Department of Art and Art History Design

Undergraduate Program Overview

Students in the undergraduate program typically function between the fields more commonly categorized as graphic design, product/industrial design, film/animation, and architecture, creating hybrid environments and artifacts. During their course of study, students acquire a working knowledge of an extensive range of design-related media, while they identify and refine a design process and methodology that is appropriate for application across a broad range of disciplines. As a means of considering the full potential of their work they also engage in an exploration of topics influential to designers, including psychology, history, sociology, anthropology, semiology, and literary, film and design criticism. This is a comprehensive education that allows those graduates completing the BFA in Design to navigate the shifting requirements of the field with greater ease, and which invests them with a flexibility needed to practice successfully in a range of venues.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design

The BFA in Design degree is a pre-professional degree. With over 15 hours of studio art and 45 hours of design courses required, the undergraduate Design degree is well suited for students who are primarily interested in developing their design skills to prepare for graduate study or a professional career in design or the visual arts.