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Neal Daugherty


Foundations: Digital Foundations

Neal Daugherty received his BFA from West Virginia University for Printmaking and Multimedia Studies. He continued his education at Louisiana State University where he received an MFA in Experimental Printmaking and Digital Art in 1997 while conducting extensive research and study regarding Contemporary Art History and Humor. Neal Daugherty is currently a Lecturer for The University of Texas as well as a practicing artist within the Capital of Texas community. He has pioneered the Digital Foundations program for UT and resides as the head of that area.

His knowledge of digital art software and the sociological trends within the computer industry has continued to fuel his art with a mixture of technology and social commentary. He has been in several shows in Philadelphia, Louisiana, and Toronto based upon his body of artwork dealing with printmaking and experimental media such as Non–silver Photographic techniques and Digital Printing. His work is in permanent collections in Virginia, Ft. Worth, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.

Always aware of current trends within the culture of the internet and modern eCulture, Lecturer Daugherty has created many performance art pieces, culled internet communities and commands a troupe of live performers in the Austin and Louisiana areas. These performances and “sociological situations” have helped foster a community in the Austin area that conducts an annual art festival along the likes of Burningman, called Burning Flipside. This event showcases one of the many ways he continues to mix his interest in sociology and humor within his art and performances.