Department of Art and Art History Foundations


The Department of Art and Art History believes that all students should receive a solid Foundations training in Art and Art History at the outset of their college career. Both the BA and BFA degrees require six Foundations Art and Art History courses as prerequisites for further sequenced study (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) in the Art and Art History curriculum.

The Foundations first year program emphasizes the thorough comprehension and practice of Visual Fundamentals; Design/Visual Principles and Elements paired with a beginning conceptual practice. The Foundations Program strives to introduce rigorous and disciplined studio and academic based learning with the support of a broad range of visual art, design, and art history knowledge. The first year program is sensitive to freshmen students’ skill base and intellectual needs. Our goal is to help students smoothly transition into a productive college career within the department and to prepare students for a successful educational experience throughout their undergraduate study.

Students will gain a rich range of technical skills including woodshop techniques (from working with various power tools to hand-building), still and time-based digital imaging processes, bookbinding, print processes, sighting and perspective. In addition to developing and practicing these techniques students will acquire crucial critical and analytical thinking skills through project-based study. The Foundations Program consists of five areas: 2-Dimensional Foundations (304 K), 3-Dimensional Foundations (304 L), Digital Foundations (303 L), Drawing Foundations (303 K) and Foundations Art History Courses (ARH 301) and (ARH 304).

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, the Foundations sequence will be known as the AAH Core (or Studio Art Core) sequence. AAH Core will be comprised of the following courses: Core Studio I: Surface/Image/Practice; Core Studio II: Line/Mark/Observation; Core Studio III: Space/Time/Process; and two Art History Core Courses (Survey of Ancient Through Medieval Art and Survey of Renaissance Through Modern Art).