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David T Allen

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering
Professor, UTeach-Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

Phone: +1 512 471 0049, +1 512 475 7842

Dr. David T. Allen earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1983, served 12 years on the engineering faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles, and then joined the College of Engineering faculty in 1995. Dr. Allen is the director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources. In 1986, he won a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator award.

Dr. Allen was a lead investigator in the Texas Air Quality Study, one of the largest air quality studies ever undertaken. His current research focuses on using the results from that study to provide a sound scientific basis for air quality management in Texas. In addition, Allen develops environmental educational materials for engineering curricula and disseminates the materials worldwide.


Atmospheric chemistry; Urban air quality and pollution prevention; Environmental and industrial reaction engineering