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UT EID Administrative Services Help

Getting Acquainted with the UT EID Administrative Services Application

This section provides an overview of the UT EID Administrative Services application, including:

Refer to Using the UT EID Administrative Services Application for information on performing specific actions on UT EIDs using the Administrative Services application.

Logging On

To access the Administrative Services application, go to and select the UT EID Contact and Administrative Support Tool link in the footer area of the page (UT EID logon required).

Searching for a UT EID

To view information or take action on an identity, you must start with a UT EID. Depending on how much information you have, you can search for an EID in one of two ways:

Using the UT EID At A Glance View

After you locate the appropriate EID record, you can view essential information about this identity (including name, affiliations, entitlements, restrictions, and logon status). Information about that EID and EID holder (if it is a person EID) is shown in the UT EID At a Glance view. There are three areas of interest in this view:

Using the Action Views

If you need to perform an action on a UT EID, you can use the EID actions in the top center of the page. Refer to Using the UT EID Administrative Services Application for information on how to use each of the actions.

IMPORTANT: Before taking any action on an identity, be sure to confirm you have the correct identity record.

The following actions can be taken on an identity:

Using the Administrative Services Application Interface

You can expand and collapse the At a Glance information by clicking the small +/- button in the upper right-hand corner of the At a Glance information area.

You may notice that some of the text in the tool is underlined with small black dots. If you place your cursor on the text, a short hover message that explains the underlined text will appear under your cursor. (These underlines are different from links, which are underlined with a solid line.)

Should you need assistance while using the Administrative Service application, select the Admin Help link in the toolbar to access these help files.