Department of Art and Art History Design

Degree Information

2-year / Full-time / In-residence

Program of Work

Course Requirements Number of Courses Hours
Core in Design (DES 380) 1 3
Core Laboratory 2 6
Critique Studio 4 12
Advanced Issues in Design (DES 394) 1 3
Master's Report (DES 398R) 1 3
Master's Exhibition (DES 398S) 1 3
Electives, selected university-wide with approval of Graduate Advisor 30
Total: 60

Course Descriptions

Core in Design (DES 380)

Introduction to design process, research and methodologies

Core Laboratory I (DES 381)

Practice laboratory for a variety of design methodologies

Critique Studios I (DES 382)

Provides context and structured dialogue regarding the student’s self directed research. Some projects are introduced by the faculty but the majority of work is defined individually by the student

Graduate Projects (DES 383)

Independent Study

Core Laboratory II (DES 391)

Practice laboratory for a variety of design methodologies

Critique Studios II (DES 392)

Structured dialogue regarding areas of, and the student’s own direction in, graduate research 

Issues in Design Theory & Research (DES 393)

Investigates current discourse within design studies

Advanced Issues in Design (DES 394)

Examination of design practice in all areas and its relationship to research.

Fieldwork in Design (DES 395)

A structured course based upon current design issues. Students work in a collaborative environment using design as an effective method of change or research.

Master's Report (DES 398R)

Written discussion of the work undertaken in the graduate program addressing concepts of and influences on the work and visual documentation of major works

Master's Exhibition/Lecture/Dissemination (DES 398S)

The work presented for the Master’s Exhibition will be comprised of one or more projects developed for Design courses. The direction established for all phases of the Master’s Exhibition and its dissemination must be approved by the Design Graduate Advisor