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John R Allison

Professor, Business, Government and Society, McCombs School of Business

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John R. Allison teaches a graduate course in Intellectual Property. Patents and trade secrets necessarily involve technology, but in the areas of copyright and trademark, emphasis is placed on the technological applications of those topics. In 1998, in the American Intellectual Property Association Quart. Journ, he published an article based on an exhaustive empirical study of eight years of patent infringement litigation focusing on patent validity. In 1999 he published an article in the Univ. of Pennsylvania Journ. of International Economic Law titled, The Evolution of Chinese Attitudes Toward Property Rights in Invention and Discovery. Two other articles based on statistical studies of patents are forthcoming, one on the voting paterns of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (the federal appeals court for appeals of patent cases and appeals of Patent Office rejections of patent applications. Another article is fortcoming in the Vanderbilt Law review based on the results of a comprehensive statistical study of 1,000 randomly selected patents issued during a two-year period in 1996-98. Work is almost complete on a similar study of 1,000 patents from a 20-year earlier period that also will compare the results of this study with those of the 1996-98 data set. Work is beginning on a statistical analyis of almost 8,000 patents issued between 1990-99 on methods-of-doing business.


Patents and other areas of intellectual property such as trade secrets copyrights and trademarks; business.