How to Apply

Application Deadline for Fall 2017: December 16, 2016

All departmental materials must be submitted in one packet, including your Statement of Purpose and transcripts. Letters of Recommendation may be submitted on-line, if not by hardcopy. (See below.) Applicants may only apply in one area per academic year.

Completed application files will be reviewed before those submitted with missing materials. You may check your application status on-line on the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) web site

All applicants for admission to the Performance as Public Practice Program must provide evidence of aptitude for and interest in research (either for publication or production), writing, and teaching the primary emphases of the Program which focuses heavily on performance as public practice. Admission to the M.A., M.F.A., or Ph.D. Program is based on several criteria. Please read the following instructions very carefully.

  • Applicants may only apply in one area per academic year.
  • Completed application files will be reviewed before those submitted with missing materials.

Application Procedures

All application materials must be sent electronically. No hard copies or mailing will be accepted except under certain conditions. Documents, supplemental materials and portfolios (as indicated by each degree plan) must be uploaded using PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

1) To apply, go to
Here you will set up an account and fill out the form.
Note: Online requests for recommendations will be activated only after you have completed and paid for your application.

2) You will be able to choose your Area of Interest on a pull down menu, and this will ensure that you are applying to the right program. For example “M.F.A. in Directing,” “M.F.A. in P.P.P.,” “M.F.A. in Lighting Design,” etc.

3) After completing and paying for your application you will be sent an email (roughly within 48 hours). This email will direct you to a site where you can check your Application Status (using your new EID) and begin to upload your other degree requirements: My Status:
Note: Be mindful of application deadlines for the degree you are applying for.


For detailed instructions on uploading transcripts (PDF format only, 15 MB max), visit


If the GRE is required by your degree plan, be sure to enter the appropriate codes on your application: Institution Code, UT Austin: 6882. For more on the GRE visit


To get further information on the application process and to learn more about graduate life at UT, visit the Office of Graduate Studies at

Application Requirements

Official Transcript(s) (PDF format, see upload instructions above)

Applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The University specifies a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all work taken after the first two years of college-level work. The Program gives preference to those students with GPAs considerably higher than the minimum.

  • Applicants to the M.A. and M.F.A. Programs are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants to the Doctoral Program are expected to have completed a master's degree before beginning work on the doctorate. In rare cases, applicants without a master's degree may be admitted, but will be expected to make up deficiencies. Previous training and experience other than coursework will be considered.

The GRE is required for admission to PPP
The Graduate Studies Committee of Theatre and Dance has found that students who do not have a verbal score that ranks considerably higher than the 70% percentile do not perform well in the PPP Program. Since the GRE scores are only part of the criteria considered, however, there is no minimum verbal score.

Three letters of recommendation
To be most helpful, letters should be from people qualified to judge the student's work for the M.A., M.F.A., or Ph.D. Program, and should comment specifically on the student's aptitude for advanced work in their areas of interest. Professors who have previous experience with the student are often the best recommenders. Letters should be submitted using the Request for Reference form available online at the time of application.

Each reference will receive instructions on how to submit his/her letter on-line to GIAC's secured web site. Only one letter is required from each reference.

A résumé of your relevant academic, professional, and creative credentials

Personal statement of goals:
In addition to the materials required by the Graduate School and by our department for graduate applicants, the M.A., M.F.A., and Ph.D. Programs in Performance as Public Practice carefully considers applicants' statement of purpose. In your 2-page statement, indicate specifically how our program might fit your needs and interests. Read the faculty bios and dissertations-directed list on our web site and, if possible or appropriate, suggest faculty with whom you might like to work. If you are an M.A. applicant, a general sense of your area of interest will suffice. If you are a M.F.A or Ph.D. applicant, a more developed statement of a potential thesis/dissertation project is important so that we can carefully consider your application.

Writing Samples:
Applicants to the M.F.A. or Ph.D. Programs should submit two writing samples that demonstrate their ability to conduct research and to write, while M.A. applicants should submit one sample. We prefer samples of 5-15 pages each, particularly papers written for undergraduate research. Essays written for publication or non-academic settings are also appropriate. Writing samples should be uploaded using the "Miscellaneous Admissions Documents" link through the Document Upload System.

Other Materials (Optional):
Samples of Performance Work or Other Materials (Optional): Applicants may submit other evidence of training, experience, aptitude, and motivation, although the criteria listed above are most pertinent to the Program's deliberations. Please limit supplementary materials to your most relevant or current work, and limit submissions to only one DVD or portfolio.

How to send Portfolio Materials:
All PDF materials should be uploaded using the "Miscellaneous Admissions Documents" link through the Document Upload System.

Any materials that cannot be upload in PDF format should be mailed directly to:

Attn: Dr. Rebecca Rossen
GRAD APPLICATION (Specify your degree: M.A., M.F.A or Ph.D. in P.P.P.)
Department of Theatre and Dance
300 E. 23rd Street Stop D3900
Austin, TX 78712

For general admissions information, please visit the Admissions page.

Contact Information:

For problems uploading your application or for further information, contact
Liesbeth Demaer, Graduate Coordinator, by email at
Be sure to include your phone number with all inquiries.