Departmental Representative and Administrative Toolkit

Welcome to the Departmental Representative and Administrators Toolki! On this page you will find helpful information in regards to the services the The Office of Institutional Equity offers to you.

Where to Get Help

As a Departmental Representative or Administrator, you are charged with knowing what resources are available here at The University. Here you will find some useful information that will benefit you in the course of your role and that will also be useful when the need may arise for you to refer your constituients.

There are many ways in which faculty, staff, and students may pursue resolution of problems involving claims of unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment and sexual harassment.

The Office of Institutional Equity provides pre-grievance, informational, and employment counseling for faculty, staff, or students who believe they have experienced discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. (Note that if a student is alleged to have engaged in any of the aforementioned actions, the matter may be appropriately referred to the Dean of Students Office.) After reviewing the situation, OIE representatives will suggest alternatives for action by explaining applicable internal procedures as well as other options. With the individual's consent, the staff may be able to assist in resolving the problem informally without using the formal grievance process.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty or staff members who believe they have experienced unlawful discrimination or discriminatory harassment by faculty or staff members may discuss the matter with the Office of Institutional Equity.  In some cases, faculty members may wish to use the faculty grievance procedure in their unit.

Other Human Resources Services that faculty or staff may consult with include:

  • The Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office at (512) 471-6638.
  • Employee Relations/Strategic Workplace Solutions at (512) 475-7200; and
  • The Employee Assistance Program at (512) 471-3366.


OIE is available to discuss student concerns related to cases of possible discrimination, harassment, retaliation, consensual relations, and sexual misconduct/contact against a faculty, staff member, visitor, or contractor.  Information about OIE’s policies and available resources for students may be obtained by contacting (512) 471-1849. 

To learn more, students may discuss concerns of discrimination or harassment by a faculty or staff member with OIE staff. 

  • Students may also consult with Student Ombuds Services, Brittany Linton, at (512) 471 3825.
  • Students who experience discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment by other students may consult with the Office of the Dean of Students at (512) 471-5017 or Jennifer Hammat, Institutional Title IX Coordinator at (512) 232-3992.
  • Student Emergency Service- (512) 471-5017
  • Student Judicial Service- (512) 471-2841
  • Students who need an accommodation due to a disability may contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at (512) 471-6259.