Department of Art and Art History Current Students


While the Department of Art and Art History does not offer a minor or concentration for non-majors, quite a few of our courses are open to non-majors. Learn how to change your major or declare a dual major in the Department of Art and Art History.

In addition to courses offered within the Department of Art and Art History, we encourage you to explore many creative courses offered in the College of Communication (ex: Advertising, Radio-Television-Film) and School of Undergraduate Studies' Bridging Disciplines Program (ex: Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, Cultural Studies, and Digital Arts & Media). UT Austin's Game Development Program connects students from the College of Fine Arts, Computer Science, Radio-Television-Film, and BDP Digital Arts & Media in capstone courses where they develop portfolio pieces and digital games.

Non-majors are also welcome to join the student organizations offered in the Dept.  as listed on the Student Activities link.  Study abroad programs such as Learning Tuscany and Casa Herrera also welcome non-majors.  

Elana Logsdon, the Associate Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Students in the Art+Art History Dept. is unable to see non-majors during the first 12 class days of spring or fall and during mandatory academic advising each Oct. and April.  You may email Elana at, but you might not receive a reply until after advising has finished

Courses Open to Non-Majors (Prerequisites Apply)

  • ART 320K – Topics in Studio Art
  • ART 320L – Topics in Studio Art
  • ARH 301 – Introduction to Visual Arts
  • ARH 302 – Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art
  • ARH 303 – Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art
  • Most upper-division ARH-prefix courses *
  • VAS 320 – Exploring Objects, Spaces, and Meaning

All other ART, VAS, and DES courses are strictly reserved for current majors in the Department of Art and Art History. However if the department decides to open a major restricted course to non majors during a given semester, students should pick up the consent form to register in ART 3.342 and obtain professor signature of consent.  

* For non-departmental majors interested in registering for upper-division art history courses, at least one of the introductory courses (ARH 301, 302, or 303) is advisable as a prerequisite, but is not required (unless otherwise stated).