University Offices - T

TAMEST (see Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas, The Academy of [TAMEST])

Tamil (see Asian Studies, Department of)

Tarlton Law Library (see Law Library)

Teaching and Learning, Center for

Teaching Effectiveness, Center for (see Teaching and Learning, Center for)

Technology Commercialization, Office of: WPR, Ste 1.9A, R3500, 512-471-2995, fax 512-475-6894, e-mail

Technology Commercialization Program: GSB 5.148, B6004, 512-471-2283, fax 512-471-4131, e-mail

Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

Technology and Information Policy Institute: CMA 5.102, A0800, 512-471-5826, fax 512-471-4077,

Technology Resources, University Operations (TRecs): WPR 4.11072, F3500, 512-471-4751, fax 512-232-9357

Technology Transfer (see Technology Commercialization, Office of)

TeleCampus (see UT TeleCampus, UT System)

Telecommunications (see ITS-Networking and Telecommunications)

Telephone Counseling: 512-471-CALL (512-471-2255)

Telephone Service (see ITS-Networking and Telecommunications)

Telugu (see Asian Studies, Department of)

Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (see Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of)

Testing and Evaluation Services: 512-471-0222, e-mail 

Texan (see Daily Texan, The)

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC): ROC 1.101, R8700, 512-475-9411, fax 512-475-9445, e-mail

  • Director: John R. Boisseau
  • Deputy Director: Dan C. Stanzione Jr.
  • Associate Director, User Services: Chris Hempel
  • Outreach: Rebeka Villareal
  • Industrial Partners: Melyssa Fratkin
  • Public Relations/Media: Faith Singer-Villalobos

Texas Alliance for Technology Commercialization: Steven Nichols, Director, C2200, 512-471-3565, fax 512-232-4128, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Alliance for Technology Commercialization, 1 University Station C2200, Austin TX 78712

Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL): Brian Roberts, Director, TAR, R7500, 512-471-6007, fax 512-232-6563, e-mail

  • Jonathan H. Jarvis, Associate Director, 512-471-5959
  • TARL Administrative Office: 512-471-5960
  • TARL Records: 512-475-8162
  • TARL Collections: Marybeth Tomka, Head of Collections, 512-475-6853

Texas Box Office:

  • Manager: Mike Bos, 512-471-8680
  • Campus box office locations: BEL, ERC, PAC
  • Telephone reservations: 512-477-6060

Texas Business Review: Bureau of Business Research, CBA 6.444, B8500, fax 512-475-8901

Texas Center for Disability Studies: Penny Seay, Director, TCB 137, L4000, 512-232-0740, fax 512-232-0761, TTY 512-232-0762, e-mail

  • Texas Technology Access Project: 512-232-0740
  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Center for Disability Studies, Pickle Research Campus, 10100 Burnet Rd, The Commons, Ste 1.154, Austin TX 78758-4445

Texas Center for Education Policy: Angela Valenzuela, Director, SZB 518J, D8000, 512-471-7055, e-mail

  • Administrative Associate: Andrea Melendez, SZB 518J, D8000, 512-471-7055

Texas Center for High Energy Density Science: (see Center for High Energy Density Science)

Texas Commission for the Blind (see Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Department of [DARS], Division of Blind Services)

Texas Exes, The: UTX, F1200, fax 512-471-8832, e-mail

Texas Higher Education Network (THEnet and WAN support): L. Wayne Wedemeyer, Director, SER 319, C2900, 512-471-2444, fax 512-471-2449

Texas History Collections, Barker: SRH 2.106, D1100, 512-495-4515

Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science: Erin Dolan, Executive Director, PAI 3.04, G2550, 512-232-9358, fax: 512-232-1435

Texas Institute of Drug and Diagnostics Development (TI-3D): Brent Iverson, Director, WEL 5.320, A5300, 512-471-5053, fax 512-232-3493, e-mail

Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP): Sue Harkins, Assistant Dean, FAC 334, F2500, 512-232-6493, fax 512-232-2800

