Department of Art and Art History Foundations

Computer Requirement

The Department of Art and Art History requires all incoming students in Art History, Studio Art, Design and Visual Art Studies to have a laptop computer.  Classroom instruction, course assignments and research in and out of class hours will require the use of a personal computer.  Additionally, students majoring in Studio Art, Design or Visual Art Studies who are entering the Foundations sequence will need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, which is available at a discounted student rate of $20 per month.

The Department of Art and Art History uses Apple Macintosh hardware and OSX compatible software in its labs and digital facilities. To ensure compatibility between the department’s digital infrastructure and student assignments, it is highly recommended that students purchase an Apple Macintosh laptop running the operating system (OSX Mavericks) or higher.

The computer requirements intentionally allow a latitude of choices and price points, but if you need a specific recommendation for a laptop model, processor speed, memory, etc., please contact the Department of Art and Art History at (512) 471–3382 for more information.

All students in the department may obtain educational discounts on software and hardware at UT Austin's campus computer store: