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2004 Feature Story Archive

20 December 2004 - 3 January 2005 Not Just Happily Ever After: Darker, more sophisticated children’s books cast their spell on wider audience
13 December - 20 December 2004 Making Contact: Technology opens new communication channels for autistic individuals
6 December - 13 December 2004 Shying Away: If you’re shy, it can permeate every aspect of your life, researcher says
29 November - 6 December 2004 Generations to Come: Researcher examines options for Latino elders as economic realities challenge family traditions
22 November - 29 November 2004 Hook ’Em or Gig ’Em?: Professor uses college football rivalry as context for research on social comparison
15 November - 22 November 2004 It Does a Body Good: Researcher studies how weight training may slow effects of aging
8 November - 15 November 2004 Listening to the New World: Dvorak music festival explores continuing quest for an American identity
1 November - 8 November 2004 Speaking of Bats: Bat language discovered by neurobiologist who studies auditory system
25 October - 1 November 2004 Witch Trials: Tragic events once led people to accuse neighbors of witchcraft
18 October - 25 October 2004 The Politics of Indecision: Undecided voters face challenges as Nov. 2 election approaches, professor says
11 October - 18 October 2004 Más al Sur: Expansive and eclectic Latin American art collections draw from far south of the border
4 October - 11 October 2004 Is It Live or Is It Internet2?: Miró Quartet shows how technology may change the future of live performances
27 September - 4 October 2004 Beauty and the Business: Professor explores political, social legacy of African American women beauticians, salon owners
20 September - 27 September 2004 A Campaign as Big as Texas: Donors invest record $1.63 billion in support of students, faculty and programs
13 September - 20 September 2004 Gridlocked: Transportation engineers seek ways to curb traffic woes
6 September - 13 September 2004 The Youth Vote Counts: Presence of young voters at polls is critical to political process
30 August - 6 September 2004 A Game Plan for Life: Longhorn student-athletes steer youth in right direction through unique program
23 August - 30 August 2004 Gone To Texas: Texas-sized welcome for new students, including more diverse freshman class
16 August - 23 August 2004 Model of Efficiency: Software gets airlines back on track after 9/11 disaster
9 August - 16 August 2004 Outsourcing Ourselves?: Rapid advance of information technology contributes to shift of jobs overseas, expert explains
2 August - 9 August 2004 Are We Alone?: Astronomer hunts for new planets and signs of life in space
26 July - 2 August 2004 Safety First: From medicine to air travel, leading researchers find ways to manage human error
19 July - 26 July 2004 Your One and Only: Educational psychologist dispels myths surrounding only children
12 July - 19 July 2004 Will Social Security Enter the Race?: Former Social Security commissioner underscores need for dialogue about issue that affects nearly every American
5 July - 12 July 2004 Taking the Bite Out of Fire Ants: Biologists battle destructive imported ants with vampire-like flies
28 June - 5 July 2004 Timing is Everything: When you eat is as important as what you eat when working out
21 June - 28 June 2004 Made in the Shade: As summer heats up, chill out with top book picks from faculty and staff
14 June - 21 June 2004 Will Foreign Policy Win the Vote?: University experts examine role of international affairs in elections past and present
7 June - 14 June 2004 An Anime Explosion: Challenging themes, complex characters make Japanese animation a global phenomenon
24 May - 7 June 2004 Every Read Guaranteed: Reading Round-Up spurs incoming freshmen to explore new ideas with top faculty
17 May - 24 May 2004 A Radiant Beacon: Class of 2004 graduates overcome obstacles and challenge themselves to make the grade
10 May - 17 May 2004 Dopey Ads?: National anti-drug ad campaign might pique teens’ interest in illicit drugs, researcher says
3 May - 10 May 2004 The Influence of Media in Presidential Politics: University researchers examine media’s historical and contemporary role
26 April - 3 May 2004 Cleveland’s Good for Business: Students learn real business skills in imaginary Texas town
19 April - 26 April 2004 Beyond Bars: Special Girl Scout troop helps young women connect with their mothers in prison
12 April - 19 April 2004 Revealing Fashion: Throughout history, fashion has conveyed the politics and culture of an era
5 April - 12 April 2004 Put a Poem in Your Pocket: National Poetry Month reminds us why poetry is “the soul of the human race”
29 March - 5 April 2004 A Moving Education: Migrant Student Program has helped 15,000 students pursue their high school diplomas
22 March - 29 March 2004 You Can Get There From Here: Researcher helps people navigate more efficiently through their environments
15 March - 22 March 2004 War Stories: World War II generation Latinos share memories through national journalism project
8 March - 15 March 2004 Find Your UTOPIA: New online gateway enhances public access to university’s rich resources
1 March - 8 March 2004 Did Dinosaurs Fly?: College of Education has winning formula for training 8,000 Texas science teachers
23 February - 1 March 2004 From Black and White to Color: Despite progress, obstacles remain on road to equal rights, scholars say
16 February - 23 February 2004 Be My Volunteer: More than 1,200 students spend Valentine’s Day revitalizing Austin neighborhood
9 February - 16 February 2004 Rhapsody in East Austin: Artist’s mosaic mural captures community’s African American heritage
2 February - 9 February 2004 The Status of Online Gaming: Chance to be no. 1 makes online games addictive, professor says
26 January - 2 February 2004 Come to Chersonesos: Institute helps preserve 2,500-year-old city in Ukraine for future generations
19 January - 26 January 2004 Testosterone Dreams: Professor studies complex intersection of sports, doping and public opinion
12 January - 19 January 2004 A Lifelong Quest for Learning: Students of all ages broaden horizons in Odyssey courses
5 January - 12 January 2004 Imagining the Inferno: Professor sparks studentsí interest with award-winning Danteworlds Web site

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