Landmarks Video Presents "Contortion" by Patty Chang


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Event Title:Landmarks Video Presents "Contortion" by Patty Chang (More Information)
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On view for the month of May 2014

Patty Chang’s “performances – she calls them ‘time-based sculptures’ – are cockeyed close-ups of the extreme. … ‘She uses her body as the main point of reference,’ says Anna Kustera of Tilton/Kustera Gallery in New York, Chang’s dealer. ‘Her performances are examinations of the female experience.’ … Chang’s feminist takes on identity are ever-present in her work. In Contortion, she masquerades as a Chinese acrobat by working with a partially hidden double. As she lies on the floor, a Mona Lisa grin aimed at the camera, her double’s legs bend over her head. ‘There’s a certain subtlety to her work,” says Kostera. ‘But it can be aggressive. … She is always ‘trying to push the limits of what you can do with your body,’” — Marilyn Bauer, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Videos are screened on a media station in the ART building located on the corner of East 23rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. Adjacent to art history classrooms and the Visual Arts Center galleries, the media station is in an open atrium that provides stadium seating for viewing from 8 am to 9 pm daily. Headsets to optimize sound may be checked out from the Visual Arts Center reception desk during operating hours.

Date and Time:May. 1, 2014 - May. 31, 2014
Location:Media Station in the ART building (corner of East 23rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard)