Alumni Snapshot

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project provides an opportunity for arts programs across the nation to ask alumni to rate their college experience and reflect on their life and career after gradation. Their feedback and ratings are some of the most valuable information we consider when gauging the strength of our programs and the value of the experience we deliver. From first impressions, to graduation, first jobs and beyond, we are stewards to the success of our alumni and a thriving arts economy for future students. Here is what we learned from our survey.

UT Austin Experience

91% of alumni told us they were satisfied with their experience.

Here’s why:

  • Personal attention from faculty in intimate class sizes
  • Opportunities to get involved
  • A diverse and welcoming environment
91% of alumni rate their experience at UT Austin as good or excellentUT offers 70 exhibitions, 80 symposia, 30 productions and 500 performances each year. Faculty to student ratio is 1 to 10. 95% experienced diversity. 76% participated in community service32% worked with an artist in the community74% participated in extracurricular activities Studied abroad in 15 countries

Careers and Skills Back to Top

From artists to attorneys, our alumni work in a wide range of careers, in vibrant arts centers across the country. Jobs in the arts provide opportunities to be creative, advance, contribute to the greater good and provide a higher-level of job satisfaction.

Alumni Careers Pie ChartA map showing the geographical distribution of alumni in the US.
Advantages to an education in the arts

Debt and EarningsBack to Top

Compare the costs. A degree from UT Austin generates salary at or above the national average for similar fields of study, but at a fraction of the cost of other programs.
Financial snapshot for UT Austin alumni