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Human Resources

Staff Directory

Human Resource Service Center

Main Unit Number: 512-471-HRSC (4772) or toll-free 1-800-687-4178
Service Email Account: hrsc@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-232-3524

The HR mailing address is: HR, 101 E. 27th Street STOP J5600, Austin, TX 78712-1573
Campus Mail Code: J5600

Name Phone Email Address Office
Jim McElroy
512-471-4699 jim.mcelroy@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.216
Jennifer Adams
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-5058 jennifer.adams@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 2.208

Jason Clark
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-8043 jason.clark@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.212
Kathleen Denton
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 kathleen.denton@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226D
Regina Garza
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-9060 regina.garza@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.206
Jeff Hartsock
Onboarding Specialist
512-232-7951 jeffrey.hartsock@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.210
Daisy Hernandez
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 daisy.hernandez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226A
Jeanette Hernandez
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 jhernandez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226B
Robin Jarman
Records and Onboarding Manager
512-471-8545 robin.jarman@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.202
Sean Kopaniasz
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-8481 sean.kopaniasz@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.200N
Mary Lopez
HR Representative
512-471-5127 mary.lopez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.210
Ray Scott
HR Coordinator
512-471-7586 ray.scott@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.354
Ayesha Shaikh
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-8038 ayesha.shaikh@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.200
Lizneth Sparrow
Customer Service Specialist


NOA 2.226E
Tracy Torres
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 tracy.torres@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226C


Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Main Unit Number: 512-471-5961
Service Email Account: hrs-admin@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-8464
Campus Mail Code: J5600

Name Phone Email Address Office
Debra Kress
Associate Vice President for HR
512-475-8029 debra.kress@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200
Michele Bennett
Administrative Associate
512-475-9706 michele.bennett@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.306
Jessica Finne
Administrative Assistant
512-232-7901 jessica.finne@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.200
Amy Greenspan
Student Employment Coordinator
512-475-8015 amy.greenspan@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.328
Kim Heath
Administrative Assistant
512-475-7818 kimberly.heath@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302
Roxane Hinton
Sr. Administrative Associate; Assistant to Debra Kress
512-232-8587 roxane.hinton@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.224
Jennifer Nelson
Administrative Assistant
512-475-8026 jennifer.nelson@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Ernest Ortega
Administrative Assistant
512-475-8031 ernest.ortega@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.204
Rebecca Parks
HR Office Manager
512-475-8019 rebecca.parks@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.334
Rachel Poole
Administrative Associate
512-471-5961 rachel.poole@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200
Tracy Tarver
Conflict Management
& Dispute Resolution Services
512-471-8464 (fax)
tracy.tarver@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200
Liz Tyler
Sr. Administrative Associate
512-232-2444 liz.tyler@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302B


Strategic Workforce Solutions

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7200
Service Email Account: hrs.sws@austin.utexas.edu
Main Fax Number: 512-232-3523

Name Phone Email Address Office
Karen Chawner
512-232-2160 karen.chawner@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.346
Kirsha Del Pino
Principal HR Consultant
512-475-8018 kirsha.delpino@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.340
Alisa Hagan
Lead HR Partner
512-475-8034 alisa.hagan@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.338
Nicole Karas
HR Partner
512-475-6586 nicole.karas@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.348
Mitali Kapadia
HR Partner
512-475-8017 mitali.kapadia@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.334
Christine Maldonado
HR Partner
512-475-8036 christine.maldonado@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.342
Norma Fernandez Perez
HR Partner
512-475-8042 norma.fernandez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.344



Name Phone Email Address Office
Adrienne Howarth-Moore
Director, HealthPoint
512-471-9104 adrienne.howarth-moore@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302D
Kelly Lomasney
Principal HR Consultant
512-471-5523 kelly.lomasney@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.326

Benefits (Insurance, Leave Management and Workers’ Compensation)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-HRSC (4772) or toll-free 1-800-687-4178
Main Service Email Account: hrsc@austin.utexas.edu
Main Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Leave & Workers’ Compensation Number: 512-475-8099
Leave & Workers’ Compensation Email: HRS-LM@austin.utexas.edu
Leave & Workers’ Compensation Fax: 512-471-7008

Name Phone Email Address Office
Tiffanie Carter
Benefits Manager
512-475-6956 tiffanie.carter@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302F
Jennifer Garcia
Benefits Partner
512-475-8053 jennifer.garcia@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.348
Laura Mackey
Benefits Partner
512-475-8024 laura.mackey@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.346
Mirella Murillo
Benefits Partner
512-475-8056 mirella.murillo@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.338
Cynthia Nguyen
Benefits Partner
512-475-8045 cynthia.nguyen@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.344
Elizabeth Saavedra
Benefits Partner
512-475-8028 elizabeth.c.saavedra@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.336
Mark Steitle
Senior Benefits Partner
512-471-5361 mark.steitle@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.342
Bonnie Wilson
Benefits Partner
512-475-8054 bonnie.wilson@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.340

HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-3366
Service Email Account: eap@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-475-8558

The EAP mailing address is: EAP, 101 E. 27th Street STOP A9200, Austin, TX 78712-1540
Campus Mail Code: A9200

HealthPoint EAP website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr/eap/

Name Phone Email Address Office
Susan Harnden
EAP Manager, Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 susan.harnden@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Mary Bade
Senior Psychologist
512-471-3366 mbade@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Deborah Sharp
Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 deborah.sharp@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Jeff Stellmach
Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 jeff.stellmach@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200

HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-4OHP (4647)
Service Email Account: HealthPoint.OHP@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-2666

The OHP mailing address is: OHP, 101 E. 27th Street STOP A9250, Austin, TX 78712-1735
Campus Mail Code: A9250

HealthPoint OHP website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr/current/services/ohp.html

Name Phone Email Address Office
Henry Guevara
Senior Occupational Health Nurse
512-471-4OHP henry.guevara@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302
Janelle Wilt
Staff Nurse
512-471-4OHP janelle.wilt@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302

HealthPoint Work-life Balance and Wellness Program

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7207
Service Email Account: HealthPoint.wellness@austin.utexas.edu
HealthPoint Wellness website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr/current/wellness/

Name Phone Email Address Office
Claire Moore
Wellness Manager
512-475-7207 claire.moore@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302C
Nosse Ovienmhada
Tobacco Free Campus Coordinator


NOA 3.312


Organization Effectiveness

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7200
Service Email Account: hrs-admin@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-8464

Name Phone Email Address Office
Elida Lee
512-232-2325 elida.lee@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.204
Erika Frahm
Sr. Program Coordinator
512-471-8742 efrahm@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.322
Emil Kresl
HR Productivity & Outreach Advisor
512-471-0797 kresl@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.318


UTemps (Temporary Placement Services)

Main Unit Number: 512-232-TEMP (8367)
Service Email Account: utemps@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Name Phone Email Address Office
Nora Murillo
HR Coordinator
512-475-7278 nora.murillo@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.224
Carlos Caravantes
HR Representative
512-475-8049 carlos.caravantes@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 2.328

Marisela Ortiz
Recruiting Assistant III
512-475-7277 marisela.ortiz@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 2.222


Workforce Analytics

Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Name Phone Email Address Office
John Moore, Ph.D.
512-475-8062 john.moore@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 3.332

Karen Fuhr
Workforce Analyst
512-475-8055 karen.blanchette@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.218