Department of Art and Art History Design


About the Program

Do you offer Graphic Design Courses?
Our graduate level program is focused on bringing together students from a wide range of design backgrounds and give those students the opportunity to work with design methods that apply to different design practices (including graphic design among others). Therefore, at the grad level we do not offer courses specific to graphic design. There are opportunities for grads to use electives to participate in undergraduate courses that do have an emphasis on graphic design.

Can I do the program part-time or through distance learning?

Why are there so many electives?
We believe in design as a transdisciplinary activity and want to provide students the opportunity to draw their education from the wide range of subjects offered at The University of Texas. We feel this will make the student’s own work more informed, and tied into the world that design serves. For those who want to focus more of their time within the department they can take these electives in design or art. Students can also pursue their electives by working in the field with design professionals and researchers.

What do graduates in the program end up doing?
We have students with a broad range of design interests and topics, thus they take many different directions. We have alumni in larger corporate environments as well as working for or starting their own design studios. We have students who pursue commercial as well as grant-funded projects. We have also been quite successful at placing our graduates into positions in academia.

Do you have double or dual programs with other graduate programs?
We do not participate in any dual degree programs at this time. However, there are opportunities to formally engage in other programs activities through portfolio programs (Museum Studies, Sustainability, Cultural Studies, Women’s + Gender Studies, and Communication + Information + Cultural Policy, for example). More of these programs can be found at: Some students choose to target their electives toward a specific department or area and forge “unofficial” bonds with students and educators in those programs.


How much does it cost?
View tuition rates (Design students usually take 12–15 hours) and estimated living expenses.

How do I fund my degree?
Assistantships and Fellowships are available, but not guaranteed. Please refer to more information on financial issues here.

Do I have to submit a separate application to receive fellowships, grants, or teaching assistantships?
No, all candidates who are offered admission are automatically considered for funding possibilities. However, to meet students' financial need as best as possible, we strongly recommend all applicants fill out a FAFSA application as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not they intend to take out student loans.