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Our Core Values

Service—We focus our unconditional efforts to best serve our customers.

Integrity—We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.

Teamwork—We work together cooperatively in support of our mission. We value each individual and their contributions to the team and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Excellence—We enthusiastically deliver quality services to our customer while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation.

Stewardship—We conduct our business in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner that is reflective and protective of the public trust placed in us as stewards of the University’s facility related resources.


Past SITES Award Winners:

SITES Awards

Nominate employees or teams for the 2014 SITES Awards from June 30, 2014, through August 1, 2014. Read below for information on this award program and how to nominate.


Employee Recognition Program

The University of Texas at Austin Business & Financial Services (BFS), Facilities Services and Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS) Employee Recognition Program has been developed based on its vision and mission to recognize employees for outstanding service in our journey to become a world class facilities management organization as we continue to provide support and exceed customer expectations.

Program Development

The Employee Recognition Program began in 2006. The 2014 Employee Recognition Committee consists of employees of BFS, Facilities Services and PMCS: Shannon Hanney, Chair, Debbie Carrington, Facilitator, Francis Bohn, Laura Burrows, Markus Hogue, and Benita Longoria.


SITES individual and team awards are a peer-to-peer BFS, Facilities Services and PMCS program that allows employees who work behind the scenes to recognize each other. Employees must be employed by The University of Texas at Austin BFS/Facilities Services/PMCS a minimum of twelve (12) continuous months to be eligible. The awards are not available to the directors, associate/assistant directors, or current members of the Employee Recognition Committee.


The BFS, Facilities Services and PMCS directors and associate/assistant directors present the awards annually to SITES recipients. Winners of the individual awards receive a monetary award of $500 (pre-withholding), 8 hours of paid leave, a certificate of recognition, a personal gift and a group photo with the recipient names engraved on two wall plaques; one is displayed in FC1 main entrance and one at Pickle Research Campus. Winners of the team award receive a group meal, 8 hours of paid leave, and a certificate of recognition.

Award Criteria

The Employee Recognition SITES Awards recognize employees who not only perform their daily job duties but also go above and beyond the call of duty based on one or more of BFS', Facilities Services' and PMCS’ shared Core Values.

Recognition Committee

The Employee Recognition Committee is the standing committee that oversees the program. Committee members serve for a term of one year with the exception of the chairperson and the facilitator, who serve a minimum of two years. SITES Award recipients may be asked to serve on future recognition committees, to suggest new ideas and continue to keep the program growing.

How to Nominate

You may nominate either online or by completing a printed form. Select your choice below.

If you need forms or other assistance, contact one of the 2014 Employee Recognition Committee members.

Spread the Word!

Download this poster to share information with your coworkers about the 2014 SITES Award.