  • TIP Scholars: Cassandra Delgado-Reyes, Assistant Director, FAC 334, 512-475-9391
  • Mentor Academy: Jenny Smith, FAC 334, 512-232-6197

Texas Language Center: HRH 4.196, B7800, 512-471-6574, fax 512-475-8866

Texas Language Technology Center (TLTC): (see Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, Center for [COERLL])

Texas Law Review:

  • Editorial Office: TNH 4.138, D1807, 512-232-1280, fax 512-471-3282, e-mail
  • Editor-in-Chief: Michael T. Raupp
  • Managing Editor: Daniel C. Clemons
  • Administrative Editor: Tania M. Culbertson

Texas Materials Institute: Arumugam Manthiram, Director, ETC 8.102, C2201, 512-475-8293, fax 512-475-8482, e-mail

Texas Memorial Museum TMM, D1500, 512-471-1604, fax 512-471-4794

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Memorial Museum, 2400 Trinity St, Austin TX 78705
  • Director: Edward C. Theriot, TMM, D1500, 512-232-2379, fax 512-471-4794
    • Associate Director: Pamela Owen, TMM, D1500, 512-232-5511
    • Accounting: Laura Naski, TMM, D1500, 512-232-5507
    • Gift Shop: 512-232-4278
    • Technical Support Coordinator and Webmaster: Melissa Winans, TMM, D1500, 512-232-4263
    • Security: Michael Fallon, TMM, D1500, 512-471-5533

Texas Newswatch: Broadcast News Lab, CMB B4.132, 512-232-3371

  • Mark Tremayne, Producer, CMA A4.304, A1000, 512-471-7865, fax 512-471-7979

Texas Parents, The Parents' Association of The University of Texas at Austin: Susie Smith, Director, GRE 1.107, D7500, 512-471-2353, 888-690-0012 (toll free), fax 512-232-7089, e-mail

Texas Performing Arts: PAC 2.4, E3300, 512-471-2787, fax 512-471-3636

  • Director and Associate Dean: Kathy Panoff, 512-471-0395
  • Associate Director, Administration and Operations: April Busby, 512-471-6158
  • Associate Director, Programming and Production: Rachel Durkin Drga, 512-471-0638
  • Director of Communications and Marketing: Gene Bartholomew, 512-471-0632
  • Director of Development: Ann Stafford, 512-471-7583
  • Assistant Director, Campus and Community Engagement: Judith Rhedin, 512-471-6376
  • Assistant Director, Performance Logistics: Yvonne Kimmons, 512-471-0667
  • Assistant Director, Ticketing Services: Kristina Malmgren, 512-475-7104
  • Ticket Office (including Department of Theatre and Dance Tickets): TPA, E3300, 512-471-1444

Texas Program in Sports and Media: Michael J. Cramer, Executive Director, BMC 5.204, A0900, 512-471-2431, fax 512-475-9711

Texas Rehabilitation Commission (see Disabilities, Services for Students with)

Texas Space Grant Consortium: Wallace T. Fowler, Director, R1000, 800-248-8742, fax 512-471-3585

  • Mailing address: 3925 W Braker Ln, Ste 200, Austin TX 78759

Texas Student Media: HSM 3.200, E4100, 512-471-5083, fax 512-232-5793

  • Director: Gerald Johnson, HSM 3.304, 512-471-3851
  • Business Office: HSM 3.200, 512-471-5083
  • Advertising: 512-471-1865 or 

Texas Student Television: HSM fourth level, E4100, 512-471-7899, fax 512-232-5793

  • Station Manager: HSM 4.106, 512-471-7899
  • Broadcast Adviser: Robert Zimmer, HSM 4.108, 512-471-3098

Texas Studies in Literature and Language: Kurt Heinzelman, Editor-in-Chief, PAR 121, 512-471-6688, e-mail

  • Mailing address: Department of English, PAR 108, B5000

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) (see Undergraduate Studies, School of)

Texas Swimming Center (see Swimming Center, Lee and Joe Jamail Texas)

Texas Technology Access Project (see Texas Center for Disability Studies)

