OIE Compliance Modules


As a member of The University of Texas at Austin community, you will be required to take various Compliance Modules through the University Compliance Services office. Two of the modules are related to The Office of Institutional Equity as the policy owner that governs the modules on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)-CW123 and Sexual Harassment- CW121. These two particular modules are required by state law and are to be taken within the first 30 days of employment.

It is a best practice to take these modules immediately after your Introduction to Compliance Module CW101. Most training modules are anywhere from 5 minutes and up. You will receive regular reminders of when you are due to take your modules and will continue to receive reminders until all the required modules have been completed.These modules are required of all UT Austin employees and are tracked in accordance with your employment record. You will be notified of when you are scheduled to take the modules after your initial completion as a new employee. You will also be able to access your entire record of compliance credit for modules completed and modules that are still to be taken.

We have also provided a link to the Compliance and Ethics Guide. Please take a moment to check out this truly valuable information that will enable you to better understand the standards of ethical conduct that is required of all members of our community and that we are all proud to uphold as members of the Longhorn Nation!

Compliance Training Begin your compliance training. For alternate methods of taking the training, call the compliance training coordinator at 512-232-7842. Please note that once you click on this link you will no longer be in the Office of Institutional Equity's website.

Please also note while this information contained in this training program is not intended to cover everything possible about this topic, the authoritative source for the most complete information is The Office of Institutional Equity and all questions should be directed to our office at 512-471-1849.

The Sexual Harassment Module CW121

The University is governed by State and Federal laws in this area, and is committed to an academic and employment environment that is free from sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. This module will inform you of your rights, responsibilities and best practices. If you have questions regarding Sexual Harassment and/or Sexual Misconduct policies, please do not hesitate to contact The Office of Institutional Equity at 512-471-1849,

EEO Compliance Module CW123  

All persons have the right to be treated fairly and without bias. This compliance module covers State and Federal Equal Employment laws and how they drive University policy. You will learn about rights, responsibilities and best practices for the University as well as resources on how to get more information or help regarding content contained in this module. If you have questions regarding this module, please do not hesitate to contact The Office of Institutional Equity at 512-471-1849.