232-2447, email

Petroleum Training and Materials (PETEX), TEXAS Extended Campus: 512-471-5940

Petrology (Rock and Mineral) Collections (see Texas Natural Science Center)

Pharmacy, College of:

  • General Inquiries: PHR 5.112, A1900, 512-471-1737
  • Dean: M. Lynn Crismon, PHR 5.112G, 512-471-3718
    • Executive Assistant: Janice R. Sutton, PHR 5.112F, 512-471-7428
  • Senior Associate Dean: Patrick J. Davis, PHR 5.112D, 512-471-1737
  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies: Carlton K. Erickson, PHR 4.220C, 512-471-5158
  • Associate Dean for Clinical Programs: William J. McIntyre, PHR 5.112P, 512-232-3407
  • Assistant to the Dean, Administration and Operations: Debra A. Madden, PHR 5.112F, 512-475-9747
  • Assistant Dean for Admissions and Academic Advising: Richard E. Wilcox, PHR 5.112B, 512-471-1737
  • Assistant Dean for Experiential and Professional Affairs; Pharmacy Placement: Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, PHR 5.112C, 512-475-9752
  • Assistant Dean for Student Professional Affairs: Diane B. Ginsburg, PHR 5.112N, 512-471-3631
  • Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Development and Alumni Affairs: Susan K. Brown, PHR 5.110F, 512-475-9758
  • Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs: Joseph M. Sosler, PHR 5.114, 512-475-9173
  • Assistant Dean for El Paso Cooperative Program: Jose O. Rivera, UT El Paso, 915-747-8519
  • Assistant Dean for Pan American Cooperative Pharmacy Program: Lydia Aguilera, UT Pan American, 956-318-5221
  • Continuing Education: Jennifer P. Bosworth, Assistant Director, PHR 5.102, 512-471-4512
  • Learning Resource Center: Director, Kamran Ziai, PHR 4.123, 512-471-3857
  • Academic Programs and Student Services: PHR 5.112, 512-471-1737
  • Graduate Coordinator: Stephanie Crouch, PHR 4.220, 512-471-6590
  • Division of Medicinal Chemistry: BME 6.202, A1935, 512-471-5263
  • Division of Pharmaceutics: PHR 4.214, A1920, 512-471-7182
  • Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology: BME 3.510, C0875, 512-471-4736
  • Division of Pharmacotherapy: UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, McDermott Building 3.414, 210-567-8355
  • Division of Health Outcomes and Pharmacy Practice: PHR 3.209, A1930, 512-471-6892; PHR 2.222, 512-232-2622
  • Center for Molecular and Cellular Toxicology: BME 3.510, C0875, 512-471-4736
  • Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies: PHR 3.209, 512-471-6892
  • Drug Dynamics Institute: Janet Walkow, Director, PHR 3.206, 512-471-4841

Pharmacy, Forty Acres: SSB 1.110, A3910, 512-471-1824, fax 512-475-8218, e-mail

  • Pharmacy Director: Terry Weaver, 512-475-8386
  • Refills: 512-471-1824

Philanthropy and Community Service, RGK Center for: Peter J. Frumpkin, Director, SRH 3.302, E2700, 512-232-7062, e-mail

Phil M. Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory (see Structural Engineering Laboratory, Phil M. Ferguson)

Philosophy, Department of: David Sosa, Chair, WAG 316, C3500, 512-471-4857, fax 512-471-4806

  • Undergraduate Office: WAG 313, C3500, 512-475-9185, fax 512-471-4806
  • Graduate Office: WAG 329, C3500, 512-471-6093, fax 512-471-4806

Philosophy Library (see Reading Room, Albert P. Brogan)

Phonetics Laboratory: Rajka Smiljanic, Director, CAL 518, B5100, 512-471-9029, fax 512-471-4340

Physical Science: Austin Gleeson, RLM 9.212A, C1600, 512-471-4450, fax 512-471-9637, e-mail

Physics, Department of: Jack Ritchie, Chair, RLM 5.204, C1600, 512-471-1152, fax 512-471-9637

  • Main Office: 512-471-1153
  • Undergraduate Office: 512-471-8856
  • Graduate Office: 512-471-1664
  • Purchasing Office: 512-471-4943
  • Laboratory Supplies Shop: 512-471-5352
  • Machine Shop: 512-471-5256
  • Lecture Demonstrations Office: PAI 2.48A, 512-471-5411
  • Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy Advising Center: RLM 4.101, C1650, 512-471-0900