Texas Travesty Humor Magazine: HSM second level, E-4100, 512-471-7898, fax 512-232-5793

  • Editorial Adviser: Peter Chen, HSM 2.120F, 512-232-2214

Texas Union (see University Unions)

Textiles and Apparel, Division of: Michele Forman, Division Head, GEA 113, A2700, 512-471-4287, fax 512-471-5630

  • Undergraduate Adviser: GEA 37, A2700, 512-471-7219, e-mail
  • Graduate Coordinator: Tiffany Swonke, GEA 121, A2700, 512-471-0941, fax 512-471-5630, e-mail
  • Historical Textiles and Apparel Collection: GEA 4, A2700, 512-471-5096

The Alcalde (see Alcalde, The)

Theatre and Dance, Department of: Brant Pope, Chair, WIN 1.144, D3900, 512-471-5793, fax 512-471-0824

Thematic Initiatives and Community Engagement: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Edmund T. Gordon, Associate Vice President, 512-232-7067; Choquette Peterson, Executive Director, 512-471-6061, fax 512-232-4848, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Thematic Initiatives and Community Engagement, 1009 E 11th St, Austin TX 78702-1912

Theoretical Chemistry, Institute for: John F. Stanton, Director, WEL 3.204, A5300, 512-471-3555, fax 512-471-1624, e-mail

Theory Group: Steven Weinberg, Director, RLM 9.306, 512-471-4394, fax 512-471-4888, e-mail

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Theory Group, 1 University Station C1608, Austin TX 78712-0269

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas(see Core Texts and Ideas, Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of)

Thompson Conference Center, TEXAS Extended Campus: E4302, 512-471-3121, fax 512-232-7033, e-mail

  • Director: Patrick Watson, TCC 1.102A, 512-471-2930, e-mail
  • Catering/Food Services: TCC 1.108, 512-471-3121
  • Conference Services: 512-471-3121, fax 512-232-7033
  • Learn It Online Computer Courses: 512-471-2938
  • Registrar (for Thompson Conference Center programs): TCC 1.102, 512-471-2938
  • Room Reservations and Meeting Planning: TCC 1.108, 512-471-3121
  • TraveLearn, Studies on Tour: 512-471-3121

Ticket Office, Texas Performing Arts: PAC, E3300, 512-471-1444, fax 512-471-3636

Trademark Licensing, Office of: Craig Westemeier, Associate Athletics Director, NEZ 7.770, E2400, 512-475-7923, fax 512-232-7080, e-mail

  • Trademark Licensing Coordinator: Martita Huntress, NEZ 7.772, E2400, 512-475-7923, fax 512-232-7080, e-mail
  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of Trademark Licensing, PO Box 7399, Austin TX 78713
  • Packages address: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of Trademark Licensing, 2139 San Jacinto Blvd, RMRZ B206, Austin TX 78712

Transcripts (see Registrar, Office of the)

Transportation Research, Center for: Chandra Bhat, Director, 512-232-3100, fax 512-232-3153

  • Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Center for Transportation Research, 1616 Guadalupe, 4.202, Austin TX 78701
  • Campus address: D9300

Travel Management Services: Lee Loden, Director, SER 104, C2800, 512-471-6641, fax 512-471-0771, e-mail

Travel Vouchers (see Accounting, Office of)

Trouble Calls, Department of Facilities Services: Please call the zone maintenance shop for your area. To determine which zone your building is in, please refer to

  • North Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 1): 512-471-7728
  • Central Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 2): 512-471-0043
  • East Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 3): 512-471-0244
  • South Campus Zone Maintenance Shop (Zone 4): 512-232-3980
  • General information: 512-471-6188. Outside regular working hours: 512-471-2020
  • Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) (routine maintenance, custodial, or nonemergency requests)

Tuition Billing, Office of Accounting: Lois Stahlke, Manager, MAI 4, K5308, 512-475-7777, fax 512-471-0212

Turkish (see Middle Eastern Studies, Department of)

Tutorial Services (see Sanger Learning and Career Center)

TV Services (see ITS-Networking and Telecommunications)


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