Physics Mathematics Astronomy (Kuehne) Library: Molly White, Librarian, RLM 4.200, S5441, 512-495-4610, fax 512-495-4611

Pickle Research Campus (see J. J. Pickle Research Campus)

PIP (Process Industry Practices) (see Process Inudstry Practices (PIP), Construction Industry Institute)

Placement Offices (see Career Planning and Placement Offices)

Planning, Energy and Facilities Management: David Rea, Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Project Management, UTA 6.400, 1616 Guadalupe, D8100, 512-471-4763; Juan Ontiveros, Associate Vice President, Utilities, Energy and Facilities Management, 215 East 24th ST., H800, 512-471-6241

Plant Biology Graduate Program (see Biological Sciences, School of)

Plant Resources Center: B. B. Simpson, Director, MAI 127 or BIO 112, A6700, 512-471-7335

Plan II Honors Program: Michael B. Stoff, Director, CLA 2.102, G3600, 512-471-1442, fax 512-471-7449, e-mail

Police Department, University: David Carter, Chief of Police, UPB, E4500, 512-471-4441, fax 512-471-7505

  • Executive Assistant: Melissa Salacki, 512-232-9625
  • Administrative Manager and Accounts Payable: Deborah Staten, 512-232-9690
  • Records Supervision: Roxanne Hall, 512-232-9615
  • Crime Prevention Information: Officer Robert Land 512-232-9638 and Officer William Pieper 512-232-9634
  • Criminal Investigations Division: Lieutenant Chris Bonnet, 512-232-9639
  • Field Operations: Captain Gonzalo Gonzales, 512-232-9667
  • Internal Affairs: Lieutenant Darrell Birdett, 512-232-9645
  • Lost and Found: Verla Shelar, 512-232-9619 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm)
  • Records: Anita Wright, 512-232-9617
  • Recruiting: Sergeant Jimmy Moore, 512-232-9203
  • Special Events/Overtime Coordinator: Lieutenant Amber Calvert, 512-232-9628
  • Support Services: Captain Don Verett, 512-232-6444
  • Training: Sergeant Ashley Griffin, 512-232-9643

Policy Office (see University Policy Office)

Policy Research Institute: Robert H. Wilson, Director, SRH 3.222, E2700, 512-471-8947, e-mail

Polish (see Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Department of)

Politics and Governance, Center for: Dr. Ryan Streeter, Director, CBA 4.210, G3400, 512-471-6704, e-mail

Population Research Center: Debra J. Umberson, Director, CLA 2.602, G1800, 512-471-5514, fax 512-471-4886

Portuguese (see Spanish and Portuguese, Department of)

Post Office (see University Station Post Office)

Power Plant: Michael Manoucheri, Associate Director, PPE 3.214, H8000, 512-471-8818, fax 512-475-7299, email

Pre-College Youth Development and Student Diversity Initiatives: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Wanda Nelson, Associate Vice President, 512-232-4630, fax 512-232-4658

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Pre-College Youth Development and Student Diversity Initiatives, 6207 Sheridan Ave, Austin TX 78723-1060

Preservation Services, University of Texas Libraries: Jennifer Lee, Head Librarian, PCL 2.310, S5450, 512-495-4137, fax 512-495-4110

President Emeritus: Peter T. Flawn, JGB 6.118, C1100, 512-471-1825, fax 512-471-1797; Helen Oelrich, Assistant to Peter T. Flawn, 512-471-1825

President, Office of the: MAI 400, G3400, 512-471-1232, fax 512-471-8102

Press (see University of Texas Press)

Preventing Educational Risk, Meadows Center for (see Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk)

Preview Program: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, SSB 4.104, A5800, 512-471-1205, fax 512-232-2963

Printing Services (see Document Solutions)

Priscilla Pond Flawn Child and Family Laboratory (see Child and Family Laboratory, Priscilla Pond Flawn)

Process Industry Practices (PIP), Construction Industry Institute: Michael E. Poehl, Director, WPR, 512-232-3043, fax 512-473-2968, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Process Industry Practices, 3925 W Braker Ln, Austin TX 78759
  • Campus mail code: R4500

Programme for Belize Archaeology Project (see Belize Archaeology Project, Programme for)

Project Management and Construction Services: Michael Carmagnola, Jr., AIA, Director, FC1 2.100, H7020, 512-471-3042, fax 512-471-9942

  • Construction Services: C. J. Wiles, Associate Director, FC1 1.120, H7015, 512-471-7776, fax 512-471-8788
  • Operations and Support: Vacant, Associate Director, FC1 2.100, H9610, 512-471-3042, fax 512-471-9942
  • Project Management: Michael DeBow, Associate Director, FC1 2.100, H9600, 512-471-3042, fax 512-471-9942

Project Management Certificate Program, Continuing and Innovative Education: 512-471-2926

Provost, Office of the Executive Vice President and: MAI 201, G1000, 512-471-4363, fax 512-471-7385

  • Executive Vice President and Provost, ad interim: Judith H. Langlois, 512-471-4363
  • Senior Vice Provost for Resource Management: Daniel T. Slesnick, 512-471-4363
  • Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduation Management: David A. Laude, 512-232-3317
  • Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs: Janet M. Dukerich, 512-232-3310
  • Director of Admissions: Susan Kearns, 512-475-7326
  • Vice Provost and Director, University of Texas Libraries: Lorraine J. Haricombe, 512-495-4350
  • Vice Provost for International Programs: Janet Ellzey, 512-471-7020
  • Vice Provost and Registrar: Shelby Stanfield, 512-475-7575
  • Associate Vice Provost of Learning: Phil Long, 512-475-6702
  • Associate Vice Provost: Carolyn K. Connerat, 512-475-9223
  • Associate Vice Provost: Kathryn V. Foster, 512-232-3316
  • Senior Director of Institutional Accreditation and Effectiveness: Linda N. Dickens, 512-232-2646
  • Deputy Director of Texas Extended Campus: Stephen Walls, 512-471-2778

Psychology, Department of: Jacqueline D. Woolley, Chair, SEA 4.212, A8000, 512-471-5196, fax 512-471-6175, e-mail

  • Psychology Advising Office: BUR 230, 512-471-4410
  • Graduate Office: SEA 3.214, 512-471-6398
  • Business Office: SEA 4.110, 512-471-1157

Public Affairs, Lyndon B. Johnson School of: Robert Hutchings, Dean, SRH 3.384, E2700, 512-471-3200

  • Associate Dean for Academics: Chandler Stolp, 512-471-8951
  • Assistant Dean for Communcations: Susan Binford, 512-232-4006
  • Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration: Deanna Schexnayder, 512-232-8481
  • Associate Dean for Research: Peter Ward, 512-471-6302
  • Main Office: 512-471-3200

Public Affairs (see University Communications)

Public Art Program, Landmarks (see Landmarks Public Art Program)


Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Center for: TNH 4.124, D1800, 512-471-3507, fax 512-232-1191, e-mail

  • Environmental Program Director: Suzanne Schwartz, TNH 4.119, D1800, 512-471-3507, fax 512-232-1191, e-mail
  • Program Director: Susan Schultz, TNH 4.118, D1800, 512-471-3507, fax 512-232-1191, e-mail
  • Program Coordinator: Vicki Read, TNH 4.124, D1800, 512-471-3507, fax 512-232-1191, e-mail

Public Radio Station (see KUT 90.5 FM and KUTX 98.9 FM)

Public Relations Degree Program (see Advertising and Public Relations, Stan Richards School of)

Public Relations, University (see University Communications)

Public School Initiatives, Institute for: IPS Plaza 290, Building: 9086, Room: 510, L3000, 512-232-6569, fax 512-892-0611

  • 5316 Hwy 290 West, Suite 510; Austin, Texas 78735
  • Dr. Darvin M. Winick, Department Head
  • Joy Whitney, Operations, Grants & Contracts Manager, 512-232-4547, email
  • Paula Moeller, Director, College Readiness Initiatives, 512-232-2559, e-mail
  • Karen Nelson, Director, Academic Foundations, 512-232-4217, e-mail
  • Matt Orem, Director, College Access Initiatives, 512-232-2563, e-mail

Public Telecommunications Council, Capital of Texas: CMB B3.144, A0701, 512-471-4811, fax 512-322-3953

Public Television Station (see KLRU-TV, Channel 18 or Public Telecommunications Council, Capital of Texas)

Purchasing Office:

  • Jerry Fuller, Assistant Vice President and Director of Procurement Services, MAI 132, D0300, 512-471-4266, fax 512-471-7745
    • Purchasing Office: MAI 132, D0300, 512-471-4266, fax 512-471-7745
      • Procurement Card Program: Rita Mosley, Administrator, MAI 132, D0300, 512-232-3464, fax 512-471-7745, email

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